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Genuinely wishing I had more time and motivation to write. Sometimes you'll get lucky. Mostly you'll be disappointed.


Brief Update · 6:38pm Oct 19th, 2017

So I do still come here with some regularity, and I do read all my messages and notices, if only to remind myself of a time I had something I really focused on and worked on, and the most common theme is "Is The Most Unlikely Places going to be finished?" The answer, as one might imagine, is complicated.

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I always find the hardest part of doing something is starting, I can't force you to finish your story early, however, if you think you would enjoy doing
another chapter and posting it I know a lot of people will be thrilled. It is ultimately up to you, and as such I wish you a good day and hope to one day see the end to the most unlikely places.

You said you will be finishing it eventually since you care so much about it, well as someone who has seen content suddenly vanish from the face
of the internet with no ability to see it again, I can say that the best time to fully appreciate something is now.
If you let time pass by you may forget about some of the important things you want to add to your story, as a word of wisdom you don't have to add that
to your story the second you get inspiration, you merely should write it down somewhere and when you have a lot written down
then you can edit and add it to the story.

Let the story write itself for the most part by keep notes of ideas you had and you may find you don't have to work as hard to flesh it out.
before you know it you could find you finished it and that will be quite the accomplishment that I think you need in your life, 'I worked at this a little bit
every day and what do you know it is now conquered!' kind of idea, I hope you read this and find inspiration in your stories and life

sincerely, stemo


Hey... I noticed that your still on the site. Could you do me a favor, and if you REALLY aren't ever going to finish the amazingness that is "The Most Unlikely Places," could you please mark it "Cancelled?" I appreciate it when writers do that, because I get to choose to dive into a story that will never finish, instead of getting sad when a good story doesn't get a good ending. If you read this, thanks.

Kiro, I'm really, really glad. I don't know what else to say.:pinkiesad2:

I hope this update means you decided to write your story, because I was pretty torn up over the thought of you getting so discouraged.

Thank you Kiro, you made my day when I saw the notification for TMUP updating. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 30 - 34 of 34
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