This book is an interquel of Seven Days in Sunny June, Book I

The holiday season, a time for thoughts, dreams, hopes, sorrow, regret, hope, joy, and love.
The Eightmazing Eight, along with friends, family and others, will experience these moments during the holiday season.

A series of short stories inspired by the album Treasure.

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So, Boulder's alive here? Poor Pinkie, missing her family like that. Those names are familiar... So, their fanon names are nicknames Pinkie gave them here. Glad to see that Cloudy's coming around, good thing Maud and Igneous set her straight. Pinkie's awesome on those skates, wish I could see it. First comment.

Boulder was alive in the canon EqG setting? :pinkiegasp: :rainbowderp:

Alrighty, well. I have no idea what 7DSJ is or any of your references are. I don't know who you are. But, I very much enjoyed this story so far and I will be looking forward to reading the rest of it once you are done. :P

I swear these stories probably have its own universe behind it.

He was still a rock in Rainbow Rocks.

Actually, they do, sorta: the Seven Days in Sunny June stories are a greater part of the Berylverse.

you can't say he didn't rock, though! :trollestia:

I'll bet that Granny Pie is Surprise in THIS continuity.

5395369 Ah, I'd better check that out.

I honestly expected a pet rock, but I know this whole continuity ignores RR, since, well, this came first! Still, a pug is a cute choice, but the dogs being named the stuff in "Party of One"? Freaky, but I got over it. And I'm glad that Cloudy finally accepts her daughter for who she is. Maybe Pinkie will be a little more comfortable in Arkansas from now on.

Is the plan one chapter a day till Christmas, and we get good old Sunny on the Big Day?

5395281 7DSJ is short for Seven Days in Sunny June. I would definitely check out the stories, and I have read them quite a few times, but it's your choice.


Is it just me, or are you using DJ's situation in an inspirational manner?

The reason Quartz was so critical is that Pinkie did grow up into an amazing individual...but Quartz wasn't the one responsible. DJ is an amazing person, but Rarity wasn't the one who raised her to do so.

This is a rejigger of a story I wrote nearly twenty years ago. I'm not even sure how Friendship is Magic would tie into it, much less AAG.

5395281 You should totally check out the rest of the 7DSJ stories. Incredibly worth the time to read.

Maud's pet rocks are dogs!? :pinkiegasp:

That is an excellent characterisation of the Pie family and how they might all think and feel about each other. I particularly like how you portrayed Pinkie's mother and her relationship with her sisters. I think we all know that, under her ultra-phlegmatic exterior, Maud has an edge of mischief to her - I'm convinced that she was trolling the Six half of the time in Maud Pie.

The Pies are going to be in their own episode next season; it will be interesting to see how close to canon your characterisations turn out to be!

“But you trusted me to move two states away by myself to study."

I saw a reference to Maud living in Texas in this story, and if she studied there, Texas is only one state away from Arkansas.

Should've been clearer there; it was meant to reference the fact that the route she takes to get home passes through Oklahoma, so in her mind, it's "two states away."

Ugh, these stories. They do mean things to my heart pieces.

...Continue please.

Stop keeping them in sets of three and make them sets of four. You can't lose them that way.

Aww, poor Sweetie Belle... Can't catch a Cutie Mark even on Earth.

well done shin well done

Hearing all this, a chorus of angels suddenly whispered – nay, sang! – a eureka-worthy idea right into the deepest recesses of Sweetie’s cerebral cortex.

Okay the first thought through my mind after reading that sentence was literally: "RUN for the HILLS! Sweetie has another brainstorm!" :rainbowlaugh:

I really hope this goes where I think it might.

Although, Rarity wondered as she looked at the figure in her hand, the shape looks very much like Sunset’s real form, or at least what she showed me. Very curious, that. In the end, though, Rarity shrugged; the chance that the Uniquecorns were designed based on Sunset’s species were as remote as there being a real unicorn based on the fashionista herself, she decided.

Okay not what I initially thought would happen exactly, but sooo much better. I figured a little cross universe pollination would show here somehow. :pinkiehappy:
Very nice and I'm really enjoying these chapters. Actually I think I'm enjoying them even more as little beats as Christmas comes round.

Yeah, Sweetie! You're a blank flank! :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously, though, I've got a feeling that this is going to be somehow similar to the quest for the Keys of Friendship that occurred in season 4 of the show.

