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Hey, you know that really good author who has quality stories that everyone loves? I'm not that guy, he's over there. I'm that mediocre guy that's lucky to have as many followers as I do. Thanks!!!


Audio Drama -- Chapter 1 · 10:24pm Feb 12th, 2016

Truesailorcomet and I are proud to present


The people I put up with, and the people who put up with me

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  • Starbound Princess Twilight is the first pony to explore unknown space. Things go bad during the initial flight, and she ends up floating over an unknown planet in unknown space. Now she has to survive long enough to find her way home. by Rytex 89,329 words · 2,399 views · 215 likes · 22 dislikes
  • Even In Other Worlds Nathan Samuel is a normal student, living a normal life. After some sickness, he remembers that he's from Equestria, and that everypony is trapped in this other world. Now it's up to him to restore the Elements of Harmony once again in or by Rytex 183,405 words · 1,530 views · 85 likes · 15 dislikes

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Some Of My Absolute Favorites (Part 3)


And The Move Is Complete · 12:16am June 20th

Hello hello from Dallas TX, my new home. New job, new home, better pay, fewer hours, higher satisfaction, and a much nicer work environment.

Oh, and more time to write more horse words, I suppose.

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Rytex, look forward to the new chapters. Been lurking/devouring ASC and Worlds. TBH never thought I'd like an EqG based story, but enjoyed Worlds. Kinda drove me to begin my own fic, though I don't think I've captured the emotion as well as you have. Hope the move goes smoothly and the new job works out...

2276961 Big IF, mate. Big if.

Alternatively, you could write it yourself. You can do it!

2276940 Welp, time to wait for aonther story...


Probably not. Not unless I finish this one up and then maybe do a sequel, but I'm already thinking about just ending Jack's and Twilight's story at Starbound, since all of the fics I'm writing at the moment are feeling more sloggish than fun.

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