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I'm colourblind. And British. With a German/Russian hybrid accent. And sarcastic. And something else which I can't remember. Oh well. Maybe next time. Ho hum...


Sunset Shimmer has ended up wasting both of her previous oppotunities to find a new home in both universes, and with Anon-a-miss looming, will she ever get another chance?
Will she finally find somewhere to go?
And now, she is facing more of her past than ever before. But are things really as they seem, despite an all too familiar face telling her it isn't so?

Self harm is limited to Prologue, but mentions of it will continue through story.

And fair warning, the first half of this story is fairly badly written. I promise it gets better!
Edit from author over a year later: it does get better, but not by that much. Really not that well written overall, so be warned!

Burning Sunset's "A Second Chance to Find Home" is dead, and while I certainly don't want to copy their work, I wouldn't mind to see it have an ending.
Please bear in mind that this story will be substantially different, so it is by no means a replacement, or a copy of any kind. Maybe think of this as an AU to the original story.

21/10/18: Thanks for 100 likes! And 2k views somewhere along the line; I honestly didn't notice!

Chapters (26)
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Comments ( 243 )

Why was "A Second Chance to Find Home" cancelled?

the author disappeared

Dammit, Celestia. Being immortal won’t do anything if you won’t own up to any of your mistakes.

This is a good start, and I'm looking forward to where this will go. That said, if you wanna damn names and spellings, You had a couple of times where you typoed Sunset's name as 'Susnet" in both this chapter, and the previous one.

8830869 8831008
Yeah, the author hasn't been online in nearly two years.

Trust me, I know. In the next chapter, I started to count how many times I've done that so far, and I think it's up to around 26.
And I will damn the names for all time. I endlessly mess up the names, and because they're capitalised, the spellchecker I use registers them as valid names.

EDIT: fixed, thanks!

Will Sunset's arms stay as they are for good, or can they be healed.
Two who attacked Scoota and is she part of Anon A Miss or not?

Sunset had lost feeling in her arms forever, but I have an plan for how Sunset regains use of her arms.
And I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about Scootaloo being attacked. If it's about how Scootaloo can't run, I can't say without serious spoilers.

That what i meant sorry. Anyways it sound liked Scoota had been attacked. Or her mother thinks Sunset is responsible.

Turret did originally think Sunset's responsible, but isn't too sure currently, and is leaving the matter for now. And if I'm honest, I haven't decided if Scootaloo did actually get attacked or not. I'll probably come back to it in a few chapters time.

It would be pretty cool if Sunset can express her rage by playing guitar.

You know, if I had any sort of idea where I could take that, I would proably do it. But it is an idea I shall note down, and maybe take somewhere!

If you're interested, there are people around who were corresponding with the author behind the scenes who are still around. I don't think they had anything too surprising to reveal. The only thing I remember coming out of learning this was the completely predictable fact that the planned ending included the Sunset eventually being able to forgive Fluttershy, and the two of them starting a relationship.

Since you're not planning on making a copy I don't know how much any of that would matter to you.

I would be interested, but frankly, it would just end up majorly messing up this story as I try to do parodies of those ideas, so it's best for my own sanity I don't find out. As for the ending, I kind of guessed that's where it would lead at the end and I honestly don't like it. Too generic.
Plus I don't want to involve Fluttershy in a full on relationship with Sunset. Forgive her sure, but I don't know how I feel about going futher.
But thanks for letting me know anyway.

8832322 It’s a win-win. Sunset improves her hands AND gets to express her rage at whoever ruined her life in a healthy manner.

Not gonna lie, looking back, I've no idea what I was doing here. Apart from the last part. But I think I made that too confusing. Eh, I'll come back to it later.

Yes you did! What the heck was that last part?!

oh um... uuuuhhh.
OOOoookay? I... guess?

real talk though, it is okay. as long as it will be clear later in the story.

8833827 8834231
Yeah, I got carried away and I was tired. I will reveal who '???' is, and this will probably be rewritten in the future any way.
And if it wasn't clear, the mystery person IS insane, or at least they are right now.

