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I has a Twitch account! · 12:04am Monday

I remembered my Twitch login!!!!

My username on there is the same as here, so keep an eye out for random streams.

Games I plan on streaming
- Undertale
- Warframe
- Final Fantasy 15
- Okami (when it comes out on PS4)
Along with whatever I have on PS4.

I'll be sure to put up a blog post to announce when I'm streaming too.

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Hey, thanks for the fav! :twilightsmile:
Praise on, Sunbro! \ [T]'/

It's a story I'll most likely go back to and read repeatedly with how good it is!

Thank you for adding A Diamond in the Rough to your favourites! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

I heard you helped with "Hot nights in canterlot high".

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