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Broken, alone, heart sick, Anon-a-miss had taken more than Sunset's friends. They had taken away her heart. Her hope. Her life.

Anon-a-miss had taken away any reason she had to continue to live. She tried to soldier through it. Until she couldn't.

But she wasn't alone. When she couldn't find hope, hope found her. Life found a way. Harmony holds her own, enfolds them, and loves them where they are.

Sunset had hope. Hope lifted her up, and carried her forward when she was ready to lie down and die. Hope rekindled friendships, mended hearts, rebuilt broken lives. Hope restored life.

And Friendship was magic.

This is the story of Sunset's fall, her sorrows, and her attempt to end her life. But it's more than that.

It's also a story of hope. Of friendship. And of Harmony's grace, and the joys that come from living, loving, and helping friends. It's a story of happy moments, funny moments, joyful moments, living and loving even when days are darkest.

Not Just Another Anon-a-miss story - but set in and borrows heavily from the Anon-a-miss Holiday Comic and other Anon-a-miss fiction.

This story contains scenes of Violence and Suicide, be forewarned.

If you are thinking of Suicide, please get help! You are not alone! You are wanted, help is there, please just reach out, let someone know, let them care. Please!

Featured on 26 March 2021! Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

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I like how quick and snappy your writing is. Every sentence, even a single word, it a hard statement. It's an interesting writing style, and it moves the plot along well.

Grammar could use work but interesting story thus far

See, here's the thing. You say this isn't another comic related story. But having read it, there's literally nothing here that's not been done before. There never is with this kind of story.

Or at least. 99.999% of these don't do something different. There's a few exceptions of course. But they're buried under the mountain of the fix fics, or whatever you call these.

Fair point. Anon-a-miss is a lot like most day time drama I think... Everyone can agree it's over the top, over done, over wrought... and they still keep coming back and watching it. :facehoof: I admit it, that's me.
The claim that it's not just another Anon-a-miss knockoff is because of the reason I wrote it, and the way I'm presenting Sunset - she's my hero, and the way she faces her demons inspires me. That's just me, others welcome to disagree. :twilightsmile:

Thanks! I get a little more 'normal' in later chapters, mercifully. :twilightblush:

Yeah, I know the 'smart' thing to do is post a chapter a day to maximize interest and stay on the front page as long as possible... but with the holiday here, and knowing most folks probably download the stories to read on their phones and devices (I use calibre for what that's worth) I figured it would be a mercy just to post it and let anyone who wanted to read it just read it. :pinkiehappy:

It’s still good though I’ll admit I just submitted the beginning of my anon-a-miss story so I’m no better lol it’s over done but I still enjoy reading and writing it

I’m not gonna lie, I thought it was adult too, At least they did, and by that I mean didn’t say their thoughts out loud at first.

A fair bit in the story mirrors some of the <phft!> I went through myself. They did actually screw up the dyes on my cat scan and MRI. :facehoof:
Mercifully no one ever mistakenly assumed I ran a porn blog though... :rainbowlaugh: One look at me could have ruled that out! :trollestia:

I used the free grammarly app for my spell checking and grammar checks. It probably let me get away with all sorts of things that I shouldn't have. :facehoof::rainbowlaugh: Sorry. :twilightoops:

huh! Trixie was wrong for being there but very much right for calling 911 and not joining in with the beatings.

I love This trope for anon-a-miss and the aftermath of the fall formal I love Luna and or celestia helping sunset through the dark times and becoming her family

True that! Good on her for doing the right thing in the end.. at least she saw how wrong they were and tried to do something. :twilightsmile:

Me too! It just fits, like they belong together. :twilightsmile:

6/10 above average story. I'm kinda sad Dust died.

Thanks for the read and the thoughts! :twilightsmile:
Yeah, Dust was something else. I'm happy she got to find peace in the end.

Scootaloo expose your friends they suck and your the only one feeling human emotions

Always seems to me that no matter how they start into something Applebloom seems to be the one calling the shots at the end. Even in the show it seemed that way. And Sweety Belle seems to always back her up. So I kind of ran with that. :unsuresweetie:

“Okay, Sunset? Feeling a bit better now? Okay?” Sunset nodded. “Good. Here’s what I’m going to do. You hang tight here honey. And I’m going to get Dr. Quinn, and have her come and explain what’s going on to you, okay? Can you wait here for a few moments while I do that? You okay now?” The nurse squeezed her hands again and smiled.

Oh no...

Dr Quinn...Harley Quinn?

That’s a good one! No I didn’t think of that. That would have been cool! No it’s the character from a really old tv show Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman played by the ex Bond girl Jane Seymour. But I like your idea better now. :pinkiehappy:

Why do you keep using my name like that ?


Big Mac (eqg) and princess twilight shine ????

