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Stuff · 7:14pm Nov 3rd, 2013

So, I finally managed to make it through everything on my favourites list. Only took about a year. So now I kinda feel empty. Not seeing that little button lit up on the top of my phone's screen is just weird.

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Thanks for favoriting Memoirs of a Blank Flank. Tell me what you think and look forward to more! :raritywink:

No problem. It was delightfully dark. And quite well written. You should be proud of it.

Thanks for the fave on Alone!:twilightsmile:

Also, depending on how long that thing you need editing help is, I may be interested. If you can PM me with a plot map and story length I'll let you know more.

Thanks a bunch for the favorite on Moonlight! Also, I completely agree with you. Rarity and Celestia have no place on the favorite ponies list. Neither do Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. They can all go rot in a prison.

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