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One day, Rainbow Dash notices something about Sunset Shimmer: she only eats salads, fruit, and non-meat products. So she decides to dare the former pony to try a meat product the next day at lunch. Little do they know what's on the menu that day...

Set in the Equestria Girls universe.

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Nice job IAH. Not to pry or anything, or was this based on a real life experience?

Saw it coming.

So I have to eat something that's just a replacement for another thing I wouldn't have eaten before.

Oh, THAT suuuuucckksss! :pinkiesick:

Well, that was interesting. I liked it. :twilightsmile:

Well, I enjoyed this. :yay:

Ha, gotta say, I didn't see that one coming. I was so sure it was just gonna be pork. I thought this was pretty funny though. I like the way you write Sunset Shimmer, she's still kinda jerkish while being sympathetic.


Lauren Faust would approve of this story because it follows her canon of hoofed critters being sentient and sapient.

.... Brilliant, my good sir. :moustache:

lol Wonder if a sequel could be had, with her conflicted between the horror of what happened, and the tastes of what occurred here trying to lure her into trying other meats.

Shocks #10 · Oct 27th, 2014 · · 2 ·

I guess sunset was looking quite...horse! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

horse meat!


Why would people complain at all, it's just horse meat. People eat it all the time.

Okay, I liked this story. It's a good story. My only problem with it though. Is that Rainbow is... How can I put this in words that wont offend?...

Screw it,

SHES A GOD DAMN BITCH!!!!!!!! I can understand a friend at least proposing the idea of eating meat to a vegetarian friend, but here, she straight up makes Sunset eat meat!

Also I kinda liked the.fact that (to me) Rainbow isn't really the sharpest knife in the drawer. Lets face it, she does have her stupid moments. Difference between a pony and horse, please.

Also, which is more expensive? Horse meat or cow meat? To me horse meet would probably cost more, but I'm no master of meat costs, I'm only a master of cookin em

But in all, good story

5190814 Ah. I KNEW it would be... What it is.

Not in some countries. Horse meat is really uncommon in the US (where I would place as the closest analogue to wherever Equestria Girls is set) for a start.

Horse meat is not acceptable for consumption. Of course, gadje do other silly things like disrespect the possessions of the dead.
It's considered a lower grade than beef. Objectively I'm told it's better in practice, but we don't usually eat them because they're useful.

This was AWESOME

I already felt fairly sympathetic to Sunset Shimmer in Rainbow Rocks, but this one hits pretty close.

You see, I'm a vegetarian and have always been one. I bring it up as little as possible IRL, as it brings out the trolls. The difference is that I don't really care enough what people think to give in to someone like Rainbow...


Because of the title, I thought this was involving futa

I have a dirty mind.

Horse meat never sounded all that tasty. I hear it is stringy, sweet, and gamey. Not that appetizing, and I love meat.


Wendy's started using horse meat awhile back and got in big trouble for it, they were trying to cut production costs but keep prices the same so they'd make more profit.

People were outraged.

5191007 Yeah, she was that way in rainbow rocks too. My theory is that human Dash hasn't had the character development that pony Dash has and it shows.

Is horse meat a thing? ...how's it taste?

My general rule is I'll eat anything that used to breathe air and wasn't a cat or a dog, so now I'm honestly curious. Have you tried it? What's it like?

Oh, also - nice to see you publishing something; many happy returns. :twilightsmile:

Aaand partially relevant: The hay incident.

Best not go to Taco Bell if you don't want horse meat

5190747 Me too :pinkiehappy: Sunset Shimmer is a Cannibal just like Pinkamena Diane Pie from Cupcakes. In the actual show Applejack was seen eating a ham sandwich. This song is just perfect for this story :pinkiecrazy:

So she ate horse meat, no reason for you to freak out Fluttershy

I got ways of making vegos reconsider being vegos other then just making them eat meat...

Like a recent study that found vegos have a smaller sperm count then non-vegos.

The other moral of the story? Never ask the lunch lady what the mystery meat is; she might just tell you.


Dude, take a damn chill pill.

People in highschool dare their friends to do all kinds of stupid or humiliating stuff all the time, and then they get even worse in college. Daring a vegetarian to eat meat is hardly heinous.

..I think my brother would be on a murderous rampage if he ate...that.

Spite #33 · Oct 27th, 2014 · · 1 ·

5191080 Horse meat is low in fat. So in theory it would be better then a fatty burger. Horse meat is more of a Taboo food for many cultures do to usefulness and gaining pet status. Where you wouldn't eat a cat or dog not because the are deadly or just bad for you to eat and would make you sick. They just seem close to you or in society to eat and would seem disrespectful.

If given the chance I'd admit I'd eat it. I've eaten moose and deer. Very yummy. Though I'll try eating anything that isn't my pet. Also as long as it hasn't killed me first or eating it would kill me. I do try to stay away from eating any bug. Would be far to crunchy and squirmy. But you know they say you eat spiders in your sleep.

Love this story. Got a weird talk about eating meats and some ethics.

Nice Spoof Aesop at the end.

