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Give me an eternity, I'll give you an update!


Resubmitted and continued with permission from Hendy853, as discussed in this thread.

Part of RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse.

After months spent in the care of Corona, the Tyrant Sun, Spike has had enough. He strikes out on his own, leaving the insane alicorn and his friend Zecora behind. But it doesn't take long for Spike to encounter somepony new, a unicorn pony on the run from the law who seems to have a few screws loose...

Chapters (2)
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And I find the part where Twilightis stuck in the vines morbidly hilarious. I ,ean, there she is, finally co,ing to her senses, and then she's free and she's all "Nope, gonna keep on keeping on"

Told ya you could do it. Keep it up.

Great work on Zecora's rhymes especially her speech to Twilight; Zecora sounds pretty badass at the end!

why does Spike keep saying Luna is crazy, granted he hasn't exactly had great experiences with princess's so far. :scootangel:

the triple-layered cake of crazy that was her brain

This line still, to me at least feels a bit out of place, considering the tone, and story. I'm still not much for Corona immediately deciding to kill Twi out of petty vengeance, despite her temper.

I really liked the Spike Zecora scene, both them as friends, especially him commenting on her rhymes, the fact they know one another so well somehow shines through in the talk and then her spell was awesome! I also very much liked Twi's refusal, great scene! Overall the few nitpicks I had with this chapter were minor quibbles, surrounding an extremely solid core of great story telling, the story cut off extremely well and the perspective changes worked excellently.
Looking forward to the next one!

Yay! It's updated! It's continuing! At long last!


...how long until the next chapter?


And while I am not a big fan of the Lunaverse, myself...

... I enjoyed this chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Looking forward to the magic duel

Well done! You really got into their heads and did a lot of refferencig to other Lunaverse fics. looking forward to Twilight vs. Zecora.

Oh, great. Now I hate Twilight... :twilightangry2:

Spike thinks Luna is a crazy, treacherous dictator because that's all he's ever heard growing up in Zebrica. Remember, a lot of zebras think that Luna is lying her flank off about Corona being evil; Zecora just happens to be the one who thinks it's her job to prove it. It's like how Twilight has a distorted view of who the Luna Six are because she doesn't have the life experience to understand how the real world actually fricking works.

This story has an interesting and original approach. Keep up the good work.

I'm not sure Spike was specifically raised in Zebrica, but yeah he was raised by Zecora so that makes sense TY :pinkiesmile:

Yes! This story is getting continued! :pinkiehappy:

Kick her crazy flank, Twilight.

Crazy as Twilight is I've gotta admit I agree with her about Raindrops.

I wonder if its just the *teensiest* bit true that Zecora intends on throwing the fight, giving her an excuse to pursue the two instead returning to the Queen's angry might. Certainly the zebra shaman is a cagy mare, and knows the danger of her Queen's care, but perhaps in this crazy unicorn fight, she sees a way to survive the night.

triple-layered cake of crazy that was her brain.

:rainbowlaugh: Well, the line is funny, Corona is scary as all hell.

Freakin' aesop amnesia. Twilight! Y U NO listen to your own brain?! :facehoof:

I need to read more lunaverse. I keep missing references I think. :trixieshiftleft: But there is just so much of it! :raritydespair:

Well this was a really really nice continuation. Thanks so much for picking it up and sharing it!

To be fair, a few of the references in this chapter are to my own, as of yet incomplete fic which is set chronologically before this one, and to which I have privately spoiled everything for IAH's benefit and help maintain continuity consistency. So there are a few parts here that no one else save him, myself, and I guess Vazak would be able to fully understand.

That actually highlights another (albeit lesser) problem with getting into the verse. So many stories, only about half are actually done.
Well, actually, the ratio of completes to incompletes might be better now, but it still leaves an awful lot of stories to track and watch for updates. And you need to read them, because there are so many plotlines going on at any given time. A lot are wrapping up now, I think, but it makes the Lunaverse more than a little intimidating. Don't get me wrong, what you guys have done is nothing short of phenomenal, in making such a behemoth of a verse, and you should, every one of you, be proud of it. And it's not like I am a total stranger to the verse and its characters. I had a pretty strong emotional attachment to the L6 by the end of Boast Busted.
This wouldn't have been a problem really, if I had been following things from the beginning, but I didn't even HAVE an FiM account back then. (I read Boast Busted when it first when up on EQD, so I have actually been around, if only peripherally, from the get-go.) I actually lost track of Longest Day half-way through, because EQD got REALLY spotty on story updates. Probably because they figured everyone had a bloody account by that point. And I kind of dithered on signing up, due to a bad experience in the last internet community I was part of. Almost 10 years ago, and which was totally my fault anyway. :facehoof:
I appear to be rambling. Shutting up now. :twilightsheepish:

Fair enough.

I'll admit that keeping up with it all can be quite tasking at times (all the more so for those of us actually writing for the setting, given the sheer amount of world building that happens outside of any fic on our group message board). Though for what it's worth the setting isn't nearly as impenetrable as it might seem. There is continuity yes, but most stories still stand largely on their own narrative worth, so it is possible to just read a few of them and not get too terribly lost, especially with IAH's handy dandy reviews to help summarize things. Plus if you ever do get completely, lost just drop a line one our boards, or in a fic's comments section and we'll gladly help clear up any confusion

Also, interesting point of note, everything you say about reading Boast Busted before you had an account, of losing track of LNLD because of spotty EQD updates, even just putting off making a FiMfic account -- that is actually all basically just as true for me (and in fact your account appears to be 3 weeks older than mine). In some other world perhaps you're the one authoring fics for RDD, and I'm the one complaining that the Lunaverse is too intimidating.

