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While on an extended trip to Canterlot with Twilight, you became acquainted with a mare named Moondancer. She makes you feel all kinds of things that you've never felt before, and Twilight caught on to this pretty quickly. After some teasing, you decided to shoot your shot. Moondancer... didn't take it too well. It seems that, somehow, she simultaneously has confidence issues and a huge ego.

Or maybe she's just nervous.

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I can make spaghetti. :twilightsmile:

Dan #2 · 2 weeks ago · · 1 ·

Beat me to it.

Moonie says "Oh, no, I got that reference! You're meeting all my standards!"

"...What is my favorite stand?"

"Technically, you never told me. You discussed a lot of stands and their impacts on the parts they appear in, but you never said which is your favorite." Moondancer opens her mouth to speak, but you interrupt her before she can. "Buuuuuuuuut, I have been able to pick up how much you like certain characters based on how excited you get when you speak about them. I might be a little bit off-base here, but I know for a fact that you like the fourth part more than any other. Judging by your two favorite fight scenes in that part, is it... Highway Star?"

Is that a....(loud noise warning)

" ...Have my children. "


Part 4 best part indeed. Moondancer is criminally underused, I'm glad you did her justice.

...I'd like to discuss several things with Moondancer.

This is so cute :rainbowkiss:.
I love how you wrote Moondancer, and of course, how you splendidly write Anon every time.
Hehee this made me feel so warm.
I didn’t know what kind of standards Moondancer would have, but this was very sweet in the end after all!

Dan #8 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

Amending Fences is up there with Lesson Zero and Luna Eclipsed and my other top 5 favorites.

I really empathize and relate to her, even moreso than Twilight in S1 when she was at her most endearingly insecure.

I now want to see a sequel to this from Twilight and Celestia's point of view creeping around and following them, getting all giddy at the cute moments they have, and trying to figure out just what the buck they are talking about.

Also, part 5 is best. And Bad Company is clearly superior to Highway Star in part 4 anyway. I thought you were a mare of high standards, Moony :ajsleepy:

Dan #10 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

Obviously show Moonie The Slayers first.

Then, Watamote and Haganai and Welcome to the NHK. A lot of folks say it's cringe comedy, but I always wanted to be there and hug people and say "I know that feeling, bro."

yeah, you look like someone that knows about the topic shes interested in

According to the story, Moon dancer and Anon are not a good couple, don't think they last.

I've been a fan of your stories for quite some time. :twilightsmile:

I've just never had the time to leave a review until now. It'll take me some time, but I promise to review every one of your stories. That's a Pinkie Promise. :pinkiesmile:

I love that you gave Moondancer the spotlight that she deserves. I'm happy to see that she was able to bond with Anon over manga and anime. It goes to show that there is a special someone for each MLP character.

"...You and Celestia were stalking us all night, weren't you?"

Never thought that Princess Celestia and Twilight would spy on Anon's date. I didn't take them as those kinds of ponies.

I hope that you'll write some Equestria Girls fics that will have Anon paired up with a different EQG character in each story. Besides, I think that the EQG series could use some more love.

Your works are amazing as always. :derpytongue2::rainbowkiss::yay:

Good god how is it you manage to make any story so good

Moondancer facepalms.

Awfully kind of Anon to offer his palm like that. I imagine the experience would have been much less pleasant for Moondancer had she used her hoof.


"OOOOOOOH, I totally ship him and Robin! They have so much chemistry, like when they return to the Sunny on-"

…what did you just say to me? Franky and.. Robin? We need to have some words Moondancer..

If it has hooves - facehoof
If it has hands - facepalm
If it has tentacles - facesucker

"I still can't believe you two get along that well."

are getting

"Well, it was nice getting to go out with you. I only wish I had more time to tell you about Marineford!"

Check Pls.

A Bonus Chapter of anything. Examples, POV, Meanwhile and Later after the story is concluded.

All those in favor?

Twilight might not be able to get you back to Earth, but keep extolling anime to Moondancer and she might find a way. It would have to be a 2-way portal so she could bring all of that stuff back to Equestria.

It was a few days ago that you arrived in Canterlot with Twilight. You wound up in Equestria due to an errant spell on Twilight's part, and with no knowledge of how to send you home, she ended up taking you under her wing, so to speak. Now, she's pretty much the closest friend you've ever had.

Anon has had exactly 0 friends before this.

Now we need a sequel following Twilight and Celestia as they stalk keep an eye on Anon and Moondancer on their date.
Bonus points if their fake date (to be in the same restaurant as Anon and Moondancer of course) "surprisingly" ends up real/leading to more.


trying to figure out just what the buck they are talking about

Fluttershy would know. :yay:

Ah yes, certainly the high-class mare alright.

So cute, absolutely loved this fic. Now to figure out how to get Runic to write more!:rainbowhuh::twilightsmile:

I second the notion.

I have a suggestion, spin the wheel with themes of the characters' action and what he/she do?

I curse you with Make a Goddamn Sequel Disease


Sequel now plz! Or else...

Adorable! Personally, I think that she'd be into Shoujo manga, but perhaps that's something she's even more embarrassed to admit lol! Heartwarming, rather in character (if a touch more risque than the show), but overall solid. Thanks for this cute piece.

You know, after reading this, I can see Moondancer being a manga person. I definitely loved this. One of your best pieces.

"The worst she can say is 'no,' right?"

hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe oh you poor, poor, beauitul bastard.

" ...Have my children. "

I think I died laughing, That is so a Moondancer quote.

This was sweet.
Not over the top, and not full of cringe.
A fun read :twilightsmile:

" ...Have my children. "

Oh my~

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