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While exploring the decrepit remains of the Castle of Friendship, Sunny Starscout and her friends discover a strange book that might have belonged to Princess Twilight Sparkle herself. The book's contents resemble a series of letters that were apparently sent back and forth between Twilight and an unknown party.

At some point, Twilight stopped responding.

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Dang, first comment is mine!

Anyway, I do wonder if there will ever be an official nod towards EQG and what happened there in the G5 era.

a nice story. i hope there will be something else in the future but a good story either way

I wish I could favorite this twice! This was an excellent read and my favorite of the EQG connection to G5 kind of stories.

Interesting setup you've done here. Not sure you intend to do a sequel to this but I really hope you do.

I've seen but not gotten around to reading a different series that looked like it takes gen 5 cast and has them bump into characters like Sunset and Flurry. Forgotten something something. But from summary I remember, in Sunset's case they went with "time between dimensions is wonky" trick vs what you've setup with an "unaging" Sunset. Wonder if she got her original wish and it just doesn't present itself the same way in a human body :P

This was an engaging read to say the least!

Well... if Sunset finds her way back to Equestria, what she'll find will be a shock to her heart.

As for Ponies forgetting history, that is so relatable to anyone living in this day and age, it hurts.

Eddy13 #6 · January 28th · · 2 ·

Man, this was a pretty brutal way to bridge 'FiM' and G5. From the sounds of it, you're planning to make a sequel where the new generation meets up with Sunset Shimmer. Very interesting. And it sounds like you've come up with a plot device for why Discord is a grumpy old hermit in G5.

Oh, and for the record, I get you were mimicking the theory that was implied with Applejack and Rainbow Dash in the finale (which I'm still not fond of:pinkiesick:) with their EQG counterparts, but the writers of that series have gone on record that Applejack had a thing going with Rarity.

I ship what I ship :twilightsheepish:

“I’m… not sure, to be honest.” Sunny places a hoof on her chin as she focuses on nothing in particular. “I’ll admit, anything relating to Princess Twilight is exciting to me. But… I don’t know, I guess I was expecting there to be more in here.”

Well I guess because some of the items either been taken or missing for a long time

And yet, although Sunny would ordinarily be making a break for those tomes, the room’s centerpiece has her undivided attention. Standing slightly towards the back wall is an oval-shaped mirror, its reflective surface cracked and dusty. It’s lined with a horseshoe-like trim that's adorned with faded jewels and metallic spirals. The top of the mirror appears to have been broken off, and a collection of colored glass shards on the ground next to the mirror indicates what the fate of said top likely was.

Gasp it's the mirror portal to the human world where Sunset is although there was still some theories that our world is moving very slowly while Equestria moves pretty fast

When the two regain their composure, they look down at the item in Sunny’s hooves. Weighing heavy in her grip is a leather-bound tome emblazoned with a strange symbol. Half of the symbol seems to resemble a sun, while the other half looks like some kind of sparkle or star. Sunny can’t help but gasp.

Oh wow that sunsets Journal or at least another way of texting from the other side oh man it'll be sad that Sunset will find out that Twilight and the others are gone

“I wonder who she is,” Hitch ponders aloud. “And why is that message in that journal at all? I mean, it reads like a letter, right? It sounds like, wherever she was, it was far away from Twilight for some reason.”

Her history is something else let's just say 😅

“‘Your side of the mirror?’” Sunny and her friends all glance towards the cracked, dusty mirror on the far side of the room. “So… there was a place on the ‘other side’ of that mirror? And the ponies on that side were Princess Twilight’s friends?”

I mean this is not the first time you guys saw a different universe but then again you're probably never seen humans before

It isn’t just the occasional bit of Equestrian magic leaking through the portal. Our world has just as much magic as Equestria! The only problem is that most humans are incapable of tapping into it, or even recognizing its existence.

Unless it's like Harry Potter then I'm sure they can figure out lol

It hurts to watch, especially considering all we’ve done to try to bring everycreature together. I thought we’d all learned this lesson when Chrysalis, Cozy Glow, and Tirek tried this all those years ago. Apparently, public opinion is easily swayed, and history is easily forgotten.

Ouch yeah that really hurts that all the hard work that you put goes up in flame

“Yes, Sunny, we all know Princess Twilight is your waifu or whatever. Are there more letters or not?!”

More like a big fan lol

I’ve been doing everything I can to stop the spread of this utter nonsense, but no matter what I say, it feels like everycreature wants to be mad at those who are different. Have they forgotten that friendship is our greatest strength? That unity is how Equestria was thriving to begin with?

And it's always such an unfortunate event fear and anger gets the best of us and brings out the worst

The portal isn’t working. Why isn’t the portal working? Does the mirror look okay on your end?

Oh no this is when the magic is starting to disappeared poor sunset 😢

Her name is Opaline Arcana. She’s an alicorn that was forgotten by history, waiting in the shadows for the perfect time to strike. I don’t know why my reign was the perfect time, but considering how things have gone, it was perfect. She succeeded.

That crazy alicorn judging by her origin apparently she's been waiting for a long time since the time Luna and Celestia were kids she must have lots of patience to strike during Twilight's time and basically ruined everything lead up to G5

I guess it’s too late for that, huh? It’ll probably be a long, long time until you read this anyway. I certainly hope you were serious about fixing the mirror when this is all over. I do want to come back at some point, you know.

Yeah about that sunset..... 😥

I'm guessing that Sunset ascended to Alicornhood at some point, probably when she became Daydream Shimmer in Friendship Games, and that's why she stopped aging.

