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Boring old me

24 years old
6 years Army (ETS 11 March 2015!!!)
19D Cavalry Scout
Best Pony: Twilight
Love my guns, love my ponies. Tired of all the bullshit in the world.

Philosophy Box

"If you treat people like they'll always be the same, you'll find yourself grasping at empty air."
-Erindor, author: Inner Glory

"If I die, I love you." You can laugh about how cliché those words sound, but they survive through the ages because there just isn't another way to express it."
-Erindor, author: Inner Glory

"To do anything less than exercise our intelligence is to forget the legacy of the people who predate us."
-shortskirtsandexplosions, author: Background Pony

"It's a different kind of brave, to go through life with an open heart, but if you do you can at least rest knowing that someday, someplace, somebody'll walk right in and make themself at home in it."
-Razorbeam, author: Tinkermane- page 7

"When you can no longer know what your nation or your government stands for, or even where it is, you need a set of beliefs you can carry with you and cling to. You need a core in your heart that will never change."
-Karen Traviss, author: RC Triple Zero- page 361

"It took me a long time to understand that winning a war often has nothing to do with ending it, for governments at least."
-Karen Traviss, author: RC True Colors- page 412

“We think something is truly beautiful because of the uniqueness and authenticity that it displays, not because of the aesthetic appeal it stirs within our hearts. Nothing can wear beauty as a mask, for doing so would bring about a vileness that is improper and unnecessary.”
-hell00001, author: Roses are Red

"Welcome to the civilian world. When you write your resume, write the dorkiest company name you can think of instead of your branch. Then go through and replace all action words(verbs) that describe your time in the mil with their pansy alternative. I.E. "We smoked motherfuckers in Mosul"= "Participated in a team environment that specialized in market denial of offshore competitors."
Make that resume your bitch, it's just a piece of paper."
-A buddy of mine who's name I withold

"A long time ago, I read somewhere that there are three deaths in this world. The first one is when the body ceases to function. The second is when the body is consigned to the grave. The third is that moment, sometime in the future, when thine name is spoken for the last time.”
-ALEXAROTH, author: Stairway to Equestria

"The sins of any nation, measured in stacks of bodies or piles of criminal complaints against fellow men, will always dwarf that of the heart of its noblest citizen. To say that any nation has not committed these crimes in its history is fallacy. But who are our comparisons? Apartheid didn't happen here. The holocaust didn't happen here. Stalin's body count is far and away higher than any American leader's, even if you don't consider the largest numbers were his own citizens. But our nation had the greatest economy in the world. We were the first to land on the moon. Without the inventions of the light bulb, telegraph, and eventually the internet, you wouldn't be able to make snide generalizations about obvious historical failures of a nation gleaned from freshman political theory at an overpriced university. We're flawed, we contradict ourselves. We're one of the first nations that specify freedom as our greatest endeavor and we (up until recently) didn't let gay people get married. We were the nation that first put a man on the moon and a majority of the people in the country think the world is 5000 years old. We are the home of philanthropists who have dedicated their fortune to eradicating specific diseases (with some success) but also the nation where an actress can get a huge number of people not to vaccinate their kids based on a study proven to be an outright lie. But we accomplished some pretty cool stuff. Let's keep doing that: let's keep making our worst parts a little less bad, and make our good stuff better. Otherwise we all just stand around with our arms crossed whining that this place was never worth fighting for in the first place and watch the wave of progress crush us against the rocks of our own inactivity. I'm not gonna be the guy that says if you don't like it, get out. But I will say, if you have problems, address them. Fix them. Make the place better than your parents left it. Or else you're not just a part of the problem: you're the entire problem. "
-Nathan St. Pierre (some guy on Youtube)

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You have my thanks for following me. I hope you will enjoy your stay as I try to keep to the standard that I have somehow set for myself.

Thanks for the fave on The Luna Cypher! :twilightsmile:

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