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Genuinely wishing I had more time and motivation to write. Sometimes you'll get lucky. Mostly you'll be disappointed.


For as long as anypony who knows them can remember, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon have been the best of friends. Where one can be found, the other is surely nearby. But theirs is a friendship deeper than anypony can possibly understand, and it was born of several crucial moments in their lives together. These are the stories of those moments.

Note: This story is a side project, and will update VERY slowly. I might get a chapter every other month, but I can't say for sure. It's a sidequel to NLL and TMUP, and takes a backseat to updates on both of those stories. Cover image by MacTavish1996.

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So... Is this suppose to be a romance story as well?

Is this going to get kissy and sweet? I'm watching this on the off chance it is.


Sort of? The story I'm going to tell with these two is less romance and more (as the tag would indicate) slice of life. There may be kissy moments later, but the bulk of the story won't be. By all means, stick around if you're still interested in the story, but I don't want to lead you on in thinking it's going to be romantic when it mostly won't be.

Someday I'll write a Silver Tiara story, but it'll be an AU outside of my normal worldcanon, and it'll be a while.

Sorry to disappoint. :applejackunsure:


Kissy moments are romantic enough for me. It holds a certain amount of potential.

That was wow... I really liked how you did the introduction the class had to give. Sweetie Belle was adorable. Scoots is being tempermental for being forced to go to school and acting out. AB is her usual curious but uncouth friendly self. Diamond has that whole air of confidence she carries herself with that isn't afraid to express what she likes and dislikes.

Overall just a really fine and well written story. The characterizations are really nice and believable, though some might question Scootaloo I see her as the one from S1 where she was more thick-skinned and confrontational. Certainly not the type of filly you'd want to get on their bad side as they wouldn't hesitate to likely get into a fight. i.e., the foals act like you'd expect them to act. Naturally.

Silver Spoon was way too cute for words. Looking forward to seeing how she grows in this story alongside Diamond, finally seeing how the two grew to become such close-knit little darlings. So many people see friends like them in the real world and immediately get made fun of for being 'tied to the hip', but those are just jealous people who could only wish they knew what a friendship that tight could be like.

I'm sure they'll eventually be some fallout down the road, but it's the journey not the destination that makes us who we are. I'm sure Diamond would never trade a day of their friendship for anything, even if they do go their separate ways someday.

I'm babbling now, but great start. Really. It's quite a refreshing read. Shame it seems not many people gave this much of a chance yet. I hope that changes as new chapters come out. Keep up the amazing work. :heart:

Diamond Tiara's face fell slightly. "What? It's fun."
"Yeah, if you're a daddy's girl." The comment was quiet, but just barely audible. Diamond Tiara frowned and scanned the back of the room, looking for the source. Silver Spoon noticed a bright orange pegasus filly smirking broadly as the pearl-colored unicorn next to her stifled a giggle.

oh HO so :scootangel: fired the first shot and :unsuresweetie: backed her up.

Interesting.. :trixieshiftright:

shots fired:scootangel:

"Lame!" the little Pegasus squeaked, a confident smirk on her face. Silver Spoon's face flushed with embarrassment and she felt her eyes starting to sting with hurt tears.

volley returned by Diamond Tiara

"Yeah, but why?" Diamond Tiara asked, raising an eyebrow at her. "You can fly, can't you?"
"Of course I can!" Scootaloo said, blushing harder now. "I just like to ride my scooter, that's all! What's the big deal?"

Scoots isn't a chicken, she is a Bi(:yay:)!

sad that Diamond Tiara changed from a sweet filly to a cynical one all because of :scootangel: in one day!:facehoof:

I mean it was a misunderstanding with :applecry: that needed not escalate to insults.

but clearly Scoot and Sweetie are to blame in this instance.

F(:yay:) you Scootaloo!:twilightangry2:

Comment posted by ServingSpoon deleted Sep 15th, 2015

While it may be "on hiatus" this story is actually really good as a one-off, and stands perfectly alone as such. It gives a small explanation as to why the two spend their time together, without going on to forge relationships that haven't yet been established, such as with the CMC, while at the same time, doesn't stretch characters outside of their visible bounds, leaving their reactions to the provided situations feeling genuine to them as a character. It also opens an opportunity to see Diamond and Silver as living creatures instead of the bratty throw-ins that Hasbro slowly seems to be pushing them towards. My main back-draw going into this was what the end of the chapter would be like, whether it was going to wrap itself up, or provide some sort of leeway into the next chapter, and I'm very satisfied that it did wrap itself up.

Wow ... so the Crusader's really did start the little war that they've been waging for ages. And to think that it was all Scootaloo acting out because she was forced into something she didn't want. It's believable, but wow. To see Diamond Tiara now, a cute and loyal thing. Standing up to others on Silver's behalf.

Then seeing how it ends up corrupted and twisted during TMUP makes this fic a bit sad to be honest. But that's with foresight, or would that be hindsight? Anywho, Silver was all sorts of adorable, and a rather super adorable filly. Before she and Deets became the balls of meanness that they ended up as.

If this gets more that'd be great. If not, then as mentioned by someone else, this is a decent stand alone. I guess that all depends on if you feel there is more to this fic than what's been written so far. It has potential either way.

I finally got around to reading it. A very interesting take on how things started. And when compared with your other story a very good example of how people can change. Often for the better but... i had a friend, he was like family to all of us, slowly though over the years he changed and it took me half a lifetime to really see and admit it but now.. well its been half a decade since anyone in my family has spoken to him. People change, and sometimes it's for the worst.

Makes me miss the other story as well. Heres hoping you can get motivated to write more soo , you're brilliant at what you do and im always looking forwards to more should you decide to share it.

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