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Flynt Coal

Cool guy extraordinaire. Writer. Storyteller. Shockingly Canadian.

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A Brief Biography

I am Flynt Coal: cool guy extraordinaire. Definitely not some loser in a dumb hat! I'm a Private Investigator with my own soda brand: Flynt Cola. My arch-nemesis is Max Black.

... Okay really, I'm a product of the minds at Achievement Hunter.

I'm actually a Canadian who works in the film/television industry. I'm a fan of video games and all things Rooster Teeth. I aspire to write professionally for film or television and also write more novel-ish things on the side.

And ponies. Let's not forget that.


The future of the Berylverse · 8:22pm January 28th

I know that many of you follow me for my Rooster Teeth related crossovers, but I haven't forgotten those of you who follow me for my involvement in the collaborative "Berylverse" project between myself, Shinzakura, and BlueBastard. Because it's been a while since any of us really sat down and went over the plans for the series beyond it's current latest instalment,

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Oh, I haven't given up on Gangs and Monsters, not by a long shot. I already have at least half of the next chapter written, but things have been a little slow going both thanks to a new job and other writing projects that have taken my attention of late, but I intend to finish GaM one way or another.

Just asking but are you still, writing gangs and monsters because I want there to be successful achievement hunter stories and that story Is a one of a kind

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2252233 No, didn't make it this year unfortunately. I had planned to go with one of my buddies but he injured his back and was completely unable to travel. Looked like a lot of fun tho from what I watched

So, did you make it to RTX this year? If I wasn't such an old fart and understood computers better I should have PM'd you when I got to Austin. I had a great time for my first ever convention.

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