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Sunset Shimmer's life was turned upside down in an instant, leaving her not only to battle her inner demons but to also try to make amends but it isn't easy to forgive or forget when someone has hurt you and it seems only a few at Canterlot High are willing to even try to see the good in her. Will the few friends she has be enough to stop her from doing something rash?

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this story is pff to a great start. keep up the good work.

good job on this. i have seen and read many stories and this on caught my attention.
keep going with this.

hope to see more chapters sooner or later.
i have said this to many people but take your time and dont rush.


Thanks for the feedback. Glad you like it so far.

I enjoyed this chapter. Spitfire stepping in to defend Sunset wad unexpected.

It wouldn’t be too long until someone else from the Wondercolts soccer team defends Sunset. Is Soarin’ a student or an alumnus?

Soarin is a student and he will make an appearance soon.

I love that Luna is the first who helps Sunset after the formal fall

This story keeps getting better. I loved how you portrayed Spitfire at the beginning of this chapter.

I am glad that you are enjoying this story.

Are Sunset and Sunburst related in this fic?

Yes. (A lot will be explained through the story.)

thank you for this fine story,and thank you so very much for portraying luna like you have in your story. it is so refreshing,and she so deserves it. well done to you!

Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened at the implication of those words. “Then why the hell did you want the crown for to begin with?” She questioned, earning an unreadable look

The foreshadowing... I always thought there was some serious self destructive thoughts running in Sunset's head...

Luna, what mischief are you up to?

If you look at Sunset just before she transforms in to the demon in Equestria Girls, the look on her face seems to show surprise at what is happening to her.

I thumbs up this chapter.

Yay, another fix where Sunburst and Sunset are related!

Poor Sunny

Aah I'm enjoying this!
Hope to see more soon ;v;

JEEZE! Man hope Sunset tells Twilight all this sure it will make Celestia regret treating her the same way she treated her sister Luna!! :twilightangry2:

The fact that Princess Celestia willingly did this to Sunset while allowing a motherly realationship with Twilight and Cadence makes everything she did for Luna seem bittersweet. It’s even worse since Celestia somehow demolished many ponies’ lives for Luna and especially since Twilight and Sunset may or may not be the result of a eugenics program.

you are going to have not introduce me

Did you mean "to"?

they probably would be able to hold a conversation.”


an interesting story for sure. Though sometimes you fail to separate paragraphs when the speaker changes. That and some random little typos were the only problems I saw.

Trixie is awesome, but why was her hat smoking?

Trixie should do something about her smoking hat and Sunset has serious abandonment issues.

Ok, caught up. Not the best written fic, but far from the worst. I don't get why some people have issues with some of the clichés often seen in these kinds of fics (back scars, Chrys, horrid abuse, etc.), but I certainly don't mind them. I mean, the whole reason they become cliché in the first place is because they work so well as story elements. I also like some of the ideas being played with here involving Sunset's past. I don't know what there is or isn't original to this fic, but it's stuff I've not seen done in this way before, so I'm quite interested.

you just took my words out of my mouth.......i dont know how to feel bout dat....

In a word...

Honestly, if I had a choice to live with either of the princesses... I would always go with luna In both worlds.

Sunset risked a glance up then, only to burst into laughter as she saw the state that Trixie was in. “Um...Trixie. What happened to you? Your hat is smoking.” the blue girl blushed as she quickly removed the hat. “Don't change the subject! Trixie was trying to make an apology and to ask you if you wanted to be her friend!” she stated before adding “that is if you can forgive me.”

Checks tags

Why the smoking hat?

I like it. The chapters are short and leave me wanting more. It helps me stay in the story and wanting to read on.

I really love How you are portraying Luna in this story.

wtf i caught up already...damn it
have a like and fav

Breaks the tension and lights the mood of the scene.

“Well...no. Not entirely but it does get easier.” Luna was the one to answer “some days are better than others but it helps to know that someone is there that loves you.”

Well, way to wack over the head with that one. ‘Oh yeah, you’ll be fine. You just need to find someone who loves you in a foreign world where everyone you know has a very legitimate reason to hate you. Shame you don’t have any family here; they make it way easier to find those people.’ Having friends is one thing, “love” is something different.

Celestia chuckled a bit at that “You better get all the rest you can because I bet you ten bucks that Sunset will end up punching Discord!”

YES PLEASE! I enjoyed the insight into Sunset's feelimgs, and as always the banter between Celestia and Luna was great. No if Sunset punches Discord that would be awesome, like when Commander Sisko punched Q in that episode of DS9.

She remembered all too vividly the times she had stood in her window, watching Cadence and The Princess play around during their lessons when Sunset knew that if she had tried to instigate anything like that she would end up getting lectured. I was just a kid...One whose family never visited. Surely she had to realize how lonely that was? How alone I felt? Sunset thought, glancing over at the book she had tossed into the hall earlier that evening. I couldn't even drop the formalities on paper...I had so much I wanted to talk to her about but...it wasn't a teacher’s place. Let alone a princess’s. Yet Cadence was never formal…

This! All of this. Oh, I want to see this picked apart from every angle: Celestia’s thoughts, Sunset’s desires, everything! I need more of this fic.

I find ironic that Discord’s counterpart works with the law.

Before Sunset could respond Discord closed the distance between them, summoning a single flower with a snap of his fingers. “ Lulu is right. We’re all friends here.”

So is this slight of hand or is Discord actually magical here?

That would br telling. :trollestia:

“Discord, Chrysalis, this is Sunset Shimmer. Try not to make her too uncomfortable, she’s not used to your level of crazy.” Luna stated, chuckling as she glanced back at Sunset, making a mental note to try to figure out why she was acting so shy suddenly.

So... wouldn't this be the Pony equivalent of being introduced to someone with the name 'the devil'? I'm pretty sure Discord is taught at . That would make me suddenly pretty wary too.

Oh shit. This may set things back twenty steps.

....dis gonna git gud

However, before she could say or do anything farther a voice growled out from the doorway “why in the heck does this place smell like poison joke? Discord what the hell did you do?”

look at that window! throws all trust out of it

Look at that PO teenager i quickly follow the trust

A wild Tempest appears!
Sunset uses Bluff.
It isn't very effective.
Tempest uses Snark!
It's super effective!

The wild sunset retreated!

Short, but a great chapter! Keep it up!

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