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What to say, what to say? Well I live in Utah, and I like Ponies, and Doctor Who, and Doctor Who combined with Ponies.


A translation finished and another new one. · 8:42am Sep 16th, 2020

So the Chinese translation of A Friend of the Night I mentioned a few posts ago got finished today. Find it here. It was quite a ride to follow it, even though all I could do was get a 'close enough' translation from Google Translate. It was interesting, seeing through post scripts and such, some of the difficulties that translating comes with. A few turns of phrase that I didn't even think twice on, such as "throwing the gauntlet" and multiple

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While my father was also into Doctor Who, I only ever really paid attention to it after ponies. The first Doctor Who-related content I actually encountered was a Ponies With Pockets Productions audio drama.

Okay, there was a popular animated version first, but I wasn't as impressed with that. Fun, but not amazing enough to get me into a different series. But I watched an audio one (that I did not realize was not only really far into the series, but was a crossover with another Doctor Who/MLP crossover). And it was great.

And then I watched Doctor Who. And then I came back and watched more pony crossover stuff. Read some fanfiction (which got me into fanfiction in general).

This has happened with an astonishing number of fandoms. About the only intellectual property that ponies have not been related to my involvement in some way is Undertale.

2415380 well, his version of chaos seemed a bit different. There are times when he is in character, but then there are moments like when he turned the mane 6 into stone, when he said he'd never do.

Maybe just a little. I think that story fell into the same trap that a lot of stories do, by making Discord a bit too overtly sadistic and scary, forgetting that legitimately scary though he was during his villain days, he was also fun. Though if I remember correctly Majestic Tale actually went back and did some rewrites to tone some of that down.

1637436 do you think discord was a bit ooc loc in the fanfic the majestic tale (of a mad pony in a box)?

I just put it together myself, using a few pieces of my own fanart and GIMP, then put it in a custom module.

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