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1927380 alright then I wont tell you because it will.

1927360 Better not to spoil the story.

1927355 you know what? Your opinion is sound. Just for that, I will PM you a reason why they're so cozy with her. Reply to this message if you want it or not.

1927264 Its a rather interesting concept I've only encountered twice before this. I like the story and find it to be a nice, relaxing read. Warning: After this I shall begin to ramble, I spoligize in advance as I am too tired to properly proofread. No insults are indented, you are a good righter.

I like how even though she is a pegasister, I'm assuming transfer from our earth, she is not gushing over the main six. Also how she is quiet and withdrawn more than stealthy and murderous in contrast to the popular slender lore.

Although a few things are bothering me of the setup. Mostly her mind reading ability, it seems a little too vague and all encompassing, and her fore knowledge of the ponies is a little too great. Her arguably extreme mind reading leaves little room for conflict between characters and everyone seems to be a little to cozy with a creature that can peer into their minds. And her fore knowledge of the mane six is a little too cozy, for lack of a better word. What I mean is, granted she knows applejack since childhood, she interacts with the main six flawlessly . It seems far fetched that she would know how to interact just from vague observations. Sometimes you have to jump in, say the wrong things, step on people's toes, and make mistakes.

Thanks for the fav! What did you like about the story?

  • Viewing 39 - 43 of 43
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