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Just a dude who writes mainly clop with some action and some GrimDark on the side. Also, If you don’t like futa, you may have a bad time here :P ;)


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Title says it all

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Yeah i was special events staff back in 2015. Wanted to do it again but never had the time or money to do so. And yeah flying can be a hastle, but if the airport is big enough there should be shuttles.

Yeah you worked at Ponyville Ciderfest? I hope to go to more conventions next year. Still iffy on whether or not I wanna take a plane. I’m fine with the preparations and reservations but not sure about finding a ride to and from the airport.

Gross, but glad there was some resolution. I've just been busy with work and life and stuff on my end.

Yeah I haven’t heard from ya in a while. Doing great aside from my original Discord account getting hacked. Had to get a new one.

Hey man finally getting around to catching up on alot of your works and rereading some of the old classic. I even remember making some shitty RPGMaker prototype with some Pinkamena sprites you sent. 2014 was a hell of a year and it's been too long, lot of words to catch up on. Hope you are doing well man, and I'm enjoying the newer stuff so far.

  • Viewing 991 - 995 of 995
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