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Hello! I am Ceehoff, and as you see, I'm the author of "Equestria's First Human". Welcome to my FimFiction page! Here, you can read the other stories I have written other than EFH. Enjoy your stay!


(The Redone Version) (EFH has it's own TV Tropes page! Thanks to redandready45! )

A human has been teleported to Equestria after a lightning bolt struck him. The ponies of Ponyville had never seen anything like him before. Full of fear and uncertainty, all of Ponyville, except for the Mane 6 and Spike, avoided him. The human, with the help of the Mane 6, must earn Ponyville's friendship before a way back home is found.

Rated Teen for some language and mild peril.

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Entertaining. I shall wait for more patiently. MOAR. SOON.

I really enjoy your pics in deviantart and I'm really liking the story as well! Hope to see an update soon!


I already love it. :pinkiehappy:




my name was used in this story, I will read this later. :scootangel:

I laughed so hard at Canada thing:twilightsmile:
Keep at it plz

276222 Haha of all the countries, I had to poke fun at Canada :pinkiehappy::rainbow laugh:

I'm glad

I sighed and rolled my eyes when I read the description but as I read I realised it was actually good. Well done sir, keep it up :twilightsmile:

I'm loving this already! :twilightsmile:

pretty good first chapter, you've got some good characterization going on! Looking forward to the next chapter; tracking! :pinkiehappy:

On a secondary note, I really hope you are planning on using Joshua and the other humans later in the story. To me at least, they added some good depth.

:rainbowlaugh: Dick Small! :rainbowlaugh:
Anyways I can't wait to see more chapters! :pinkiesmile:

I'm Canadian and I find this hilarious!:rainbowlaugh:

my swim team captain's name is Connor, so I'm reading all of Connor's lines in his voice. So far, it's working pretty well. They're both pretty chill guys. I look forward to seeing where you go with this. I like the idea of Connor and Spike being bros.:moustache:

That awkward moment when you find out a creature you never knew existed can talk.
Awkwardness level: OVER 9000!!!

Dick small probably has a... You know... Just sayin'. :D

Hey, I'm Canadian... Soooo....


Best country on earth, baby.

Anyone who hates sparkly vampires is OK in my book.

umm did u have another story just like this, yesterday. soo im gonna untrack that one

interesting, interesting, oh and

AWSOME! SO tracking this.
and... VISUAL VERTION?!?!?

Love it! Can't wait to see where this goes. :pinkiehappy:

276517 Yes, the first one was just a preview. This is the real deal.

276704 Still trying to finish it. I can't get one stinking image on here. It will have to be on Google Documents.

Very good please make more this story has such potential,

276159 Im sorry. But i will never be able to forgive Canada, however fun to say their name is, for what they did. Not until Bieber is a corpse lying in a ditch.

I like it so far. Conner's reactions are pretty choice, the pacing seems just right, and the dialogue flows nicely.
Also, props to you, Ceehoff. This is the first HiE story I've come across where Spike was the human's first contact. Most authors take either the Twilight or the Fluttershy route. Spike never seems to get enough love.
I'm certainly tracking this one. :twilightsmile:

276728 Heeeeeeeeeell yeah. :moustache:

CANADA FOR THE BACON. Cause' nobody makes it better.

Just uh... Don't ask what's in Pinkie's cupcakes, got it Connor?:pinkiecrazy:

Let's see: A unique way to get into Equestria, original names, in-depth characters, AND humor!?!?
There are no words to describe how I fell for this story except for:


I've seen at least two other stories where the human reaches Equestria via lightning.
Original names? Huh?

Also the picture at the top is broken from here. I will watch and see where this goes.

276880 And for THE LOVE OF GOD!!! DO NOT read the books under Twilight Sparkle's bed.
She takes her first name waaaay to seriously. Oh, one more thing...
Do not go in Fluttershy's shed. EVER. Unless you have a set of medeival armor, a solar-powered mega death ray and a platoon of cyborg attack squirrels. And THEN, you should really give Chuckles a call before the fit hits the shan. THE FIT WILL HIT THE SHAN, CONNOR. SHAN FIT EVERYWHERE.

What I mean by original transport, is that it hasn't been done to death and this is the only HiE fic with lightning as a transport.
The names are pretty original compared to other stories, most of them having a name like Jim or something to that extent, but the bullies do have cool names.

276801Well, either THAT, or until he's bludgeoned to death by a shark being wielded by a gorrila like a Keyblade.

I have to agree with most of the above. thats is all:moustache:

276900 Siggghhhh.... yet they are total douchbags :trixieshiftright: :facehoof:

Oh ma gawd. Oh ma gawd. OH MA GAWD! TRACKING And Hoof Up. :pinkiehappy:

Not bad. Moving kind of quickly though. This has great potential! Keep up the good work.

276962 Mustn't ramble on, though :eeyup:

Well...I'm always a bit dubious about HiE stories, but this one was quite enjoyable. Bravo my good author. I will agree with Master Specter that the story seems a bit fast, but it does not deteriorate from the quality overall.

OOOOOH, i love it, very good :pinkiehappy: definitely following this, i wanna see where it goes :yay:

Very well done. I usually avoid this, but once again you've proven that a lot of the writers in this fandom are fantastic. You write well and certain have a good sense of humor. Little things could be worked on, but nothing in serious need of mention.


Compared to some of the fics I've read this moves at a good speed god I've had ones approach warp speed

You can do what I did for posting images. Submit them to DA then copy the image's url then use the picture button... It should look like a photo and if done right should end up like...
media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m062ixi7f31r1ecjs.jpg so. Ah yes enjoy this can of Squee my friend.

As a Canadian I found he Canada bits to be The. Best. Possible. THING! :raritystarry: Canadacanadacanadacanada! :rainbowlaugh:

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