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This story is a sequel to Austraeoh

Bellesmith is a pony who must perform experiments in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

Rainbow Dash continues to fly east.

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as if I was being rotated before a heat lamp at the speed of sound.

OC Rotisserie?


And so the stories continue; I was worried for a moment there.

Hmm. Is this what the picture makes me think it is?



Wat....I am totally confused all over again

The explosion sent muddied water plowing through grunting waves of minotaurs. As soon as the ball flew into the net, the quarry eels snapped at me. I cried, dragging my bloodied limbs across the cavern, etching the last of their names into the wooden log beside the cabin. The death water made contact. The silver strips vibrated. He tossed his trenchcoat off and revealed a forest of steam pistons and sparks. They swarmed the street before the dress shop, watching the burnt husk on the cross of splintery wood, and her eyes weren't green.

Giant Austraeoh connection pleases meh.

FFFFF...Why did this have to be posted right before I have to leave for work!?!?:twilightangry2:

I shall ingest this with my eyes the moment I can.

Woah, so that's what's happening...

Mind fuck bruh.

Brushing a few brown bangs from her yellow forehead, she smiled the elder's way. "Please, Dalton. You should know better by now. Call me Belle."


Aaaand once again im lost. Heres to 178 more chapters before i understand! :twilightsheepish:

I have a feeling this is the slave society hinted at some time ago.

These ponies will probably use some sort of advanced arcane machine to relive Rainbow's experiences. I guessing that is what these "spheres" are, some sort of essence that exists even after a pony does not. And "sequencers" are those trained to hop into those essences and relive those experiences.

I am gonna bet that this machine will have a hoof in reviving RD.


So apparently these unicorns are sifting through Rainbow's memories for something :rainbowhuh:

Hello, Rainbow Dash. | So many thoughts to condense into something meaning full, so little time.

There's so many references packed into that paragraph I think there are more callbacks than words. It will take a while to unpack it all, but we can confirm that it's the same "universe," and that Belle is participating, not by choice per se, in a project that allows unicorns to co-inhabit other ponies' bodies in what appears to be an attempt to glean knowledge about the machine.

A uniocnr stallion in a stone gray uniform


100 bucks says that this story ends with some godlike character mysteriously saying "Eljunbryo...." :twilightblush:

...of course, that would suggest that this story was predictable.

It may be kind of out there, but my theory so far is that they're sifting through Rainbow's memories via her pendant. (Note that the light coming from that cylinder was ruby, same colour as Dash's Element.)

Of course, the question remains: Where did they get it?

I haven't read any of this yet (no time right this moment), but is this something to do with Austreaoh and Rainbow Dash, or something separate? Or do we not know yet?

Well what have we here?

Still not sure I'm clinically sane after the ending of Austraeoh, but you've already sucked me in.

A large portion of my life is now based around IC's work, but I'm not complaining. :rainbowdetermined2:

She gnashed her teeth.  Her brown eyes shook, darted, and flickered red-on-yellow.

:rainbowderp: This is NOT good...

Also, I'm loving all the links to Aaustraeoh. I'm beginning to think the stories are linked...

Hmmm episode 1/1 at the beginning.

I have a lot of bad feelings about this...

Heheh, let's just hope that doesn't happen...

I may be a looooong way off, but could this potentially be a future Silvadel? I remember Garnet had pictures of granite buildings, and Silvadel was made primarily from stone.

So I think these people at least know of Silvadel.

But I could be wrong.

Mandatory comment on the first chapter of what is undoubtedly going to be another epic adventure. Please, please, PLEASE continue the story of Austraeoh in some way.

They're definitely Rainbow's, they're definitely after this:

As for having the pendant? Perhaps, but I'd be curious to see where in the timeline this all falls since the end of Austraeoh heavily implied Dash's demise but was not outright about it.

Maybe, but might it also be the "civilization just east of here" Axan mentioned? Being forced into Darkstine like machines sounds an awful lot like slavery to me. Then again, the civilization seems to amalgamate quite a different number of features from other IC/SSE civilizations, could be brand new.

I bet the timeline of this is gonna jump up and surprise all of us. How much time has passed between now and the end of Austraeoh? A year? a decade? A century? If they're moving along in this memory sequencing business, I'd imagine we just skipped quite a few years and hundreds of miles.


Yer damn right it is!

Oh, Discord, what are you up to? Again.

Well with the ending (that I hope will never end) is the birth of a new saga.

Or is it a parralel to Austraeoh?

I must contunuie reading to know more.

Umm. Still got Austraeoh on my mind and something is telling me tthe pony she's looking for is rainbow dash.

Just a Guess

I'm seeing more ties from austreaoh.

I'm likening this

And yet still so many questions

Sigh this is what to expect from IC

Yea so I'm pretty sure that by now this is a sequel to austreaoh just not going to hold my hopes up yet.

I still dont get it...

Oh! Also, have you guys noticed that this time around, all the chapter titles have two words instead of one? Seeing how this is the second installment of the series, it makes sense.

Hmmm...I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'm guessing, like many others, that this is the slave place that was supposed to be east of Silvadel. Belle is obviously going through Dash's memories somehow. All of this I like. What I'm still iffy on is the protagonist (so far). Don't get me wrong, OC's can be really great, but I usually need a cannon character with them to keep my interest. Technically Rainbow's still in it, but... I'mma keep my eye on this. At my most optimistic I'm hoping Dash somehow comes back/shows up, but I suppose we'll just have to see.

Yep no predictions yet. Still see too many hints at austreaoh so I like that.

Yea I'm going to say this now.

wtf happend?.
Ahh now that's better. But seriously what's going on hear?

I never even considered that this wasn't right after the events of austreauh (I am never going to spell that word right)

It would be a very good twist to place this fic in the future. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that this is some dark future of equestria. Or perhaps, this is before the first story. In truth, we have received no indication of what year it is, so it is well within the scope of plausibility that this is a prequel.

Brilliant Idea, now you've got me thinkin...:trixieshiftright:


OMG, thankyou for pointing that out. I almost missed that detail. That is just so cool. Its the details like that which love more than anything.

1470414 That is how Austreoh ended, with the Matriarch whispering, "Austreoh..." after she nearly kills RD then leaves her to die.

Just then, there was a flicker of lavender light, followed by a purple-streaked mane and bright violet eyes. The ground appeared around her, and I plowed mercilessly into her figure.

Before it got even crazier around here, keep this excerpt in mind and notice the change in tense of the narrator.

The story is playing with a lot of familiar themes, identity, companionship, memory and so on. What appears to be happening here is something akin to Total Recall or The 6th Day (love me some Schwarzenegger identity/sci-fi films) with something maybe borrowed from La Jetée/The 12 Monkeys in terms of both the protagonist's own identity and the drive of those in power to learn all they can with no regard to the well-being or lives of others. We've already seen the "Professor" in a scene that heavily evoked 1984's idea of "big brother," only in this case it seems the THX1138 style institution holds power by denying love and companionship as opposed to directly exploiting fear. They exploit the deep-seeded fear of abandonment and isolation present in everyone (ponies are like that). That can even be said to be a form of twisted loyalty, no? To be loyal to the institution because there are no other options? In any case, look for Belle to continue to forget who she actually is as the story progresses, I have a feeling that's exactly what the institution is looking for here (and it will get them in over their heads).

Or I could be wildly off-base, plot-wise.

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