Okay, I'm gonna stick my heart in a box and keep it away from you and your words. That was utterly heartwarming and it fucking got me to cry. Good job, jerk. Why must you make me feel for Trixie? Ugh, and its double because I know that sort of birthday pain. While I wasn't born exactly on Christmas or any other disruptive holiday. I was however born a week after new years. This means literally everyone is broke and totally partied out. I also almost never get any sort of birthday for those reasons.

The poor girl. I really mean it. People tend to forget about how unfair it is to have a bigger celebration overshadow your birthday. Its worse because my family has a history of it. For example: my mother being born on Halloween. No one could celebrate on her birthday because they were usually busy with some other party or were just out getting candy.

TL;DR I want to give Trixie a hug and its all your fault dammit.

God, the feels! I want to hug Trixie so badly. Happy Birthday, Beatrix!

Grandfather Alakazam, huh? Welp...
Really hoping he didn't look like that...

This chapter tugged at the heart strings and I look forward to more.

This story tugged at my heart and made me shed limitless tears, oh Trixie! :heart:

In this universe, is Harper Heartstrings an aspiring country music performer or songwriter?

I'm glad that Rarity and Sweetie were able to help reunite a family and get an old man his creativity back! Again, irony there with Rarity not being aware of her counterpart. Of course Sweetie's doesn't have a cutie mark on her figurine!

Fluttershy seriously needs to unleash The Stare™ on that hippie bastard.

Question: Are wolves' eyes open at birth?

So, Lyra has been friends with Trixie since childhood, and got into magic because her uncle is a famous stage magician, with others in her family being in the business as well. Ah, I see why the story has a "sex" tag, but Lyra spoiled the moment by forgetting her prior engagement. So, Trixie was born on Christmas. Daww!

Depends on the subspecies, but exaggerated here for the d'aaaaaaaws.

I'm glad that things worked out for Fluttershy and little Wolfgang in the end.

Yeah... This has a feel of It Ain't Easy Being Breezies but in the human world. This is definitely a 'Keys of Harmony'-type scenario coming down here.

Huh, didn't expect a chapter on Celestia. Glad to see that her friends are there for her. First comment!

Poor Celestia! She chose her career over her personal life and there is a price to be paid for that. Additionally... well, family holidays are always a time of extra regret for those who have either made this choice or simply have failed to do otherwise.

As trite as it is (and I'm not sure that it would make her feel better) but I can only say this: In her life, she has had thousands of children whom she has sculpted in just as important ways as their biological parents. In whose triumphs and tragedies she has been a player, witness and, sometimes, a participant. Amongst them are her world's seven Elements of Harmony. In no way is this a mean feat.

Shining shook his head. “No, she usually doesn’t get these cases. She mostly handles the domestic dispute ones. Heck, in her office, she gets so many of those they jokingly call her ‘the Goddess of Lov—’”


I really feel like I should get the in joke with Shiny's call designation, but it's not coming, like it's on the tip of the brain. :pinkiesad2:

Anyway another spectacular chapter. I loved the way you set thing up in the first scene, then the whole progression with Shining and Cady. You also wove Shining's relation with Sunny into the narrative very well. The interactions between Shiny, Cady and Sweat Pea were also great, especially that nice kicker at the end with the photograph. :pinkiehappy:

Okay, my new favourite chapter. We finally get insight on why Shiny decided to do what he did in October, and I even felt sorry for Sweet Pea's situation.
Lemony and Buck have their work cut out for them, though. :derpytongue2:

4-Golf-5... Yeah, no idea. Sorry...

Ah, there's the parallel! No wonder Sweet Pea has so many issues. Glad to see that she got a chance to find happiness again, too many don't.

The term is shoot to stop.
whether the the wound is fatal is gods decision.

coming from 4 to G5 season of ponies? no that doesn't make sense. to bad it wasn't Golf-4-5.
Nuthin like a Good .45

That was forced and terrible. and for that I am sorry.

Consulted my brother in law on this, who's a sheriff's deputy. He said it was kosher, so....

You're close on one of those references.

it could be semantics, but it comes from leaglize

we shot to wound the suspect.
Then what a happened?
he died.
You said you only shot to wound him ! (BOOM LAWSUIT)
shooting to stop the threat ...meh he lives, he dies, whatever.

5431765 And I was Bull Shitting. Damn.

The horrible thing? This story is not fictional. It's happened too many times in the real world.

"4-G-5". "4G" is the abbreviation of 'Fourth Generation', the meta designation of Friendship is Magic. I'm stuck on the '5' suffix though. My best bet is that some people have started referring to Equestria Girls as either the fifth generation ("5G") or the 'Fourth-and-a-half Generation') ("4.5G").

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