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Just your average memster/author. Also starting off as an artist. [Pronouns: she/her]


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Long time, no see · 3:49am Oct 27th, 2020

Hey there. It’s been a while. It’s unlikely that a lot of you missed me, but for those who did: I'm back, and I have a few updates.

First off: I’ve cancelled “Fallout: Equestria - The Happy Moon Chronicles.” I didn’t like the way the story was going, and I couldn’t fix it with the characters I had. I’ve started a new Fo:E story entirely, but I left the old one up for archive purposes even if my writing two years ago was horrible.

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You're welcome. You're one of my favorite authors, so it wouldn't make sense not to follow you.

Comment posted by Twilight--Paladin deleted May 12th, 2019

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Nevermind, we got it sorted out.

Jealous of him? What do you mean?

I just noticed the date you joined. I was on some kind of break when you joined. And i only got back recently. So... you're new to me XD

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