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This story is a sequel to Golden Age of Apocalypse - Book III: Legacies

Cover art drawn by DreamingKitty

Centuries ago, Chrysalis was the daughter of a nobleman in Italy. Then, she was the slave of a tyrant in Equestria. After that, she was the queen of the changelings. Then she was no one; a broken soul waiting to die. And then... she was saved.

Now, Chrysalis is no more than the child she always was, before fate and the whims of monsters stole her innocence. Now, Chrysalis has a family, and a new lease on life. She lives in the care of Celestia, the human counterpart to one of her oldest enemies in Equestria. The very same caring woman who pulled her from the depths of despair after her final defeat as Queen Chrysalis. What's more, her life is about to take another drastic turn: she's starting school at Canterlot High.

For one who has seen and suffered as much as Chrysalis, high school should be a breeze. However, it comes with its own set of challenges. New friends, new enemies, and more homework than she can blast with changeling magic! But more challenging still are the old demons still festering in the depths of her heart and mind. If Chrysalis has any hope of truly starting life anew, she'll have to put those demons to rest once and for all. And what better way to do so than with the love and support of family and friends?

Chrysalis always needed love to survive, after all.

Part of the Berylverse, a collaboration with Shinzakura and BlueBastard

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Okay, so this looks awesome. Question: since this story's apparently part of a mutli-author universe, is there a reading order I can find somewhere?

Edit: My bad, totally missed the Timeline link at the end of the description. ^_^;

Yep, and don't worry, I know that huge backlog of stories (totaling at around 2 and a half million words) is very intimidating. If you're interested in getting into our truly wild universe, I recommend starting with 7DSJ Book 1 and if you like what you see, you can either keep going with Book 2, 3 and so on, or just go wild hog on the entire thing using that handy timeline in the description. Happy reading! :pinkiehappy:

I'm the kinda guy who goes all-out, so I'll start from the beginning. =)

Yay! Missed these stories - so happy! :pinkiehappy:

Yaaass, thank you so much! :twilightsmile:

Hmm. Chrysalis with those three instead of the CMC’s. I’m sure that won’t cause problems or backfire in some way.

All the same this is a great story and a welcome addition to the ever expanding world your group are crafting and refining.:twilightsmile:

Oh boy. Chrysalis with Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, and Cozy Glow. That could spell trouble. I hope the former Changeling Queen doesn't hang with those three mean girls for long.

Chrys getting friendly with Cozy Glow, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon could make some trouble later but I'm happy she find some friends even if they are not the best.

You're assuming they're friends and not a Heather clique.

Translator's Note: Heather means bitch

10717607 Wow, really?
One of our neighbors has the name Heather, and she's super nice.

It's a joke about a meme, don't worry about it.

It didn't takes long for her friends to makes trouble for Chrysalide

I feel like Sable is in the wrong here, like you have an abused teenager who didn’t even do anything in the fight, except stop the other party, and you’re blaming her for it

Probably true, but Sable doesn't know exactly what happened. All he knows is a fight occurred involving his charge, someone with a well-established history of antagonizing others

General attitude of Chrysalis now that she's done with Diamond and her ilk:

10759643 Yup.

And I've always loved that commercial, fyi.

Pictured: Chrysalis's POV of her last conversation with Diamond Tiara before leaving her


Some kind of what, Diamond? A vampire? Get real! Even so, she couldn’t shake the image.

Sure let’s go with that that’s easier to explain

“Chrysalis! That crazy bitch has a secret, and I’m going to use every connection at my disposal to find out what it is and ruin her! ” Diamond grinned. “Starting today, I’m making her my special project!”

Some bitch gonna die maybe

Chrysalis can probably have the best costumes every created with her power.

Don't worry about it we all have some personal issues.

RIP Coco but I guess Chryssie will beat the ass out of the slaver and save her.

holy hell i FINALLY got to this point! i read the entire saga, from hairy problem all the way to this, now to start on this entry...

You are being of dedication, commitment and sheer fucking will. Read to your heart's content!

i assume the next update is being problematic in some way?

More like real life responsibilities are being problematic by stealing all of my free time, but I'm still working on it

Things are about to get dark...

About to......?!

It wasn't already enough dark? :fluttershbad:. Really like the little story of the previous Queen Chrysalis that we once seen a long time ago without knowing who he was.

So much to process after a long while. Eagerly waiting for the next chapter.

Whelp. Time to set up the bingo cards for what may happen.

This chapter was really good. All of the villain in this universe are really well made and an complicated characters, from Sable Loam to now Diamond Tiara they are all doig well what they are supposed to be. Sombra, Sable Loam, Mangle-leg, Human Blueblood, Human Flash Sentry, Melody, Divine Right?? are some the villains I hated the most I ever encountered in any media while Chrysalis has probably the most hearthbreaking backstory that we known for quite some times even thought we didn't know it was her. All the worldbuildings to some of the biggest revelations is the main reason this is my favorite fanfic and probably in some top 3 of any story I read in my life. So all this is to say thank you all for all your hard work and continue like this you're the best. :yay:

Do I need to read the previous stories to understand this?

11005284 My thoughts exactly.

11005358 It probably wouldn't hurt.

It helps but I think it can be read on its own but the universe it's apart of is worth it

Diamond Tiara did not deserve that, but the gang have made a mistake in taking her as it’ll bring unnecessary attention to them.

Its strongly recommended if just for the context of how Chrysalis got to this point.

I did my best to make it accessible to newcomers, but there will definitely be certain elements that may be confusing without the context of past stories. Luckily I have here this handy-dandy guide so you know what to read in what order should you want to.

NO!!!:pinkiegasp: Diamond Tiara doesn't this! Even if she's a bitch because of her mother don't kidnap her.

I think we already saw this van before right? It was in the first 1-2 chapters after Chrys had fight Scoot when she was still friend with Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon and Cozy Glow, in the Sugarcube Corner.

It was a few days after the fight at SugarCube Corner, but yes you're right. We have seen this van before more than once

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