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Salt Lake Comic Con! · 3:10pm Sep 6th, 2013

Hey all! I will be working a booth at Comic Con for Cedar Fort*. I'm going to be right under the big 900 sign. I'll be the statuesque bald guy with the intimidatingly snappy beard dressed as Nabi from There She Is!!!**

If any of you are in town and would like to see me or heckle or brohoof or ask how the next chapter is coming, stop by the booth between 1:30pm-4:30pm today (Friday), or 8:30am-12:30pm Saturday.

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But he isn't dead, is he?

Rest in rip Blue Print.

This is unfair! I wanted to write story about human who don't want to emigrate to Equestria too... But I read your story... It's wonderful! To favorites!

[Because of the update, I cannot see when the last time you logged in.]
[I really hope you are not dead (metaphorically or literally).]



*Poke poke*

Wake uuuuuup!

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