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Emeral Bookwise

A lonely pony seeking through the dark, ever hoping to find companions to share the night with.

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Also, a compulsive perfectionist that tends to spend more time planning what to do and how to do it, than actually doing anything he plans. On the bright, side he's got a delightfully warped sense of dry humor. That counts as a bright side, right?

Oh, and the cat's name is Zolotoy.

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Tomorrow · 10:50pm Dec 31st, 2018

Report Emeral Bookwise · 86 views · Story: Sergeant-at-Hooves ·
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Testing, one-two...

Maybe, but that doesn't seem like any reason for you to have seemingly walked away from a discussion that involved other people as well, while deleting the thread behind you.

1157039 It seems you have a habit of pissing people off.

Beg pardon. I'm sorry, but this I'm not sure I understand the hostility?

Look I'm done with talking with you on the forum all I wanted was a Luna/trixie student teacher story but apparently you guys don't have one.

  • Viewing 77 - 81 of 81
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