This story is a sequel to A Hairier Problem: Rise of the Furball

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A Tale of the Berylverse. Joint project with BlueBastard and Flynt Coal.

Weeks after her defeat at the hands of the humanized Princess Twilight Sparkle, the one-time pony Sunset Shimmer is working towards making herself a better life. But in an unexpected chain of events, she ends up in a situation that not even her new friends - Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow, Fluttershy, and Pinkie - can get her out of...nor really do they want to. As if that's not enough, Principal Celestia's firmly against the whole deal.

But maybe if Sunset Shimmer sticks around, she'll get more than she bargained for - for good and ill....

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While this does take place in BlueBastard's Berylverse, prior knowledge of his earlier stories (A Hairy Problem and Rise of the Furball) won't be necessary for Book I of this story. But it's highly recommended for Book II (and they're worth reading to begin with!)

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I don't get it, what does this have to do w/ "A Hairier Problem: Rise of the Furball"? That story was mostly about werewolves, so I'm guessing that are going to be werewolves in this story too or is there some alternate plot yet to be revealed? Any hints?

Look at who is in the cover image.

4214411 oh Raspberry, I didn't see the 1st time. Are there going to be werewolves in this story: yes, no, or maybe?

The answer to that can be found on Wikipedia.

Well, somewhere on Wikipedia, I guess. :trollestia:

4214432 I don't get it what does Wikipedia have to do with this story

Same things as Wes Anderson films and Archie Comics.

The “boys” turned out to be Night Light their youngest son, eight-year-old Spike. --> missing an and, I think.

When will AAG have a new chapter EQ girls meh I only liked the crystal empire scenes

AAG is being worked on, never fear. And as I mentioned elsewhere, this isn't your little sister's EqG.

Glad to hear I did skim seven days and as always your world building is awesome it's just EQG ok I'm weird ponies ,ponies and humans ponies on earth ,HIE . Anthro pony not so much I like to think its a cultural difference geek thing Ambassador. Lyra Phillips -heart strings is my fav in AAG Keep up the great work

Awesome story. I can't wait to see the next chapter.

“Velvet, you and Night are my friends. I was your bridesmaid at your wedding. You were there when I broke up with Discord—”

“Still don’t know what you saw in him,” Velvet said.

Celestia laughed. “Vel, you do know that he’s a world-famous hard rock musician now, right?”

Discord a hard-rocker? Hmmm...kinda hard to imagine, but okay.:rainbowhuh::pinkiecrazy:

so that means no more getting Snips or Snails to do your homework for you.”

Auhhh, I don't think those two could even handle their own homework.:facehoof:

4215533 I should introduce you to Ziom05 and this should be all that any being needs to see him that way hopefully?

Umm, okay. I'll check it out when I have time. Thanks.

You know, this will be actually interesting to see how you perform world-building on the world of EQG.

Will Sunset be able to see a Sunrise? Or will her night remain eternal? And what happens if EQG! sunset shimmer comes back?


I´m surprised there isn´t any family portrait in the house with Twilight.

“Just like when Lulu was going through that Goth phase? Using black makeup left and right and insisting everyone call her ‘Nightmare Moon’ – and your answer then was to pound some sense into her…literally

Laughing my ass there :rainbowlaugh:

Not every family is big on family pictures, strangely enough. Growing up, I didn't recall many family portraits, and even my grandparents didn't have many. May just be a cultural or generational thing, but it's possible Night Light and Twilight Velvet's family is like that.

That's all I can say about that. I also thought today about Discord being a hard rocker not making sense, when I realized something...he would be a hard-rocker because it doesn't make sense. After all-
Discord: "Make sense?! Oh, what fun is that, making sense?"

...were long enough to bloom, the shadows on that sun-beamed dress you wore in the spring...

Yeah, yeah. :ajsmug:

The title is an obvious Jamiroquai reference.


It's better than the lame thing I came up as the original title:derpytongue2:

Maybe it´s a minor complain, but I find Rainbow and Spitfire as cousins a bit far fetched considering their interactions in the show (in the Gala, Spits barely remember Dash´s name).

I'm really liking this, and my thirst for more is insatiable!

A couple of sentences that look like they need an edit:

Not really in the mood what would feel like a millennium,

“Well, no, sometimes I also think about comics, and over the important things.”

4244890 Well, the ponies Octavia and Twilight Sparkle aren't cousins either.

Fixed, thanks!

There's a lot of things that will be different in this "EqGreality" than canon. Everything's grounded more in reality (in fact, for those sharp enough to notice, by the time it's done, you'll probably figure out where we placed Canterlot, Equestria County and other related things.)


Anyways, great chapter!!:twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::yay:

Yes, but if so, where in California? (and that's assuming we did!)

