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The Orthodox Priesthood

"I hate many things on our Godforsaken earth, but above all else, I hate the nice words."


Don't expect me to care about your feelings or opinions, horse-fuckers.

I sometimes write horse words and more rarely, draw objekts pertaining to the destruction of life and liberty.

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Comment posted by Russian Bank Teller deleted Oct 30th, 2020

Thanks for the addition to my story to you're folder:twilightsmile:. Though, I might be making some additions to the latest chapter that I posted after deleting it...just thrown' that out there:unsuresweetie:.

Thanks for the watch, have one in return.

2277086 Alright... But just please don't... mock this story, I've put a lot of hard work into doing this reboot and I've already had enough trouble with people giving me crap about my story.

I don't put everything that comes across my plate in there.

Only things that are sure to be amusing for reasons unrelated to author intent.

  • Viewing 126 - 130 of 130
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