Let us be thankful then that we live in this universe. I shudder to think what kind of damage I would do to the Lunaverse if I tried submitting the inane scribblings that try to pass for writing in my mind. :twilightoops:

Meh... my brain has vomited out some pretty inane and arguably disastrous scribblings of it's own. :twilightsheepish:

Not too bad. I wished to sock Twilight in the jaw with a pair of brass knucks... which I'd like to do to Maneverse twilight on occasion. So good job, there! :trollestia:

Well, I am now officially happy that I decided to pass the baton. This is a lot better than what I would have come up with. Especially the scenes with the vines, those things are a stroke of genius.

Fantastic! So glad it's continuing and can't wait to see what happens next

I don't know if it's the plan for L!Twilight to fall under Corona's control (esp when I'm unclear as to when continuity-wise Crisis comes in to play exactly) but I find myself hoping that she manages to avoid becoming her minion/slave/student. From what I can see there has already been some redemption for the M! mane 6 counterparts going on (most noticeably Applejack starting to come around to seeing things from the other farmers perspective via Carrot Top) and, while admittedly she has a much longer route ahead of her to attempt to make it up, it would be nice to see Twi start to be tempered by Trixie and the others instead of falling under Corona's sway.

However it turns out though I'm enjoying my trip through the 'verse so i shall keep mine mind open and my eyes glued to see where this goes. :twilightsmile:

Twilight's flip back to "no, nevermind, it's everyone else's fault," felt silly. When she's come that far in rationally considering things I can imagine her telling herself to worry about it later, but not just going back on everything.

2343930 Falling back on those thought patterns is easier for her, or at least thats the way I read it. The Twilight of this universe is to self absorbed to be willing to believe in her own flaws. Even in the cartoon she suffers some serous mental problem after all. Or at least thats my read on the situation.


At this point her character is in stasis, though. She's no better by Crisis, so she can't progress. It really feels like, even in crisis, that she's developing but someone keeps hitting the rewind button because her changing just isn't called for by the plot yet.

2355140 The price paid for so many working on the same story arc.

You were the one who let a monster have some super-powerful artifact and nearly destroy Equestria!

Wait... When was this? I don't recall Twilight showing up at all after the thing with the Ursa, at least in the stories that are canon before this point in Season 1...


It's a future spoiler from another story in development.

2503512 Are you likely to continue this story?


Eventually, when I can stop feeling like crap and find the time.

And by a freak accident, I lose all my gorram comment.

Short version:
Zecora is more morally bankrupt than Corona herself. The question of whether she gives a fig about Spike is answered conclusively.

Questions about as to why. After all, Corona isn't like an Earth god, who has sway over the afterlife. Is she expecting some fantastic reward for herself or her people with Corona's ascendancy?

If it isn't a selfish goal, how is it that she's developed no feeling for Spike?
What possible force caused Zecora to not only be a devoted servant of a mad tyrant, but sociopathic as well?

Frankly, I think this is a bad turn for the character, because it removes the one redeeming trait that Zecora had. Before, I could think of her as someone weak - unable to stand up to Corona to protect her friend Spike.

Now I understand: Zecora is abusing Spike.
She's abusing him emotionally and tacitly allowing him to be physically abused. She is dragging a child back in chains to suffer in pain and torment.

Most of Corona's crazy isn't her fault. All of Zecora's actions are hers, unless we find out that she's been indoctrinated in some fashion.

Ergo - Zecora needs to burn. You can't win this one, Twilight, the plot won't let you, but cut her pretty face up for me, please.

Spike, you shouldn't have said that.:facehoof:

Corona has some element of sympathy from me just because of who she was and how she went mad. Zecora can get eaten by lion for all i care about the evil bitch.


I'm still following the Lunaverse stories and going down all of them in order.

Observations on this one are as follows.

Incomplete...... Bugger....

it's almost making me hate Zecora, which is a impressive feat since she is best non pony.
It's almost making me hate Twilight which is also impressive cause she's best Mane 6.
I do feel sorry for Spike regardless.

Haven't read this yet. Is this still planned to be updated someday?


Awesome. Thank you for the reply.

Well this is getting interesting...

Well, it is getting interesting...

I find it funny you decided to continue this story and then immediately dropped it. I'm normally a really nice guy, but I just can't comprehend the insane, and very rude, thought process behind such an act. What where you thinking, jerk? If you didn't have the gumption to follow through with your words, you should have never have attempted to write this story. I would have preferred you let it die in silence instead of giving readers false hope. It's writers like you that make me wary of reading anything that isn't already complete.

Outside this one story, I don't much give a shit about the Lunaverse. Whoever created it missed the opportunity to place Spike with Trixie, opting instead to pair him off with a minor character, probably far away from the main action. On the other hand, if that decision hadn't been made, this badass situation wouldn't have developed. It was just awesome how you brought that confrontation to a boil.

Hopefully this isn't the last we see of "A Chance Encounter". If you aren't going to continue writing it, then someone else should. Preferably someone equally skilled, who can pick up and carry all the tension you created in this chapter.


Still working on it. Kind of got sidetracked for a good long while, but it will be finished soon. :twilightsmile:

4479376 I am totally psyched to...HAIR that!

How does sparkle butt-explosion know spike?

Um... Aren't dragons magic resistant? Shouldn't spike grow an immunity to twilights magic after exposure to it? In a bit, she shouldn't be able to levitate him unless he wills it so.

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