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Hi! I'm Lurks-no-More: a pony writer, RPG player, SF and fantasy fan, and a general nerd. I hope you enjoy my stories!


It's Luna's first morning in Canterlot, and she's having trouble getting sleep. Maybe her sister has something to help...?

This was inspired by a picture by C4tspajamas, available here.

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Comments ( 91 )

i came here because luna is my favorite. awesome story dude. IT IS 20% COOLER :rainbowkiss:

Damn!!! This is so cute, and so sweet!!!

have a five-star!


Oh my Celestia.
I read it again and shed tears:raritycry:

I love these small, cute, everyday moments. :scootangel:

Short and sweet.

5/5 !

I think the other Luna adjustment fic I read and liked was 15k (maybe more) words and resulted in Luna committing suicide after getting attacked by sun spiders (Bit of a polar turn..) and written by a master.

Good job.

This was amazing. :twilightsmile:

I feel all warm inside now.:rainbowkiss:

What a sweet story! :twilightsmile: It was really kind of Celestia to share something that meant so much to her with her sister. And it was adorable how the doll was fashioned after the very pony. ^ ^

I've been reading so much depressing fiction lately and this was a refreshing break from that. :twilightsmile:

this replaced the annoyance and frustration in my mind with a nice warm feeling in my heart. So thank you kindly

nice story please make more :twilightsmile:

That's cute. It's vaguely amusing that Princess Celestia has been sleeping with a plush version of Luna for the last ~983 years. Over all this seems like pretty good writing, at some point in this story it might be interesting to know what modern ponies think of Luna and some reflection on what major things have happened in the last thousand years. Wonder what Canterlot was like when Luna was banished, sounds like a potentially interesting fanfic, anyone know of any?

One of these days, I think I'm just going to sit around patching together bits of fanfic that I like until it somewhat resembles a very long chunk of story.

Cute story I want more of this

You should follow up with a short story based on the 900 year old tale of how Celestia had longed to be with her dear sister once more, to the point which, even after all advisers, therapists, doctors and subjects had tried to help her, only a gift from a young pony with a bit of crafting skill... only a bit really... gave her a stuffed toy, in hopes it would help. A filly's gift, a youthful idea, a toy companion, innocent and naive... but that is why it genuinely helped. A filly's gift, though not refined, it was earnest and true, a simple wish of happiness on her beloved princess and role model.

Not an idle suggestion, actually, I would very much like to see the story behind it. Call it a request perhaps. In my entire life, this is the first time I've ever requested a story, and I have enjoyed many a thing, and thought many a thing should be given more content... and this is the first time I've ever considered asking for more.

I give your short and sweet fic, a simple and honest 5/5.

So cute. Nice stories are nice before sleep. It's a step up from those euology stories about the death of the Elements of Harmony. I mean seriously, fast forward 100 years on any character and anyone will mourn the death of their favorite fictional character. I was actually sad the the Princess could not remember the name of someone who she was close to 900 years ago. It doesn't make her bad, just the fact that noone else remembers her except the Celestia and she could only remember her face. That's life I guess lol

Anyway, nice story. Do more Luna! :twilightblush:

Nice story
my favorite part wa...

All I can do is awww at a short but well written piece of fiction.

Comment posted by LizardlyStinker deleted Dec 7th, 2018


Is not the way to react to this story XD

I giveit a 5-star for being touching and a watching for it being...Somewhat lesbian XD

I think I just made an embarrassing squeaking sound.

*cough* Excuse me.

D'aww! I believe you have given new meaning to the phrase "Short and Sweet" in this particular piece. Congratulations, it was wonderful.

Solar spiders? :rainbowhuh: Nah, this is not that kind of a story.

Thank you! You will; I've got a backlog of stories I'm going to post here, bit by bit.

That is something I've long wanted to write, but I haven't quite gotten there, for various reasons. It's something I will keep in mind for the future, certainly.

All in all, thank you, everypony! Glad that you enjoyed this story; it was fun to write, as well.

im gonna hug my luna plushie and cry now.......

Dat ending man. Short and sweet.

Now I need to invest in a Luna or Twi plush to sleep with when Im alone, which is all the time (man, I need a girl friend).

I remember this little tale. Wow, I must've read this one a loooo-oong time ago. Was it, by coincidence, for a Friendoff?


I think so, yes. It's been a while, hasn't it?

So much sympathy for Celly :pinkiesad2:

She missed her sister so much...I might cry if this wasn't such an adorable story.

ASDFHG Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
That was so freaking cute. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

i only have 1 problem
"celly" and "luny"?
i prefer "tia" and "lulu"
thats is all


189014 i think its called lunacy very good yet disturbing fic

189676 best suicide fic ever written, and my favorite character progression.

This is way too adorable...

"So if I am reading these expense accounts correctly, Princess Celestia spends about five percent of the total annual budget for all of Equestria to keep the greatest toy makers in the world on retainer. Am I reading something wrong here."

"No, that is correct."

"And the entire reason for hiring these dozen master craftsman is solely to maintain one stuffed animal."


"This is ridiculous! The budget could be better spent elsewhere!"

"OK fine then. You be the one to tell Celestia that the doll of her sister that has kept her company and protected her sanity for the last nine hundred and eighty-three years of her life shouldn't have this level of budget. Or perhaps you'd like to tell her that the toys creator should not have been immortalized in mural in the Painted Hallway next to the likes of Starswirl the Bearded, Fyrfly, the Elements of Harmony, or the Downfall of Discord?"

".....as I was saying there is no problem whatsoever with the budget for the upcoming year."

"I'm sure Celestia will be glad to hear it."

You very well detailed this story- a short piece of work. Oh, if I could write my stories like you. Short, detailed, valued by others. Give me a hint how to attract my new stories! Awesome, by the way.] :derpytongue2:

It's so sweet and cute. At first I thought it would be an incestious clopfic but this is much better, and I could see it as part of a real MLP episode.

Oh yeah, I remember that one. "Lunacy", I think it was called.
The entire time I was just thinking at her, "You have delusional parisitosis, go see a psychiatrist. Either your magic is acting up or you're going insane," and by the end, "You are insane, you need serious help, GO SEE A FREAKING PSYCHIATRIST!!!" And then she committed suicide, undoubtedly sending Princess Celestia into a deep depression.

Luna is best subject.

I need an MLP plush... Very badly. Perhaps a life-sized Rainbow Dash or Derpy would be nice... :ajsmug:

I keep attempting huge stories for my first projects. I've tried writing again and again on fimfiction, and I'm constantly reminded by stories like this that I don't need 50,000 pages to paint a beautiful idea in the mind of my readers.

Thank you, Lurks-no-more. You made my night, and it's rather odd: My bedspread is a bunch of stars and moons... I might be a Luna fan yet! :rainbowkiss:

Dawww.... ;w; What a cute story

That's why I love this fandom, for stories like this that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.:twilightsmile:

I tip may hat to you my good brony and wish you best of luck in your future endeavors.

Amazing, I loved every bit of it. Every intricacy of details wasn't spared :twilightsmile:

192242 It was a good story! And polar opposites to this one, which is also a good story!

192350 I think Hasbro would be reluctant to make MLP plushes because they would be converted into sex toys very quickly and they want to keep the voice-actors from living in fear of being raped.
Especially since Bad Dragon has a couple of horse toys...

:twilightsmile: Yes! Short and sweet! I agree with Sciver 120%! You just left yourself a great opening for another follow-up story! 5 stars and tracking.

Screw spring beds i hate them to.

That was so sweet of Celly :twilightsmile:

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