How should I know?:applejackconfused:
I'm from Ontario, not California (eh):raritywink:.
But if I have to guess, I'll say somewhere in the Los Angeles area. The way you have it set up feels like it for some reason (the way the Human mane five talk to Sunset about where Human Twilight's family lives).:moustache:

4246184 well, here's a hint: Canterlot has only one Interstate running through it. The Greater LA Area has at least eight.

San Diego? San Francisco? San Bernardino? Oakland?

For some reason, I think an EQG major religion is based around the teachings of Hay Zoos.

Edit: brambleton is a real town in Virginia. Who knew?


I don't recall it being confirmed the story was in California. Sure, lots of places there have 'San' in their name, but Cali's not the only state with 'San' cities. San Antonio in Texas, for example.

Plus, as mentioned, Brambleton's a suburb of DC, and Riverdale's a small town in upstate New York. So Equestria could be Anytown, USA.

4249571 bordered by Ohio, Maine, Nevada, and Kentucky no doubt.

4263448 Funny, the map 4249508 and I are using says Oregon, Mexico, Lichtenstein, the Ivory Coast and Australia. Wonder if we got the wrong map. :unsuresweetie:

I told you we shouldn't have gotten the map from Atlantis. Those guys have been out of touch with the geography in the world for who knows how long.

Oh god, what did Lightning and Gilda put up in front of the school?


My guess...

Phone camera + inkjet printer + 9 letter-sized pieces of paper = Insta' Poster o' :pinkiesick:

Cellophane tape and a lack of tact is also probably involved...


That's what I'm thinking.

I'm curious as to just how bad it is.

On a different note it's interesting to see that Sunset Shimmer still has some of her magic, though I wonder if she was aware of that or not.

I'm more interested in the fact that Sunset's Equine Blood Type is shared with 2% of the national population and stands out so much that hospitals need to have special stocks of it.

Although I'm more astonished that if Gilda, Lightning Dust, and presumably Garble have been using the same warehouse Sunset was staying in as a meeting place and not run into her once.

One was a dark-skinned girl with white hair in a short-but-feathered hairstyle; she wore a white sweatshirt, brown leather jacket and grayish-tan jeans that were frayed at the bottom, matching well-worn yellow sneakers. In contrast, the girl next to her was a blonde, wearing an aqua tracksuit that seemed to gleam in the light.

Ok, I'm pretty sure someone saw this image:

And I'm almost afraid for the next chapter.

Oh, and yay for Velvet coming from San Diego!

Actually, I didn't even know the image existed until well after the Gilda/Lightning story arc had been written, so that can be chalked up to serendipitous luck. Plus, since I'm working with actual human skin tones, as you can guess things are not precisely the same.

There are a bunch of ultra-rare blood types (A2B, AB2, D, P) that we almost never hear about because we're so used to the ABO standard and almost 99% of the US population IRL (and 95% of the global population) fall into the latter three groupings. Most, if not all, of the rare blood types come from African or Asian stock (D-type in particular is almost found exclusively in central Africa.) You have to do some digging into it (Wikipedia isn't going to be entirely clear on the matter, sorry), but some of the rare types are really interesting (AB2, for example, is believed to be almost exclusively found in a small population in Lapland.)

Also, Lightning and Gilda were across the street from Sunset's old place. Given that Sunset's old building - as well as others around it - no longer exist, it makes it that much harder for her to sneak around.

K. Sort of figured the skin tones from your cover. That's a funny coincidence though. Guess you're really good with descriptors. :derpytongue2:

Something most people have seemed to ignore about this chapter is that even outside of her demon form, Sunset still has magic. It was a magic blast that prevented her from doing worse damage. Oh, and the very rare blood type normally found in equines? Further proof her transformation into a human wasn't as complete as thought.

I'm intrigued as to just where this plot thread will go.

4282677 That still raises questions! How total is Sunset's Transformation into a human? It can't be 100% considering she can use magic. Could she have kids with the natives like DJ in AAG using that animorph spell? Did Sunset have a family back in Equestria? How is it that fleshed out her character better in 8 pages of comic than sticking on five to ten minutes for the MOTHERFUCKING MOVIE?!

1. She had an involuntary magic reaction; that's not the same as using magic.
2. Considering that she has a rare blood type, it probably means that she's completely human. Maybe. :trollestia:
3. It was already stated that Princess Celestia found Sunset in an orphanage, so that should answer that.
4. You mean like she's been completely forgotten for Rainbow Rocks?


Evidently, Sunset actually is in EqG2:RR
It doesn't really change anything, though, since this story is already practically as far removed from canon as possible, post EqG, and Sunset here has a vastly more significant role as the main character than whatever supporting role she'll have in the next film.

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