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After yet another threat from Equestria threatens the wellbeing of Canterlot High and its students, Principal Celestia invited Princess Twilight and Sunset Shimmer for a simple discussion on what to do.

Between a less-than-willful princess, a frustrated teenager, and the wizard that crashed said discussion, she will find herself wishing she had kept her mouth shut.

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What's really scary is that this could be easily possible if Equestria Girls were actually given a full series...

You didn't waste our time. it's a great story. Although I'd literally pay money to have Celestia be late and have Star Swirl get his skull cracked by Sunset.


An evil thought came to Sunset's mind. She turned to Pinkie Pie. “Say...do you girls want to get some ice cream. I have a sudden craving for mint chocolate chip...”

I don't get it. Is she actually gonna try and cover up the evidence?!

This should have a sequel.

P.E: I´m sure I´m not the only one who wanted to strangle Staswirl the Asshole. Once again, Principal Celestia should have contacted proper authorities so they could deal with this shit. This is way beyond her pay grade.

oh, no. You are not the only one. I wanted to cross the fourth wall and lay him out!


I propose humans begin using the portal to send all the toxic dump and nuclear waste to Equestria. Not big deal. Earth handled worse.

Exactly! No big deal.

Second chapter please?

This was surprisingly a good idea for a story. I would like to see more.

And do you know you would like to put her hands, I mean, hooves on a few dangerous ancient artefacts? Daring Do. I bet she would jump at the chance to jump into the portal to find them.

But that would also attract her usual baddies. Hilarity ensue.

To be fair, I don't really think there is a proper authority for "weird magic shit dumped on our world from a magical pony world."

Closest you'd get is Sunset as the unofficial authority on this.

Yeaaahhh, just imagine this landing on Our Dear Leader, the current POTUS's desk. Can you imagine any ending of that story that isn't terrible? Except maybe for Celestia getting fed up and annexing us?

You didn't waste my time. I was giggling two minutes into it. Liked and fav'ed.

...Monster Hunter: EQG?

...And yeah, Starswirl needs a drum of Industrial-Strength Whupass opened up on him. Desperately....

The ending mixes sound like sunset shimmer is planning to the make the PTA group become in the sense state with ice cream after being exposed to the written records.

This was voice to text and now do I make it stop saving the audio to my gmail account

This so needs to be an episode.

He is a crotchety old man dealing with a situation that was frankly moronic on all counts. He was a bit more asshole, but he thought he was dealing with something much more ridiculous. Plus how could he not see that using another dimension as a waste dump is being lazy as hell.

I've always favored totallynotabrony's answer to this question.

And Starswirl the Asshole gets away with all of this. Karma Houdini at his finest.

i really REALLY hate starswirl to be blunt i think he is a complete fraud who gained fame off the success of others (the rest of his team)

Kinda depressing when you think about it. :ajsleepy:

...said current POTUS and all within his cabinet having an aneurysm just from trying to read through the scrolls and make sense of it all, meaning whoever is the 'Designated Survivor' or whatever who's actually competent gets put in charge?

That was kind of my impression of him before the he was officially introduced. It's stayed the same.

Meh. Cockroaches don't die that easily.


That's actually a cool idea, but then she'd need to find her own human equivalent to work with because she doesn't know that world :p

That we know about! *X-Files theme plays*

I disagree, he's not a complete fraud he's egotistical, short sighted, and stubborn as a mule. Pretty realistic flaws for some of his level of power. He's in the right and the hero so much he forgets he didn't do it all himself. Like with Stygian, who came up with all the plans but lacked the skill to execute them. Being the one who did the "leg work" Starswrill got full of himself.

Wow, Starswirl is a prick.


my money is on the commander in chief being on that list.

Oddly enough if you think about it most of the things they've dealt with weren't starswirls fault. Sunset stole the crown to begin with and human twilight messed with magic causing both friendship games and legend of everfree. Only rainbow rocks and forgotten friendship were actually because of equestria dumping stuff

aceina #27 · Feb 20th, 2018 · · 1 ·

so dumping the sirens in another world and letting them deal with it was a heroic thing to do who knows how many problems the sirens caused in there 1000+ years on earth

his solution to problems seems to have been banish to another realm and insult any one who does not agree with him

Yes. Her plan is they have ice cream, and accidentally (or "accidentally") spill it on the scrolls, making it illegible, and thus unable to be shown to the PTA.

As for the story itself, I kind of like this version of Principal Celestia. It shows some of the similarities she has to her Equestrian counterpart.

So, chaos happens everytime Sunset buys mint chocolate ice cream? That flavor is just plain unlucky for her.

" Quit Throwing Your Garbage Into Our Dimension" :D :D :D

and the girls went on to found the SCP foundation.

Could we please not interject real world politics into this discussion. People had just as many negative emotions over Obama, GW Bush, Clinton, Reagan and Carter. At this point NO President is pure as the wind driven snow.

