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This story is a sequel to The Golden Age of Apocalypse, Book II: Synchronicity

It's been a long journey, filled with adventure and obstacles, new allies and enemies. The worldview of Equestria and Equus itself has been radically shaken as the existence of humans - and Sunset Shimmer's presence among them - is made public.

However, Equestria has managed to weather the storm, comparatively mild when put up against the war with Tirek and the brutal Winter of Aftermath that followed. The crowning of another alicorn princess, the very daughter of Princess Celestia herself, will mark the true rallying point for Equestria's rebuilding.

But behind the scenes, trouble still lurks. Of Sombra's alleged successors; the Scions, only three are known - the fourth remains a mystery. Enemies within and without wait for their turn to strike. And a terrible secret buried at the heart of it all will throw the understanding of the very history of Equestria itself into question.

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The end begins, and the begins end.

An interesting start. Makes me wonder just how many metaphorical toes Sunset stepped on before she went through the mirror. As for the Covenant, somehow I doubt they’ll get what they want even if they do manage to succeed.

I'm curious what Skystreak with Sunny is.


Look, we're already dealing with Pinkieset, we can't ship Sunset off with other characters! We get enough crap for NOT shipping SunLight!

I'm not sure Pinkie would take it well:pinkiecrazy:

I was actually thinking Sunny might be her “Stupid mother”. Then again, I’ve read again, and it was ambiguous enough to likely being wrong

Keep in mind that Sunset and Skystreak are approximately the same age.

Not to mention that Sunset's dam's name is Rising Star.

Thought Sunny was in her 30s before she went two legs bad. but still, Skystreak shouldn’t be younger than 20. Too little of an age gap for Sunny being her mother

"Two legs bad"

I don't think we've gone full Animal Farm.


I just thought it fit since Sunny was bad back then :scootangel:

I'm impressed you managed to give some meaning to my nonsense comment. And I believe Blue was just poking fun at the new sentence that emerged when Reshiram Zekrom accidentally a word in their comment.

I feel bad for Blue Blood, but I'm also most interested in what is going to happen with him. With Lyra bringing Pony Vinyl as well, this has one heck of a disaster written all over it.

Hope Sunset can snap out of it, I understand her feelings of worry and guilt, but it really wasn't her fault. I want to feel bad for Pinky, but I can't. She has ticked me off to much leading up to this, so all I've got for her at the moment is apathy.

No NOT trust that pony Twi just talked too, something about that whole conversation about how Ponies are breeding the snake out of a people and making them "one of us" that rubbed me the wrong way. Between stuff like that and the Long Winter, I can see all kinds of people falling into Sombra's mad cult. Sombra himself is a monster, but honeyed words, fear and desperation can make people do all kinds of stupid things.

On that last part, I will say that the scene between Twi and the Hoof was added mainly to integrate new canon introduced in The Swordmaiden. We didn't want that story to feel completely cut off and isolated from the events of the main series, so that scene was added to show that Swordmaiden does, in fact, have an impact on the worldbuilding.

What will happen with the Fixer?

I'm working on it. Just want to build up a decent buffer of chapters so I can resume weekly updates. I'm projecting an end of January release for the next chapter!

Excellent chapter, as always.

However, beyond the predicable tension between Razz and Adagio (and you go, Razz, for finally laying things on the line with her!), methinks that this:

“Hey, what up, ponies?” suddenly came a disturbingly familiar voice. Tavi snapped her head toward the back stage door and in walked an off-white unicorn wearing a pair of fancy sunglasses and a two-tone blue mane with loud, pronounced electric blue streaks.

“Ah, yeah, DJ P0N3 in da house!”

does not bode well for anyone.

Crap. I did not know till now that part III had started up.

....that last line is how we get unexpected sunroofs in buildings.

Same. I only found my way here after checking old comments on part two, spurred on by "Meanwhile" updating. :applejackconfused:

I prefer Gandalf's version: "We're beginning at the ending. And it ends at a beginning." :trollestia:

Chrysalis have probably makes a partnership with the Covenant of Shadows and the coronation of Sunset Shimmers will be a giant fight with the army of changeling and Covenants of Shadows against probably the royal guard and the equestrian army with the Sirens. But the only things I'm unsure is where will be the one of Mandible or she will be alone.