:rainbowkiss: Fluttershy could you help me writing a difference of pony and horse?
:fluttershysad: Sure, what do you want to know about?
:rainbowkiss: By the way, don't tell Sunset Shimmer ok?
:fluttershysad: Why?
:rainbowhuh: Just CAUSE.
*After sometime and visiting Sunset Shimmer*
:ajsleepy: Ah very disapointed 'bout you Rainbow!
:rainbowderp: What? I'm lazy!
:ajbemused: That doesn't mean to broke yer promise on Sunset Shimmer!
:rainbowderp: Oh no!
:pinkiecrazy: Beware!

Last line, you missed out an "I" between "if" and "was".
It's barely worth mentioning, but it's a mistake that exists so I'll just point it out.
Also, :rainbowlaugh:

5191428 the real problem is that someone should horse meat to the school and Celestia gave the approval!

Celestia who is supposed to know about the otherside, so who is at fault here?

5191397 you eat everything that used to breathe? Ever tried tree?


Mmh.. Okay, definitely can't upvote this.

Why is there a dark tag ?
I was expecting her eating horse meat right, but more like Twilight or a showpony, not just mere horse meat, there is nothing dark in it, that's just meat.

And... ponies are horses, and in my country, horse meat is more expensive than beef meat, so for me the story didn't make any sense.
Well, it's just a drama over Sunset Shimmer eating meat, came for the dark cannibalism by curiosity, ended grunting over a false slice of life...

Eh most vegetarians I know are chill. Which is ironic as they are my mortal enemy. ( I am a biiig meat eater )

Pinkie may have noticed, but the sugar from her third soda was beginning to take affect, and her consciousness had ascended to realms beyond that of human or pony understanding. (In other words, she was bouncing up and down in her seat while babbling in the tongue spoken only by those that were on drugs or a sugar high.)

I love when authors understand the use of soft humor. Not every joke has to make me laugh my ass off. Chucklers like this are a breath of fresh air—sans the grammar mistakes, but nothing's perfect.

As for the rest of it, well, having spent three years as a vegetarian myself, I can relate to Sunset Shimmer’s plight. It’s frustrating when your friends constantly bug you about your diet, and I’ve had to turn down more than a few good looking lasagna’s because I have a friend who threatened to slip meat in there without me knowing. Excellent job on the emotions for this one.

I sure hope Pinkie’s okay though, that description of her kind of reminded me of Mabel on smile dip.

how many of your friends have tried to slip you meat unawares?
Legitimately asking because my friends always had a real problem with me not eating meat.

This should have been in the conversation between Sunset and Rainbow:

5191314 Yes but they were telling people it was other things (Kind of like the issue in the United Kingdom, bought Chicken got bits of Horse which indicated a really poor standard of Food Inspection), I mean the general dislike of Horse Meat, like Fluttershy's reaction and Applejack, and some other peoples thoughts on it due to the fact it's Horse Meat rather then Chicken.


Horse meat tastes okay.

Where I come from, they're ususally turned into sausages that have both horse and cattle meat in them. Nothing inherently wrong with the taste of horse meat, really. It's not like pork,chicken or beef, but it's still... good.

On another note...

Personally, I love meat.

But that didn't stop me from punching one of my (former) friends in the face when he (successfully) slipped meat into a vegetarian friend's of mine's plate on a restaurant once. He laughed about it afterwards and bragged about it, while my other friend went away to throw up. It's not just rude, it's insulting and demeaning in the extreme. So, yeah.

Vegetarian, vegan or whatever, you're meant to respect what other people choose to eat (as long as it isn't something awful like cannibalism of course, all within reason), just as you want other people to respect your own lifechoices and decisions.

So, yeah. I'm glad Rainbow Dash saw how it wasn't right to pressure or dare her friend ino eating something she wasn't comfortable eating, especially when Sunset Shimmer's still trying to find her place and is doing all she can to please just about everyone.


5191080 I've eaten horse, dog, bear, rat, and cows tongue and I liked all of them. They were tasty.


As I live in the US, we eat plenty of it where we are at, it's just meat. People just have some obsession that since horses are nice that they shouldn't be eaten. It's kinda like venison to me, though a bit stringier unless you tenderize it well.

There were no weird girls trying to eat apples without using their hands, no new students hypnotizing the students with a musical number, and the incident with the downed UFO was quietly hushed up[...]

I am actually quite interested in this.

Still enjoyed this story though


I'm low key enough about it that people don't generally know until we go to order food, and I always read the ingredients on everything and turn down anything anyone offers me unless I'm sure I know what's in it, so it doesn't come up normally.

I also don't really hang out with that many people in situations where that could happen, and typically I'm the one that orders my own food. There are other things I'm looking for, too. Given my moms allergy to Nutrasweet, I'm not consuming it if I can avoid it.

As a vegetarian, I've got plenty of friends that are massively into eating meat, too, and I agree. Each of us has our own preferences, and we shouldn't try to push them on others.

I'd be really pissed if I was your vegetarian friend, too, especially since my body isn't used to processing meat, so the times I have eaten meat accidently, I usually end up a bit sick to my stomach before I figure out there's meat in it...


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