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Rarity always dreamed of being famous. She dreamed of being rich, too, but she knew if she became a famous fashionista, everything else would fall in line. Well, everything has, and while she has everything she ever dreamed of, there is something she never realized she would be missing: being normal. Or at least feeling normal. Even her best friends treat her differently now. Being fawned over and beloved is all well and good, but it doesn't leave a lot of room for, say, long conversations over wine and cheese, or giggling gossip in bathrobes and towel hats. If only somepony could see her for who she used to be, just for a little while, she could truly call herself the most fortunate pony in Equestria.

Ever since she rekindled her friendship with Twilight, Moondancer's life has been on an upward slope. Coming out of the darkness and actually interacting with other ponies for once has been great for her self-esteem, her confidence, and her overall well-being. It even resulted in her hearing about a fashion show where Rarity the Unicorn might be found. With fashion as her secret guilty pleasure and Rarity the absolute titan of the industry, how could she possibly miss this chance to meet her idol? She might even get an autograph...

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Welcome back, it's always good to see you post :moustache:

This is too cute. I'm sure Rarity knows exactly what she's doing to poor Moondancer - the minx. Loved it.

Love it already. And as a bonus, I think this is the first fix I've read to feature Moondancer. ...I should read more. Anyway, great job!

Oh, ow. From lighthearted at the beginning to bitter at the end, this was a beautiful chapter. Wonder how long it will take Rarity to realize Moondancer has feelings for her? (Unless Moondancer's mouth runs away with her first.)

So true, this story has had a few ups and downs even with this being the third chapter. However I am hoping that Rarity discovers the infatuation rather than Moondancer admitting it, that would make whatever comes after have much more of an impact. Moondancer has a fragile self-esteem as is and having Rarity confront her bringing up the possibility that Moondancer is using her for popularity which strike up a dramatic scene. I can't wait for the next chapter.

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