Wouldn't that require Chrysalis to play well with others, though? That is definitely not her strong suit.

The scarred, mustached stallion simply spread his forelegs and said, “I’m just a barkeep with faith in our destiny, Razz!”

Razz turned and headed towards her next task with an amused smile. It really does take all sorts….

She Knew:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

And I’m officially caught up with this story!

Sure she can do it like in season 9 but I think this alliance can't last very long. Or She was spying the dance and have steal the love from Sunset Shimmer and known something that we don't know at this time but probably important for return at the hive with so much love.

I have a question. Why Razz have not discover Octavia is the fourth scions cause she probably know about her double personality and she's the descending of Sombra via Sunset and the book of the broken rose with the ancestor of Ocavia.

But I think she will fastly know when Melody will appear during the coronation at the same time of the sect.

I also love the way the fixer's story have been introduced at this time and makes a connection with the 2 stories.

I’m pretty sure I mentioned this at some point earlier, but Melody is the fourth scion on account of Musica Allegra being her ancestor who was likely pregnant from Sombra when she wound up on earth.

Much like Minty still being alive in AAG :ajsmug:

Glad to see some nobles haven't changed. Things don't go there way, it must be a conspiracy. Let's have a civil war!

We either get everything we want, or we will be dead, win, win, right?

It's the last story for The Golden Age of Apocalypse (phase 3 of our little cinematic universe). But there will be more coming for the Berylverse at large. There's still a lot of unresolved plot threads on the human side of the 'verse, and there may be more yet to come for the pony side after this installment...

As the others have said, we'll be here for a while

Is this story will the end of the whole Sombra's Sect and the scions or it will continue after the Book 3?

The chapter is good as always but I don't understand when Razz say ” Especially since all evidence is suggesting you’re the fourth Scion, Sunny! because it's maybe me but I don't seen them. For me It's more evident it's Octavia for the Scion of the darkness.

Excellent chapter as always, hun!
Oh, and as to this:

And it’s not some magical girl stuff where we have powers because we’re wearing magical, color-coded geode necklaces or whatever

I see what you did there.:raritywink:

Well there is the fact that the fourth Scion's ancestor had the name Shimmer...

Ah I have probably miss that part. Thanks

Big story like this it's possible I've missed other hints, but yeah, all signs point to Octy, or more specifically Melody, as being the 4th.

Um...Octy (pony Octavia) and Melody (Tavi’s alterego) aren’t exactly related. So not sure where you’re going with this. :unsuresweetie:

At the end of the book of the broken rose ( from the Golden Age of The Apocalypse 1 ) we know that La Musica escaped but we don't know how but we can probably think that she escaped in the dark portal and with the information we got from Seven Days in Sunny June Book 1 Sunset learn that Octavia she's one's descendant of La Musica. Musica was probably pregnant from Sombra and if I remember correctly Octavia is from the first born of her. So we can probably think that her alter ego Melody is the 4th Scion but not Sunset like Razz think. Also I don't think it's for nothing we have see her appeared the previous chapter and seems more dangereous than never.

Given the amount of duplicate characters I mixed up which one had which nickname, so sue me. But it should be obvious from context I meant the human one. Unless you're saying pony Octavia also has a split personality/merged twin that's also named Melody?

Well, given that we have six Octavias running around, three of which are seen and four mentioned, you tell me. :trollestia:

Sure you are right this is not confirmed but seriously it would be for me a real turnaround if it would not be Melody. But if BlueBastard do it, this will be probably for me surprising and unexpected and I'm sure it will great. Because in the absolute the question of who is the fourth Scion have been ask since a while now and I think it will be resolve soon as a lot of other one.

Damn it the butterflies are here, run for your life.:raritydespair:

Me- *Screaming internally because one of the equestrian sirens (Hooves) went dark side* What in the holy hayseed! This siren gonna be on a lot of ponies/people's bad side... is this one of the sombra cult's inside ponies...

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