This story is a sequel to Seven Days in Sunny June, Book II

A week after Sunset Shimmer's unexpected return and (as far as she's concerned) permanent departure from Equestria, Celestia wonders what she could have done to ensure Sunset returned for good, while Luna thinks she's overworried about the situation.

Fortunately for the sun alicorn, help will come from the least expected of sources.

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So sleepy. Will read tomorrow.

-- Spade

Well this was a nice surprise to see before going to sleep. Nicely done too.

I have one question: who is Celestia going to write to for learning this?
Seriously, though, this was a great take on Sunset slipping away from Celestia. Even if Sunset proved she'll never truly abandon her mentor. And both Velvets prove themselves mothers to the core, however different they are.
Now if only I could fast-forward to Book III... *sigh* Oh, well, what's another month?

Is this Cadance different from the one in Princeps? I.e. ascended vs. born an alicorn?

Per the BV rules, she ascended.

Nopony ever thinks of th e ones left behind and the pain that comes from being part of the past.

shin this was sweet and well done.
thank you

You know, Celestia could always find Sunset's human counterpart and raise her as well now.

Okay, I said this on book 2, but NOW I am really done and going the heck to bed. Marathon reading takes it out on me. I'll likely do a full report on what I think of everything when book 3 comes out. So see ya then.

5302185 There's the possiblity that the Sunset's counterpart's dead.

Good addition to the trilogy. :heart:

Odd, I seem to have something in my eye.

Wow, things escalated quickly with Luna there. Though maybe that was deliberate on her part.

Oddly fitting as an epilogue to Book II.

I just recently found these stories, and am greatly enjoying them. I figured you should know though, that a few of the images have gone missing, such as the letter in this story. As this is a one off, it's more significant than some of the others, as there's much less follow up to make up for the lack of direct information.

Can you PM me which ones are missing? I recently moved the images over to a more secure server and I don’t think Fimfic’s CDN has completely synced with them. Thanks.

I'll take a look and see if I can find them again. The letter from this one is back again, which was the most important one in my opinion, as it was essentially the climax of the story, but I'll look.

It turns out that in this case, the link was from the old server, so I just updated the links and it worked. The letter is also in Chapter 1 of Book III, so I know it was okay there. Thanks for the help!

Nice crying to start the day family let's go.

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