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Flynt Coal

Cool guy extraordinaire. Writer. Storyteller. Shockingly Canadian.

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A Brief Biography

I am Flynt Coal: cool guy extraordinaire. Definitely not some loser in a dumb hat! I'm a Private Investigator with my own soda brand: Flynt Cola. My arch-nemesis is Max Black.

... Okay really, I'm a product of the minds at Achievement Hunter.

I'm actually a Canadian who works in the film/television industry. I'm a fan of video games and all things Rooster Teeth. I aspire to write professionally for film or television and also write more novel-ish things on the side.

And ponies. Let's not forget that.


BUGHORSE NEWS · 12:35am April 21st

Yes, I bring good news of Chrysalis story. I have finished the first draft of the next chapter and the editing team has already made a first pass on it. There's still a lot to do to polish it, but I'm hopeful that I can have it up and ready for your hungry eyes in one week. Keep a lookout!

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That's how it looks, yeah.

We don't. The obvious trolling is getting old now. Keep it up and I'll block you too.

Unfortunately her mom doesn't attend highschool

Someone has to fill the role, might as well be her

Thankyou coal I may just try to read paint the skies and see what happens stay safe out there

  • Viewing 79 - 83 of 83
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