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Minor Update · 9:11pm Jan 24th, 2014

Perhaps I shouldn't make ridiculous promises like "I'll never write a chapter story again" without knowledge of the future first? Seriously, I have no idea what the buck I was thinking when I created that. Can I have a blank slate, please?

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925595 I'm making attempts at writing recently. Hopefully something will bear fruit soon :applejackunsure:
And thanks for reminding me; a new blog post is warranted at this point.

I'm hoping things have been going well for 'ya as of late. I've been keepin' busy at home, but I noticed there hasn't been a new blog on here for so long, the old one's gathered quite the layer of dust. :twilightoops:

Still hanging around and writing? Thought of your story and went back looking for it, but seems it went on hiatus :(

Hey are you going to give evolutionary ideals an update I would really like to read more of it!

Actually, that series is exactly where I derived my name from :twilightsmile: I did shorten it to LEPShot from the original LEPNeutrinoShot, however.

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