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It's been a few weeks since Luna's returned from the moon, and all is not well. She's become more introverted than ever, rarely leaving her room and obsessing over work. Celestia hopes that studying Twilight Sparkle's Friendship Reports will at least help her get out of her shell, though an unusually talkative servant may just help in that regard...and is anypony else getting strange feelings from that statue out in the gardens?

As of May 4th, now featured on Equestria Daily. *Squee*

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I love Celestia's revenge prank! It's perfect.

Also, Luna! Yay! Luna stories are awesome.

Seeing as everyone assigns so much godlike power to the Sisters, why do so few writers consider the possibility of a pony afterlife... and that maybe Celestia and Luna are at least aware of it?

I don't know what I would do if :pinkiehappy: was staring at me as I woke up one day. I've been enjoying it so far, and Luna stories are always fun. I little quickly paced, but still fun. I wonder how Discord is going to play into this.

It is in fact something I've actually considered. However, even beyond the usual dramatic reasons of dealing with the Immortal's Curse (something I wasn't planning on putting in this story at all, really--and even though I added it in its far from the main point of the thing), their godlike status and abilities seem to be rather...specialized. Much like many other multi-god pantheons. Celestia controls the Sun and the Day, Luna the Moon and the Night. The two jobs are similar enough that one can do both, but I would imagine that Celestia wouldn't be as naturally good with the night sky as Luna and vice versa. That, coupled with presumably powerful magic for more common uses, would be the extent of their powers. My Luna, for example, is not a dream weaver as is popular in fan fiction. Is there a pony afterlife? I would assume so, actually. Is it ruled over by some Alicorn God of Death? Possibly--that'd make an interesting story, actually. But that isn't within the realm of Celestia's and Luna's capabilities, and I actually figure they've never heard of or met him themselves. Or something like that.

So, short answer, it's not that I haven't considered it. I just chose not to go that direction :pinkiehappy:

Upside down Furniture....CLASSIC:rainbowlaugh:


EqD brought me here :pinkiecrazy:

Luna fic?

EqD brought me here, and I must say, this is a wonderful story. Beneath all those BAM - Luna crashes them all or Action Pew Luna is so cool - stories, this is something, which really gave me some feels. No special things about princesses, who are almighty and gettin' things done, like other stories so far, this is a story about Luna brought back to her life as a princess, her fear after being gone for 1000 years and everyone knowing her just as "Nightmare Moon", so one can imagine, just how hard it must be for her being accepted now. And this is written just in the right way. I like how things are used, which were mentioned in the show, connected with fics. And it just fits. There were feelings, i had to laugh quite hard often and who dislikes a story about Luna finding a friend beneath her sister. They always seem to be just them two. Makes me feel they're so alone. But back to this. It's a calm story, no action and so on, really funny, awesome topic and all about my fav princess/pony Luna. So with this I just wanted to express my feelings towards your fic and I hope you will go on with it.

Whoah...dude! What if someone wrote a story with ponies being sent to the moon to give weather reports? Far out, maaann!

Anyway, loving the story so far!

That would be a pretty good place to give them from, actually. You could look down on Equestria from above and see what the weather looked like on a large scale, not just in one place.

only one word can describe this and that is awesome. :twilightsmile:

0 dislikes?

cruise control for cool bro.:rainbowlaugh:

Help Sugar heart get better soon. I want to see the pranking deities go at it some more!:trollestia:

i love the story so far

Aww, I am liking this story =)

I came for Discord, where is Discord? great story btw.

Patience, young grasshopper.

Nooooo Discord can't get involved now, Luna's still too fragile!

That was an evil and wonderful cliffhanger.

A cliffhanger
evil pure evil

I always love reading your stories

ooh. Can't wait to see what you do with discord.

I believe you mean chaos! :raritywink:

Hello! I got here via EqD a little while ago :3 I'm really enjoying the story~

Oh no! Why do all the fics I read end in cliffhangers every time?! XD

Discord, the Doctor, and Luna? ALL IN ONE STORY! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

4 in the morning? Still worth reading this.

O shit she back on the moon

Did Sugar Heart dive through after Luna? :pinkiegasp:

<checks tag list for Grim, Dark, or Explosive Decompression>

Phew! Still, I'm kind of concerned...

I love how he pulled a Chell on Luna there. Very well played Discord!

Still tho, sending Luna to the moon again? That so very, very low. Poor Woona..

Luna's nightmare here is just heartbreaking, especially when she wakes up and has almost hurt Sugar Heart. Simply heartbreaking.

That's a little dark, even for Discord. He didn't seem like the type to imprison others. Still, great chapter.

...and that's how Moonstuck was made! :twilightblush:


616265 Actually, I think he put her ON the moon, rather than IN it like the first time. I'm if she had the power, she could teleport back....she probably doesn't though....Hmmm....:applejackunsure:

By the great Old Ones! Not that desolated rock again! :applecry:

I love the portal gun reference :yay:

*achivement unlocked* - lunacy

Also. If this story had à grimdark tag then sugar would die next chapter. Thankfully, there is none.

Looking forward to the next chapter :D

I've seen a good explanation of this in another story. The name of it escapes me however. Something to do with twilight bringing Rainbow back from the dead.
Anyway it was suggested that the afterlife was outside the sisters domain and was being handled by another godly figure. And that there were sever consequences if they did anything beyond so much of mentioning the arrangement.

That is low, even for you Discord!:twilightangry2:

Blue and Orange

Nice reference there!

Also Gelatin is best defense

:flutterrage::twilightangry2::rainbowdetermined2::pinkiecrazy::applejackconfused::raritywink: Let's stone this bitch!

Let's hope that a certain non-immortal pony who had the gumption to dive through the portal after Luna is able to somehow survive on the moon's surface...or at least that Equestria's moon is somewhat habitable. Otherwise, things could get ugly. :twilightoops:

Portal 2 much?

ooo, you got me on pins and needles.

Weee, this is good! I'm :pinkiehappy:! Gonna read ALL the chapters!! Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!

Actually gelatin wall is kinda gruesome when you think about it... powdered bone slime and all that jazz. :rainbowderp: Also, many feels for Luna, but at least she won't be all alone this time. Thupped and fave'd, can't wait for the next part! Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!

To help assuage a few fears: don't worry, Luna's not gonna find a decompressed green corpse on the moon. How mean do you think I am? Considering that I'm writing a fic about magic talking ponies, I think it's not too much of a stretch to figure they can breathe up there. That's not to say Sugar Heart is going to escape the next chapter entirely unscathed, but the things I subject her to will be within the same general ballpark as what could be expected from the Return of Harmony episode itself.

Let's just assume that Equestrian gelatin is made differently from real world gelatin :raritywink:

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