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Rarity has disappeared. Not just stepped out or gone away on short notice, but completely disappeared, leaving her work unfinished, her friends mystified and, for some reason, her hair all over the ground outside the Carousel Boutique. Without a clue to her whereabouts, faced with rumours of a dragon stalking the town and troubled by a mysterious work of magic, Rarity's friends face up to the possibility that they may never see her again.

And then they find her...

NOTE: On hiatus until I can find a way out of a huge plot hole I just noticed. Sorry folks.

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Damn. Someone cursed Rarity and turned her into a dragon. Wonder how Spike is going to feel about that. (Assumptions)

By the way this is really funny, but also quiet mysterious. I like it quite a bit. I look forward to Spike finding out Rarity is MIA and also if I'm right.

So someone curses Rarity to make her a dragon, so she steals cloth to design a dragon dress? Seems legit.

two steps from hell is awesome. even got them on my favourites list.

Oh lol :rainbowlaugh: good work. Amazing story on this sky :heart: i love this story :twilightsmile: Good morning bronies! :twilightoops::twilightblush:

Finally got around to reading this, looking forward to more! :pinkiehappy:

Just an FYI, the wife normally betas for me but she's been busy so I've had to do it myself today. Forgive the occasional speelling :raritywink: mistake.

This really needs more comments as well as readers. It's a great story.

Mah gahd, an update, I will read it when I get a chance, *INSERT WORDS ABOUT CHAPTER HERE LATER*

945854 I thought Spike had run off by himself when he went upstairs the second time, when he was't believed about the dragon. Twilight, you silly, your not a zebra.

good story. spoiler rarity got turned into a Darastrix ( Darastrix is a D&D Draconic word )

Great story.

and she always]/i] Screwed up your italics, I can relate having done the same a few times myself :derpyderp1:

She hadn’t even got to see Rainbow Dash and she always]/i] tried to see Rainbow at

Oh, how many times have I done that too myself.

I'm going to wait till you fix this, I dont want to read this all in italics.


How dreadfully embarrassing... :facehoof:


Look at all the sexual innuendos. Very exciting, and the rhyme for Zecora must of been a bitch. Spike looks like he'll be a large part of the next chapter. I look forward to it.


The zebra is a bitch to write and kept me up for many a night with taunts and tears and torn out hair, and yet, somehow, I made it there.

But now it seems the rhymes won't stop until I've written rhyming clop. Won't that be fun?

... can I borrow a gun?

1188257 Try scotch, no one can rhyme while buzzed!

Oh wow, loved it. Why do I feel like Twi was just trying to get rid of Pinkie? I bet Pinkie could have helped a lot with remembering what Zecora said.

FINALLY! God damn those ponies can't put 2 and 2 together. I liked the Starswirl story part, very nice.

And it all starts falling into place.

I don't...I don't even. You have taken my ability to even. How did you do that. This was a brilliant update. I don't know what else to say. Just...wow. Keep up this story, please, and keep up the amazing talent you have as a writer.

This is amazing.

Rarity, you thief! I'm simply shocked.

I'm not entirely sure I see all of what you did there but what I do makes me glad I found this again.

This was probably the hardest chapter I've written so far, and there's no reason why it should have been hard. It's not even that long.

Still, things are going to lighten up a bit after this, once Rarity comes back to town and everything's hunky dory again. :pinkiehappy:


*Alondro predicts the future!* Aaaaand then Raridragon sleep-noms a pony! AND LIKES IT!!! And then starts gobbling up ponies like it's Nightmare Night 1999!! :fluttershbad:

Well, it's got to become a tragedy somehow! :trollestia:

“Probably find it’s all fallen out fifty miles back too, I shouldn’t wonder.”

Puddleglum! :pinkiehappy:

Heh i can already see her hoard... a mountain of fine quality silk bolts :rainbowwild:

I can't argue with the style, the story telling, the plot, or any other aspect of this amazing story; however, I had really expected more from Spike. This is almost like an episode in that sense. Spike has once again been pushed to the background and appears almost entirely useless minus one or two moments of glory that were short lived and largely unimportant. A shame.

1510079 True, but in five chapters Zecora and Twilight have stood center stage while Spike and Rarity merely pushed them further into the light. The other four are almost entirely insignificant as little more than moral support.

I would go so far as to say the synapsis of the story isn't that Rarity has become a dragon, so much as it is that, Twilight accidently turned Rarity into a dragon and now searches for a solution. At this point in time, at least.

“She’s adorable,” Fluttershy said as she peered over the wall of Twilight’s impromptu palisade.

This amused me greatly though.

Or maybe it will end well, and there won't be shipping in this story. I look forward for the next part.

mon capitaine

Q, you righteous bastard!

Still, things are going to lighten up a bit after this, once Rarity comes back to town and everything's hunky dory again.

I hope she didn't turn back just yet. That'd be most unsatisfying.:ajbemused:
Although I have to say that I greatly enjoyed the conversations with the curse.:twilightsmile:

Feh, augmentation curses.

Evolution is much better at generating meaningful change.

That stupid spell just made messes.

Sweeney Todd refrence?
If so, awesome

My first thought was that Rarity was turned into a dragon. Now its just she was turned partially into a dragon by the curse. Really hope to see this continued soon.

Why did I read this ? Well done & canceled.:raritycry::moustache::facehoof: From 2012 Oct now it's 2014 Dec,

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