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A group for tropers, i.e. people who contribute to the TV Tropes wiki and/or hang around on its forums. Here, we share stuff we write with other tropers.

A quick guide to what goes where:
- Written by Tropers: Our own works. Please don't put anything in this folder directly; use the subfolders instead. The subfolders are Human, Crossover, Shipping, and Vanilla. The latter is basically a "none of the above" category. Please don't put your story in multiple subfolders at once, but choose the most relevant one.
- Not Written by Tropers: Stories by non-tropers. We use this folder to share and recommend good fanfics we find on this site.
- Review Trades: Stories you wrote which you want to offer for a review trade. Details in this thread. If you add your story to this folder, please post about it in that thread as well.

Membership is open but you'll need contributor status to actually add stories. To become a contributor, please post your TV Tropes handle in this thread. In order to be accepted, you need to have at least one of these:
- a troper page;
- an edit history;
- posts on the forum.

Any of these by itself is considered sufficient proof that you have a valid TV Tropes account, even when you don't have the other two.

Browse on, browse on, with tropes in your heart, and you'll never write alone!

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Do former members of TvTropes (like myself) count? I'm just asking since I used to have a TvTropes account but I got banned for "pimping out" my work.

You guys need to fix the banner.

Why have I not heard of this group until just now? :applejackconfused:

I'm a bit confused, do you think you can explain something for me?

tata tata
tata tata
tata tata
tata tata

I will stay here forever... :pinkiehappy:

Okay. I posted in the TV Tropes forums, now may I be a member? :applecry:

You mean the website that has helped me become a better writer has its own group? Yes plz. :rainbowwild:

Yeah that banner sums it up. Every time I go to TV Tropes I end up reading trope after trope and opening a bunch of tabs that I'll never look at. I'm so happy I found this group!

I read that part where if you trope you never write alone and I thought it was adorable :)

Y'know, I just got TVtropes' logo. It's a symbol for the lampshading the site does. :rainbowlaugh:

Ah, TvTropes. The Anti-Life Equation (Don't tell Darkseid! :rainbowwild:)

My TV Tropes handle is the same as my FimFiction name.


Whoops, wrong thread. :facehoof:

As we speak, over 50% of my 15 tabs open are TV Tropes. Goddamnit TV Tropes, stop taking over my life! Also, 25% of said tabs are FiMFiction, and then the other are gaming related. So many Tropes, READ ALL THE TROPES

Ahaha, ah...we are going to go places.

Alright, I'll do that. If it's wrong, lemme know.

308281 Sounds like shipping to me. I'm not an admin, but it seems pretty clear.

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