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Actually I got the same thing but it seem to make ti look like you just commented to it that day not two years ago..
After your reply looked it up and realized what happened.

I thought ti was weird why someone commented on my comment two years later, it was a misunderstanding.
Also I felt ti was a cop out, and hate cop out endings or starts.

If he picked Sunset ok if he picked Octi ok, but the leave up to you to imagine how it ends endings..................

Nope. I got a notification on Sunday that you'd replied to my comment from two years ago. I went to the comment on the site, but it had been deleted two hours after you posted it. You can go to the story page and see that my comment was indeed from two years ago, if you'd like. Send me a DM if you'd like to continue talking about this, as I'd rather not fill your page up with a discussion as pedantic as this.

No it was two years ago not a few months ago check the date. It was in sep 2018

I wasn't responding to your comment that was two years old. Two years ago I responded to a comment you'd left on a fic only a couple months earlier.

Thanks for the favorite on After Sunset! :twilightsmile:

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