First, you're right. This is a terrible venue for this. If the author wishes to delete my comments I would not begrudge them and completely understand.

Second, fuck you. Yes, politicians have been worthless slimy shitbags since the dawn of time. But I'm not gonna put up with a bunch of moral equivalency bullshit when Stupid Hitler is empowering and inciting racist right-wing ultranationalists. I don't like most politicians, including all of those you named. But most of them were just corrupt, short-sighted, small-minded people completely inadequate to the job they were elected to do. Trump is laying explosives at the foundation of the Republic and undoing social changes that took a century to achieve.


Starswirl has a classic "never my fault" mentality.

Still, considering all Earth magical problems were caused by Princess Celestia's teacher, student and former student/fellow Princess, I think there is plenty of room to ask for reparations.


there would be no problems if he never created the mirror and again he used earth as a dumping ground for things he did not want to bother with

this is a show about friendship and it solving problems and he dont care about friendship he seems disgusted by the idea of forgiveness

As someone said in another story (Can’t remember the one off the top of my head at the moment):

”The world Sunset lives in now is basically Equestria’s toilet. They keep dumping all their shit into it.”

Well, to be fair, most of these were from Equestrian antiquity, so aside from using the chronokinesis spell Starlight rediscovered to erase the Bearer's friendship bonds, there's no real way to fix the issue. Sure, Principal Celestia can scold Sunset and Starswirl now, but...the hazardous materials are already here.
There's literally nothing the two ponies can do now, except deal with them when they inevitably pop up, so...scolding them won't have much of an impact on future events. That is, if one doesn't use the aforementioned spell, which would likely just end up screwing something else up.

That includes making full restitution

Wait, what? Equestria uses bits, of which the composition of the coins is never elaborated upon, but since there seems to be an abundance of what us humans would consider "rare materials", I will assume these are fully, or mostly, gold. Do you pony princesses not realise how the sudden and inexplicable increase in gold supply would affect the economy, even without the old gold standard? Basic demand and supply; supply goes up, demand tends to go down, and thus prices also go down.
Same goes for any potential gem-based transactions. In Equestria, a sole unicorn mare and dragon boy can go into a cave and get a full cart of the things any time they so wish. On Earth, it takes a dedicated mining team and an untapped location to do the same, and the location cannot be reused over and over. Either that, or synthesising the things in a laboratory, which still requires specific staff and equipment.

Do you not see the massive problems, Equestrian Princesses? You making 'restitution' would severely harm the country's (if not world's) economy!

dispatching research teams and security detail – you know, scholars, soldiers, monster handlers – to handle any threats

These persons would also likely come from Equestria, and thus would have to spend some time adjusting to their now-human bodies and culture (including relearning how to write, manipulate objects with hands instead of hooves or horns, why they need clothes, what those fancy metal contraptions on wheels are, and getting used to the fact that the human world is far more similar to the Everfree Forest than Manehattan in terms of weather and plant growth). So they would spend a significant amount of time not being able to do their jobs at full efficiency, especially the soldiers and monster handlers.

Oh goodie... Ideeea...

Now now... Hitler doesn't deserve to be lumped with your current POTUS...

Yeah... more i see of him more I think Starswirl is a douche of the highest order.

Well I said he's Stupid Hitler.

Wow. Well, my ire towards Sunset for dodging her responsibility AND screwing over people rightfully concerned about this just redlined.

There's no justification for her doing it, either. Zero.

I was sort of thinking that she would get 'most' of the documents dirty and only show around 3-4 of the 'safer' item lists to show the PTA

So she'd destroy valuable documents with vital information on them, and lie to parents who have the right and need to know what the hell's going on. People with children and themselves in danger from this who might've been able to warn them of signs of this stuff awakening, or might even know of some way to stop these dangerous artifacts.

Wow. Sunset, you petty, short-sighted idiot!

Heroic is a relative term. The ponies who no longer suffered under the sirens certainly would say banishing them to another world where they where practically powerless is heroic. The best choice doesn't satisfy everyone. Starswril isn't a fraud because he didn't do what he did for fame, oh he became famous for it and let it go to his head no question, but it wasn't his motivation.

This is neat. It would be fun to have a follow up of everyone trying to track down and dispose of the things on the lists

That doesn't sound scary at all. That sounds awesome!

And this wasn't a waste of time at all.

Ok, to the CONTINUED PLEASURE of the downvoters let me tell you what's wrong with your statement....

1. You lumped Hitler with that other person.
2. You lumped the stupid beings with that others person....


Well, that went about as well as could be expected. I would LOVE to see something like Grogar's bell in the series, but necromancy might be a little too blatantly dark for this generation of MLP.

I really feel sorry for Principal Celestia. This has been one crazy year for her, and it's not looking to get any less crazy.

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