Scootaloo is best cmc and you may now take my upvote

Lol! That girl... :rainbowlaugh: She brings out the bad boy in him. :twilightoops:
But the brilliant but clueless Princess still seems to have a crush on 'Brad'... :facehoof:

Can't disagree with that! :rainbowlaugh: She really puts herself out there. :rainbowdetermined2:

Just my thoughts... my head cannon has Sunset as ascended. I see her as an alicorn with flaming red and gold wings - if not literal flames, then at least in coloration.

That's at least part of what I was alluding to during her meeting with Faust in Elysium, for what it's worth. Daydream Shimmer, with a Greek Goddess type twist.

I'm looking forward to writing more of that. I do wish the Has-bros would have run through the third season instead of killing Equestria Girls off. :facehoof:

:facehoof: Fixed Apple Bloom's name in the Canterlot Movie Club and Five Former Friends chapters. Two words not one no matter how fast I say it... Sorry! :twilightoops:

Flash placed his arm around Twilight’s shoulders. “Your padawan has grown so much, Obiwan.”

So true

For anyone curious, I like to listen to some chill Pony while writing. Here's a few of the playlists I use on iTunes.

I use iTunes in the hopes that the artists are getting something out of my playing their music, and because my laptop is a MacBook Pro, so just easiest to do. :twilightsheepish:

If you like that trope why don't you check out my story? It's called the The Price of Wanting.

Welcome to the club of family Celestia, Luna, and Sunset.:twilightsmile:

This comment is really funny especially with your profile pic. It makes me laugh think of soft Fluttershy soft yelling this. She looks so pumped out this.
On a more serious note I agree Scootaloo needs to tell.

I have totally been following your story! :twilightsmile:
And thank you for the welcome. :pinkiehappy: I love the idea of Sunset, Luna, and Celestia as family.
Thanks! :raritywink:

Yeah I love soft fluttershy and yay is her best moment so I mustache you :moustache:

“Okay. Fiiiiine…. Maybe a few times. Maybe I still forget. Hay, I’m good for it. Sort of. Eventually.” Twilight leaned down and whispered into her friend's ear with a grin. “Hey Sunset, can I borrow a few… uhm… whatever their calleds?” They both laughed as Twilight pushed Sunset out the door.

Missed opportunity for a wonderful joke here. Sunset could have said buck and Twilight could have had a freakout when her mind jumps to the wrong conclusion.

OK, I feel a wee spot better reading this. Was about to come down to the comments to ask if our dear Doctor Quinn was possibly a Medicine Woman when I read the name, only to see it answered already. lol

Also, I just want to say, having had to play with that blasted "toy"... I feel sorry for Sunset. That thing is no fun and, honestly, I have no idea why I still have mine.

If there's one thing I find that's usually consistent among Anon-a-Miss fics, it's that Flash, Celestia, and Luna are on her side, which I like as it makes sense.
I hope Flash visits, because when you're in hospital, especially for a extended period of time, visitors are welcome. Sure helped me when I was stuck in there for just short of 3 weeks.

“Why do you keep using my name like that?”

"Did I forget to mention your counterpart is practically a goddess?"

Duh oh! :twilightoops: Yeah that would have been perfect! lol! :rainbowlaugh:

lol! :rainbowlaugh: I think I lost mine about a month after I got out of the hospital. Yeah, had to do it, was a pita but I didn't want any of the respiratory issues they stressed it was supposed to help me avoid. Honestly don't miss it in the least. :twilightoops:

Ooh, that made my blood boil. I don't care what these kids thought she did, you do not beat someone like that. You hear a crack, you stop. Why is with these kids, it's "guilty until proven innocent"? Bravo on Trixie having the sense on this going too far and saving Sunset.

I really love Trixie here. It's one thing to want your pound of flesh when someone hurts you. It's quite another to actually carve it out of someone, as Trixie found out to her shock and horror. :twilightangry2:
Troubled as she is, she really is a good person at heart, and it hurt her horribly to even peripherally be a part of something so horrible. :pinkiesad2:

Figured Dust was up to something. Surprising Celestia wasn't affected by the speaker, maybe since, unlike Luna and Sunset she didn't have anything horrifying or guilty of to relive.

With Luna throwing out the line about Celestia not being able to have children because of her, I'm surprised Celestia didn't adopt Sunset as an actual daughter, not just a foster one.

I think the foster route was a quick solution for Celestia and Luna to get Sunset home. I would not be surprised to see Celestia and Luna fully adopt Sunset at a later date.
And yes, Luna and Sunset both have their demons, one reason I think they relate to each other so well. :twilightsmile:

Thought you might've been setting up something with that line, seeing as it came after the fostering process. If it did happen, Sunset would get the next best thing to what she originally wanted (besides the alicorn/princess thing)

I do feel Sunset and Luna relate to each other in a way since at least for Princess Luna, they once felt they were wronged by the same pony. Having given the vice-principal her own Nightmare Moon incident, something similar could be said of VP Luna and Sunset (in a way anyway)

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