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Cool guy extraordinaire. Writer. Storyteller. Shockingly Canadian.

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  • Lost and Found AJ and FS are lost, trying to get home. Meanwhile Dash struggles to understand what FS means to her. by Cloudy Skies 168,377 words · 9,314 views · 861 likes · 17 dislikes
  • Pony Gear Solid Solid Snake teams up with ponies to save Equestria. This will not be a good week for him. by Posh 277,064 words · 7,502 views · 368 likes · 7 dislikes
  • All-American Girl A pony raised amongst humans finds out about her birth mother - Rarity. by Shinzakura 435,294 words · 28,631 views · 1,049 likes · 140 dislikes
  • Background Pony "My name's Lyra Heartstrings, but you won't remember anything. Listen to my symphony, for it by shortskirtsandexplosions 432,377 words · 84,611 views · 6,071 likes · 219 dislikes
  • The Lunar Rebellion One hundred years after Luna’s banishment, unrest among the three pony tribes threatens to plunge Equestria into civil war. by Chengar Qordath 531,519 words · 12,122 views · 843 likes · 42 dislikes

A Brief Biography

I am Flynt Coal: cool guy extraordinaire. Definitely not some loser in a dumb hat! I'm a Private Investigator with my own soda brand: Flynt Cola. My arch-nemesis is Max Black.

... Okay really, I'm a product of the minds at Achievement Hunter.

I'm actually a Canadian who works in the film/television industry. I'm a fan of video games and all things Rooster Teeth. I aspire to write professionally for film or television and also write more novel-ish things on the side.

And ponies. Let's not forget that.


Go see the movie · 11:36pm October 9th

I went into My Little Pony: The Movie today with the expectation that it would just be "a'ight". It was so much more than just a'ight.

Go see it if you can. This movie needs (and deserves) all the support we can give it!

Also we may have a new contender for the title of Best Pony

I Against I, Me Against You

  • I Against I, Me Against You Twilight is teleported to Blood Gulch Canyon after meddling with a ship that crash landed in Equestria. She must enlist the help of the local red and blue soldiers to get home while unraveling a dark conspiracy linking her world to a shadowy agency. by Flynt Coal 388,255 words · 13,976 views · 1,111 likes · 60 dislikes
  • A Widow's Search In the wake of her ex-husband's death, one mare must come to terms with her guilt as she attempts to find the truth about his death. Could bipedal creatures from the stars really be involved somehow? by Flynt Coal 21,333 words · 503 views · 46 likes · 2 dislikes

Collaborative Works

  • The Long Arm The Sheriff of Dodge Junction gets pulled into the investigation of two murders at the hands of human hunters, where he must deal with duplicitous government agencies and come to terms with his morals. by Flynt Coal 12,437 words · 485 views · 36 likes · 5 dislikes
  • 7DSJ: How Great the Outcry Raspberry Beryl returns to her hometown to find it plagued by mysterious events. She must discover what's really going on while facing the shadows of her past. by Flynt Coal 18,656 words · 657 views · 44 likes · 3 dislikes

Tales Touched by Coal

  • Seven Days in Sunny June, Book II Sunset Shimmer's return to Equestria has her seeking to stop whatever it is causing her foster sister nightmares across the boundaries of two realities. But the challenges she faces will test her ability to handle the consequences of her past by BlueBastard 88,544 words · 2,998 views · 231 likes · 13 dislikes
  • Seven Days in Sunny June: Innocence Lost Sweet Pea has had it hard from the beginning of her life, but now, Living in San Francisco, things are starting to look up. She's got a great friend, wonderful family, and the chance at a real life instead of that of a street walker. by FlashFrame 36,164 words · 367 views · 20 likes · 5 dislikes
  • All-American Girl A pony raised amongst humans finds out about her birth mother - Rarity. by Shinzakura 435,294 words · 28,631 views · 1,049 likes · 140 dislikes
  • A Time of Reckoning: Seven Days in Sunny June, Book IV The end of the Seven Days in Sunny June saga: Sunset Shimmer faces her biggest challenges, among them the return of HUMAN Sunset Shimmer! And yet things can - and WILL - get worse... by Shinzakura 356,255 words · 1,373 views · 125 likes · 22 dislikes
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Oh, I haven't given up on Gangs and Monsters, not by a long shot. I already have at least half of the next chapter written, but things have been a little slow going both thanks to a new job and other writing projects that have taken my attention of late, but I intend to finish GaM one way or another.

Just asking but are you still, writing gangs and monsters because I want there to be successful achievement hunter stories and that story Is a one of a kind

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2252233 No, didn't make it this year unfortunately. I had planned to go with one of my buddies but he injured his back and was completely unable to travel. Looked like a lot of fun tho from what I watched

So, did you make it to RTX this year? If I wasn't such an old fart and understood computers better I should have PM'd you when I got to Austin. I had a great time for my first ever convention.

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