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A spiritual rewrite of the deleted story 'A Shimmering Memory'. Sunset has decided to take drastic measures after being accused of being Anon-a-Miss. She finds family with the most unlikely of people.

This is the basis for Sunset's outfit. Credit goes to Marty Scurll for the design

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Okay this part got me

“This is your fault. The Rainbooms; my band; have departed due to you. If we hadn't befriended you; then my sister wouldn't have created Anon-a-Miss to spend time with me. I hope you die,” Rainbow Dash spat angrily.

Point the First: Rainbow needs a good hard bitch slap; excuse me, Gibbs slap; upside the head for that bit of stupidity.
("Element of Loyalty", my ass. I just have the feeling that a certain rainbow-maned pegasus would have more than a few choice words for her about this.)

And thank you for not making Applejack the unrepentant heavy in this one, like a good many of these A-a-M fics do.

Same for the other girls.

I can't do this...This story it's nice idea really nice. But you are ruining it with your GRAMMAR! It's terrible alright I'll be honest, it written in such a manner it hurts to read it.

I'm out.

Is it finished or are there more chapters?

Fixed. It was complete but I forgot to correct it

The chapter seems rushed

I mean you definitely tried with this, but the dialogue just feels so stilted and robotic and there are hardly any cutaways to show character reactions after bits of dialogue, particularly when they visit Sunset in the hospital

first Fluttershy should be the one asking for forgiveness not telling she forgave sunset
sunset should have sat up and strangled that bitch RD

Comment posted by Shooter5000 deleted Jan 21st, 2019

I agree. This first chapter felt extremely rushed. There was honestly no build up to Sunset’s attempted suicide and the jumps between characters made the whole chapter feel incredibly disjointed.

I’m hoping since there are 8 more chapters after this, they will be better. But, I’m not holding out much hope if they are the same as this one.

So, after reading 3 chapters of this, I skipped straight to the end to post my final comment. If you want to know my opinion on this story, I posted it in the first chapter. However, I will add that it would probably be best if you took this down and rewrote it from the ground up. Get a popular writer on here to help you as well, because as it is, this thing is a complete and total train wreck.

There are many stories on here where Sunset attempts suicide due to Anon-A-Miss and are better written than this. You could have given your spin on the idea, but all you ended up doing was making a disjointed mess that really isn’t worth reading. I’m sorry if this is not what you want to hear, but I’m borrowing a page out of Applejack’s book and being honest.

“I have a reason not to show it. I've been a black belt in martial arts for years. My instructor had me promise not to get into any fights,” Fluttershy said

:rainbowderp: I think Rainbow is proof that the instructor had a good reason.

Definitely rushed out and not really thought out.

The grammar is bad on many points and you are...going...too...fast...!

“I think it would be beneficial. Although, your sisters may not be entirely welcome,” Celestia commented

BENEFICIAL!!!!!:flutterrage: Those Rainbooms are the reason Sunset is at the hospital and they’re the reason she was driven to suicide!!!


“Let's go and see her. I know we'll never make up for everything; but we can be there to see her,” Fluttershy suggested


I agree. This is a mess. And that is saying something, given I wrote one of the big Anon-a-Messes on here.

You don't think I'm Anon-a-Miss?

“Not in the slightest. Especially after everything you went through to get here.”

Wait......... Hasn't at this point Sunset been observant of everything happening around here including the fact the the CMC already confessed to everything at this point to people? So why the buck would she ask this question?

She wanted the confirmation and confidence from her dad Discord about it. With his job as janitor; no one pays him any thought even though he sees all that happens in the school.

I must say this is an interesting story so far.

Thank you for the opinion

The pintrest link makes an account and they start e-mailing you

Thank you for letting me know. That was not intentional for any problems to occur

Your welcome and I hope you find out why it does that.

It was good but I liked the tournament much better

Thanks. Being a fan of Gears; I wanted to make my own version of a tournament

I've really enjoyed reading this story. I've read it at least a dozen times.

Thank you very much. I'm glad you like it

Pretty good story I'm actually impressed with it if you ever make a sequel to this story I'll read it the moment it comes out

Thank you for the compliment; but I don't have any plans to continue this story

Twi; it's time to scow up


Corrected. Thanks for pointing it out

Your welcome and I wish you were still making stories like this.

I realize this story is already done but... my thoughts on chapter 1
reads almost like a draft script before casting. I've read worse, beats obviously google translate stuff
9 pints of blood? A teenage girl probably only has about 6 as full grown adults only have about 8. Don't go too deep into details if you want something to seem believable. Take the described injury, even the best medical attention within seconds would not be able to save someone from that

Thanks. I fixed it to be reasonable.

Human Chrysalis becoming Sunset’s mom is a nice touch, I can kinda see how that could happen. I wished there was more interaction with them.

Sad because I really wish it would continue.

nice work on all chapters

Thank you for the complement

Thanks. Link has been changed to the new one

and it the same channel as well

I feel as though this should have been a sequel, written as a connected piece to the main story since this doesn't appear to be the path you are taking. Fine chapter, I guess.

RD, AJ, and Rarity can’t say sh*t, because if your gonna tell your parent or guardian what the cmc did you should also tell them what you did.

“Hey Sunset. I don't know if you can hear us, but we do forgive you,” Fluttershy commented

Forgive her for what? She didn’t do anything, Y’all the ones that f*cked up, Take responsibility.

Honestly, I lost respect for nearly everyone in this chapter, except RD.

“I can't accept it outright. Your actions did leave a friend in the hospital,” Twilight replied

Didn’t she accept starlight outright though?

This was so adorable.

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