At least VP Luna’s sympathetic to Sunset’s plight. Team Luna ftw!

Unfortunately the Orphan Scootaloo is used too much but in Equestria the pony world it may be cannon with the episode Parental gladance. And since Equestria Girls is a parallel it may be the same case. Anyways that episode was great and shocking it's in my top 5 of season 7 and top 30 of all time episode

If you didn’t confirm the person to be male, i’d Immediately think it’s screwball.

Honestly was going to do that, but I figure it would be too predictable. though now... that's given me an idea... mwahahah!

True, after all what fun is there in making sense.

I get you are going for cryptic, but that last bit comes off as the ranting of someone with limited vocabulary or trying to communicate in a language they haven’t fully learned. Though I am guessing the last person referred to is Muffin/Derpy?

Yeah, I'm rewriting this right now. But it still wasn't meant to be cryptic, just a little bit a gibberish. And really, this is mean to be the world's worst teaser to what might come.

Fair enough. I will forward to reading the edited version.

I had been wondering how you would have Sunset prove she wasn’t just insane. Hadn’t considered Spike.

I. Glad ur doing this case i liked that story

Lol i love spike such a gopd friend

Don't get too ahread of yourself, we haven't seen their reaction yet. And now I know exactly how to start the next chapter...

Fair, but I would imagine they will have a really hard time explaining away a talking dog that is an exact copy of their dog, a pile of minted gold coins, and the fact that Sunset has already pulled off a medical miracle moment.

Eh, it is Twilight. But honestly? You're now giving me more ideas just from comments alone. I might have to credit you. Dammit, stop filling my mind with different possibilities! You're now the only reason that the next chapter will come out later than it needed to be! (That and I've been too lazy to actually start it.)

Cant say I have been accused of being simultaneously helpful and detrimental to someone’s writing before.

It is a strange position to be in. You mess something up while bringing helpfulness. And now I got an idea of what I can have Sunset do in the chapter after next.
DAMN YOU, YOU glorious person, I feel honored to be IN YOUR FOUL PRESENCE!

Saw the story premise change, but even still... you can do more to change the scene with velvet and scootaloos dad, it's almost identical.

Well, I did get permission from the original artist to copy any and all work. Plus, I am changing their relationship in completely different ways.

Uh oh, the princess of the sun has unexpectedly arrived in the human world. Time to alert everyone for evacuation.

. . .

OOOOOOOOR I don't have to do that and let them deal with the consequences~.

. . .

Although, maybe they don't deserve to be brutally beaten or close to death by her.

. . .

Then again, I would hide and watch them all get their ass kicked or something~.

. . .

Hmmmmmmmmm what to do.

. . .

Eh, I'll just enjoy some popcorn and drinks to see what happens.

I honestly was sooooo tempted just to do this early and just cause a mass genocide and general apocalypse as an April Fools'. Wasted oppotunity. Dammit!

So was that typo at the end deliberate?

You mean the 'sun' bit? Yes, it was. It's pretty hard to miss when in massive writing, you know.

I like that Tia evidently maintains a level of decorum even in hellfire demand mode. Yes they may have her little sun, but entering the home without invitation would be remarkably rude.

“I want my sun!”
‘Oh no! She wants to imprison me!’
Damn it Sunset don’t make assumptions directly after waking up!

...I'm assuming the last part was between Equestrians, or rather a certain trio of fish girls.

Partially right. Not the sirens, but one of them is an equestrian, and there is a trio involved, before the last one arrived and- You know what? Just read the next chapter.

im betting its not a typo but more play on words

It was rather anticlimatic, really.

That summarizes this chapter as a whole.

Only reason I put it in. It was anticlimatic. Simple as that.
But still better than what I had before.

Oh, it is withoutf a doubt better than what you had previously.


Seriously, do complain, but you can't say that the last thing was better, the rest of you. It's better than nothing, too.

I especially like how the portal gave Twilight an armored robe, just to show how serious she is about this.

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