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Letter of Destiny, advanced concept · 12:39pm Jun 12th, 2019

Recently, a friend of mine became fascinated with my book series Maledictum Insania and read all of them through pretty quickly. He became particularly curious what my alternative storyline would have been if I had ended up choosing the ending Letter of Destiny from the first book as the base for the rest of the story. Eventually, he got me thinking about this series again which I considered done and dealt with. I still find it pointless to spend another year or so writing another book on a

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Oh a lot happened. I finished a traineeship in foreign- and wholesale, got a job and lost it again after 3 months due to covid-19. Ive been unemployed now since the end of march and just enjoyed not having anything to do for a change. Im not exactly motivated to get a new job or do anything, as I am in the risk group as I have lung issues. The most i did was visit a theme park with reduced visitor numbers while wearing a nano-silver face mask, which is said to protect from infection. Over all I'm doing pretty well, though.

Hmm, how you been Nero?

Try https://lensdump.com. Upload an image and right-click and copy the image address from the download link for absolute links. It hosts raw uncompressed images. I don't know about expiry dates though.

There's a reddit post here about other image hosting sites https://www.reddit.com/r/imguralternatives/comments/625pok/which_image_hosting_site_is_the_best/dfk7zbn/ from where I got that site.

I am aware of that. Photobucket suddenly decided to change their terms of service, so they blocked any images posted on other pages. I am still trying to find a new and more relyable photo publishing website so i can replace these links.

If you happen to know a good page that permanently stores images and gives you unlimited ability to link these images on other websites, let me know.

I thought I'd just note that your wallpapers for the MI series have expired on the right column, mate.

Things are alright mostly. Looking forward to reading your comments and welcome back.

I haven't been on this site in well over three years. I remember reading the first two Insania stories and I'm ready to tackle the third. I'll comment again after reading it. Hope your doing well.

Sweet, that makes me happy.

龙灵之马:I usually read stories without saying anything, but today I have to say: This fiction is awesome! Hope you will not quit translating and hope the arthur will still be updating.
Captain_LKM:Good fiction, like the darkness.
面对名字我懵了:I don't think the gore is gore enough, but good job.
爱问问我说得对:Hey, does Doctor Whooves knows Derpy was like this? I hope Doctor will not be dead...
yeah, so far, so good.

Alright, have fun. How are the chinese bronies liking my work?

Here. https://tieba.baidu.com/p/4964818889 I had a long(very very long) conversation with those in charge of these things, now I think I will be updating again.

Well you should have considered that. In any case, thanks.

I translated six chapters before my post was called stop for gore and violence.
Huh, haven't thought about that. 눈_눈 I'll try to give you the link by next week.But it is currently not updating.

I may accasionally write more chapters if I feel like it once my main series is over.

Sure!I'll give you the link when I am done with the translation. By the way, Will the story Cupcake Factory update?

So long as you give all credit to me and dont claim you wrote the story, Im fine with it.

Hello! I am Jerry from China. I just read the fiction《Cupcake Factory》and I think it is really good!I shared this fiction with my friends and they all like it.(´,,•∀•,,`)So I am thinking, could I translate this fiction to Chinese? I will post it on a free website like this one and give the link to you.


If you like to read the concepts i had thoughout the development of the MI series, I recommend going through my blogs and looking for the MI Beta posts. They list all the ideas i had in the past, which never made it into the final versions.

And dont worry, i DO appreciate feedback of all sorts. I just stated my own thoughts, that is all.

As for Gleam, a lot of time passed between the creation era and the era of the keepers. After seeing what a red reaper can do and turn into, Celestia would have been extra careful not to employ reapers for too long before they die and pass on the curse. There is no way she would have taken chances by letting Gleam live until Obsidian was born and beyond.

Oh that's wonderful someone is willing to read it all on youtube!
And I think it's the wi-fi I am using, I am in the hospital again, so it could be that.
Ah, I did not meant for you to go back and re-edit everything, I had meant for chapters for the current book's upcoming chapters. Sorry for not being clear about that, of course you don't have to listen at all, I just figured you'd wanted to know.

I could draw things, I do draw, it's MLP style I have trouble with drawing in the style, for some odd reason.I just don't do good translating words into artwork, like details of characters. Like if I had thought Toxica had orange hooves and regular green mane, not the toxic like mane she possesed. I also trying to re-imagine what Lady Truesight's successor looks like.
Also, in the prequel to the series, Is Gleam still existing? Or did he perish sometime between the gap of the creation and the first book?

I am sadden you had lost interest, but it happens. But reading your work is always amazing! It'd be quite interesting to see the other two endings what it could've been. Like an AU/What if. I do love obsidian out of all of the characters.

The first book in the MI series was the first long continuous story I ever wrote... and it shows. I really do not feel like redoing it entirely to fix mistakes I improved on over time. The version as it exists here now is the final one.

As for your question how many chapteres are left in the final book: About 6 more, but that number can fluctuate slightly.

While I did have ideas for another book in the series, it is now actually very unlikely I will write it. The interest in my work just dropped too much. But if you are interested what the idea was, you can read more here.

As for the 'broken images', I don't know what is wrong with that. Everything looks perfectly fine on my end. Perhaps its only your end that has problems.

And finally: Yes. I, too, wished people would draw more fan art for my work. But you can actually help with that. You could commission artists to do pieces for the work or show others my work, potentially inspiring them to make art.

Just yesterday, I received an interesting offer. Finally, after 6 years of development and waiting, someone is interested in doing a reading of my entire series on youtube. I have yet to see if this actually comes true, but I am very excited just to have the chance.

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