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If you recently lost a fave from me it was because the story was moved to a different shelf in the new program. When tracking was removed from the site all tracked stories were added to favorites and I continued to treat it as tracking. I faved anything I wanted to be able to find latter. With the new bookshelf system I'm sorting my favorites down to my most loved and creating a bunch of new shelves that will make rereading older stories much easier.

Favorites went from 1400 to 60 :pinkiecrazy:

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Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

Thank you for favoriting Twilight Sparkle Pierces The Heavens!

Thanks for the fave. :twilightsmile: I look forward to your feedback.

Parents sure can be stressful. Especially if they're completely bat-wing insane!
Still, I'm glad we had this little talk. It was... interesting.

Thank you very much for the favourite and the support of this silly story, and I hope we can have a few more talks in the future.


- KR

Thanks for the favs:twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 33 - 37 of 37
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