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Just a dude who writes mainly clop with some action and some GrimDark on the side. Also, If you don’t like futa, you may have a bad time here :P ;)


Weekly Fic Update #1 · 5:17am November 20th

This list will probably change often, hence the WEEKLY UPDATE. The fics in italics are not the actual fic title.

Currently Working On:
- The Great Divide: Book I
- Futashy and You

Might Work On Soon:
- Respawn
- Autumn Blaze
- The Big One: The Tsundere Queen
- Pinkamena X
- The Goth, The Bat, The Hipster, And You

Might Work On Later:
- The Manehattan Project
- Crystal Starship
- Fillydelphia Freedom

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"Pinkamena X (2020)" Update :: Chapter 2 delay · 4:57am October 31st

Chapter 2 is not yet done, but almost, so I've published the fic with Chapter 1 done. When Chapter 2 is finished, I'll be releasing it along with Chapter 3.

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“Pinkamena X (2020)” Update · 8:08pm October 29th

The first three chapters should be ready by Halloween and shall be posted all at once. That should give a good idea at the new vision and new take on the original.

Some things will be different.................

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New "Pinkamena X (2020)" Cover · 2:47pm October 5th


"Pinkamena X (2020)" Update · 4:23am October 3rd

The chapters and story progression has been fully laid out. All that's left is the writing. Chapter 1 is almost done. The biggest announcement for this fic revival is that there will be slight changes to a couple plot points that will come into play later in the series. This is to make it flow better with a more focused narrative and will hopefully please new readers as well as old fans.


A Feature This Site Needs ASAP · 3:57pm September 30th

So, yeah... I feel like this site is missing an important feature to help shared universes and MCU-style series. What feature? Glad you asked, 'cause I'll tell you. The ability for one story to have multiple prequels. Right now a story can have multiple sequels, which is great, but only one prequel. I've tried inputting two story IDs separated by a comma but it always picks just the first ID. Can this be a thing at some point?

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What Should The Halloween Special Be? · 2:56am September 27th

I had a new fic idea and felt it would feel right at home for a Halloween release. So, I ask you all. Which one would you like to see this Halloween? Voting ends October 1.

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[PREVIEW] 2020 Halloween Special · 5:23am September 8th

Pinkamena stood in the basement of Sugarcube Corner, staring at a map of Ponyville hanging up on the wall. On the map was a ton of scribbles and X's and lines as the mare has been plotting behavior patterns of the Ponyville residents. There were circles to denote areas of high volume of visitors and a couple X's of ponies she'd murdered already. There were five thus far. The mare, herself, was wearing a black, sleeveless shirt and jeans.

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The Great Divide error · 8:05pm August 16th

Don’t know when or how but Chapter 3 of The Great Divide was published before it was finished. I’ll work on it quickly and get it done soon.

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Another Fic Idea. Bear With Me. · 3:40am July 23rd

To start things off, I just wanna say that I have NOT forgotten about all my other fics. However, for those who read my posts, you'll know that I upload whatever's in my mind. I like to put my ideas out there as soon as I think of it so I don't forget or lose interest. Plus, it allows others to provide feedback. So, YET ANOTHER fic is coming soon but I'm really enjoying this

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