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Just a dude who writes mainly clop with some action and some GrimDark on the side. Also, If you don’t like futa, you may have a bad time here :P ;)

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(May be delayed to June due to being hung up on Zecora's stupid rhymes!)


[LIVE] Dawn Of War II (with KittyLava) · 9:37pm Monday

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Thanks ^_^ Enjoy the binge!

Oh man, you're still writing? I'm so glad to see that, I used to love your fics like, 10 years ago. Going to go reread a bunch of them now!


Incidentally, I'm wanting to do a GTA/Saints Row inspired fic like yours, but in my case, I'm going for a cyberpunk sort of feel (inspired by GTA 2 and Saints Row IV). I'm planning to set it in the megalopolis of Everfree City - a sort of urban sprawl that extends all the way to the Crystal Mountains to the north and Appleloosa in the south).

It was on the original cover, too. Though I may change the cover again and use that pic elsewhere since those two are barely in the story and they never make out.

I did not immediately catch the Celestia + Luna makeout on the Ponytropolis cover. Niiice.

  • Viewing 981 - 985 of 985
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