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To frineds i had a argument with · 2:48pm Aug 1st, 2018

To the two ponies that had a argument with one of you is trying to pm me while still having me blocked if you read this and have pmed me and are wondering why I haven't answered try checking if you have me blocked still. To the other pony who blocked me and refuses to try and do the right thing and talk things out I don't know what I did to make you mad and block me and have no way to ask you to talk to me clear things up then this. So if your read to try and work things out pm me.

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Thanks for the watch. :twilightsmile:

It was a good flop fic not much for farts my self but good av and with the power Nightmare had it implies that she had all ready eaten and digested Celestia's soul/mind and that was the smell Luna was getting hammered with.

Umm... thanks for the fav! May I ask why you did so?

Comment posted by shagohad12 deleted Oct 25th, 2018

Thanks and that story is only starting next chapter is in editing I do plan to back and re-read all my work again sometime and clean them up. But I admit I have vary pore grammar and write how I would speak telling the story. Also yes shenlong altron and nataku where the coolest from wing but Zeon has my love for awesome suits.
Also found this while getting that and well it describes MLP just as much as Sailor Moon and Gundam

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I'm going to start posting my OC ponies/and non ponies based on MLP here in short over views.

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