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A very salty gamer when I want to be.


Make 1 story: [X]
Make 5 stories: []
Make 10 stories: []
Make 20 stories: []
Get a follower: [X]
Get ten followers: [X]
Get 50 followers: []
Get 100 followers: []
Get 100 story views: [X]
Get 500 story views: []
Get 1000 story views: []
Get 5000 story views: []
Write a story for a competition: []
Make a group: []
Find Waldo: [X]

Stories I want to write:
-RvB: Equestria Gulch Chronicles
-RvB: Freelancers in Equestria or RvB: Resurrection
-RvB: What Happened to Agent Georgia?
-RvB: What Happened to Frank Dufresne (Doc)?
-RvB: Freelancers in Equestria
-Ponylands 2
-My Little Pony: Win, Lose, and Kaboom!
-G-Mod: Hide and Seek
-The Lost History of Heroes
-Ahuizotl's Most Loyal Friend

Stories I want to rewrite and improve:
-PlanetSide2 Discovers Friendship

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Changed my name to Sifto Ice Salts.

Thanks so much for the Watch! I really, really appreciate it and I hope I can keep doing my best to deserve it!:twilightsmile:

1913000 You're welcome, and me and my sister are 17 right now. :twilightsmile:

[Thank you!]
[Sorry for the late response, I was out and didn't check out fimfiction until now.]
[I am now 19!]

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