REALLY good job on the dialogue, characterizations and possible sequel set-up in this one-shot. And, yeah, most of the "Sunset meets the G5 ponies" are Sunset ending up in G5 Equestria. And, while I have no doubt that she WILL eventually arrive in G5 Equestria, I wonder if Sunny and her friends will end up visiting the human world before that happens this time around. And, yes, the gang reading the messages and piecing together some of what probably happened made A LOT of sense. Also appreciated the others comforting Misty when she realized how much nastiness Opaline was behind all those centuries ago. And, yeah, Sunset finding out the reason she stopped aging when she finally DOES arrive in Equestria should be great stuff too.

On one hand/hoof, Opaline might not be a threat anymore. On another hand/hoof, there is a NEW threat - Allura. REALLY looking forward to seeing how they manage to beat her.

Anyway, if you DO decide to do a sequel, I'll definitely be looking forward to it. If not, I'll respect that it's your choice.

Twilight is starting to have more difficulty getting around, as are the rest of our friends. It’s only Sunset, the old woman trapped in a young body, that’s standing out. Things have gone beyond awkward and into problematic now.

Like a Benjamin Button situation except for you can't age wow that is kind of sad

I want to believe that you’re okay, but if you were, it wouldn’t be taking you this long to get back to me. So, I’ve made up my mind, and thankfully, Twilight agreed to help me.

Oh sunset if only you knew what's going on over here in the fortunately and I hate to say that Twilight and the others are probably gone

“Wait, that’s it?!” Pipp’s voice echoes through the quiet room, finally breaking the tension that had been building as Sunny read through the last few messages in the book. "It ends on a cliffhanger?!"

Yeah don't you hate that when things getting good then they just and just like that either anticlimactic or cliffhanger hate those

“She could have just put the slab back,” Izzy adds. “Especially if they wanted to keep this place a secret after they left. And who says she had to come back through that mirror specifically, anyway?”

Oh yeah that's right there's other ways for Sunset to go find another portal just like in that episode of Equestria Girls when sunset the human versions of Twilight and Rainbow Dash found himself back in Equestria from another portal so maybe she did find a way who knows

I’m guessing this separate from the other stories. Still I liked it. Not a whole lot to say, just a nice short story. :twilightsmile:

“I… I just…” Misty stutters as she quickly trots towards the group. “I can’t believe Opaline did all of that.”

I'm sorry Misty that you had to find out the hard way about your so-called friend that ruined thousands of years of deception anger separation and everything that she done really hurt Equestria it was definitely a dangerous one that's for sure

“Y-yeah, but…” Misty hesitates for a moment before continuing. “I guess it just feels strange hearing Princess Twilight and Sunset Shimmer talk about what she did. We didn't even know about ponies like Sunset. She was a victim, too. Opaline... really hurt a lot of ponies.” Misty lets out a deep sigh as her eyes fall to the floor. “And for a while, I believed in her.”

Yeah Opaline really did a number on Equestria so much the pain and suffering that she puts on this world I'm just glad that's sunny and the other is finally defeated her after all this time basically it's a huge relief even though it took probably thousands of years to get to this part

Wow that was crazy but I just read and I probably would imagine it would have if they found out sunny and the others found the castle again but also found a secret passage that leads to where the mirror portal is to the human world but never been worked for a long time and Sunny found the journal and it turns out to be Twilight's book more importantly like a letter so both Sunset and Twilight can communicate with each other and basically they were going back and forth about how everything is going on with their lives despite Twilight was having a most difficult time especially Opaline causing everything to fall apart and what she have to do despite knowing that Twilight will get the hate she will receive but I'm sure she had good reasons and sunset on her part tried to figure out how magic works but somehow she can't age for some odd reason which that's pretty interesting but then again she's not from this world so it works differently I'm not really sure but it is very hard to see your friends aging while you're the same and it hurts that she can never go back home since the mirror is broken and I don't even know if Sunset is still out there but knowing for a fact that sunny and the others did stop Opaline after thousands of years of pain and misery she put on Equestria probably they can we Salvage everything of the history hopefully looking forward to the future I got to say this was pretty awesome story here keep up the good work

love this but i do hope we get a sequel maybe even a series

Hey, do you have to make a separate comment for every single thing? It's kind of annoying having to scroll past all of your comments.

I'm very sorry sometimes when I get into stories I couldn't help to make some comments about it but even if I did keep it in one sentence it's still going to be a long one I've seen how people did that and it takes a while to do that and I do attend to get carried away when I'm engaged to this kind of stories

Not to be rude, but the majority of the comments I see from you are just summarizing the events of the story with few or no actual opinions put into it. It's fine and dandy to get invested in a story, but doing that just clogs up the comment section at best, or spoils the story for others at worst. At the very least it might make it easier to read if you used some punctuation.

Wanderer D

Sunset is probably still waiting for an answer, huh? Given her development. Still, nice story! If you ever do a follow up I'll be sure to check it out.

This was a damn good story. Wonder if Sunset ever made it?

The saddest thing is that Sunset may be unaware she has acended into Alicornhood, have watched everyone she love grow old and die, incluiding her Sci-Twi, can't come back to Equestria and help Twilight and the others all because Opaline ruined society and is now is unknown what has happend to all the alicorns. However, Sunset now have all the time of the world and resources to work on opening the portal on her side, the least the group should have done was give Sunset an update of what happened and the current events that led the downfall of Opaline.

i'd love to see a sequel to this where they write in the book and get a reply from sunset, who helps them fix the mirror portal

Not gonna lie, reading the letters by Sunset after Twilight’s final message hits in the feels. But the last one by Sunset gives does give a bit of hope. (And cliche sequel bait XD)

Jokes aside, I loved this. I’m always a sucker when it comes to future generations finding what was left behind from the previous generation, whether it be for good or ill. Hopefully we’ll see something more come from this… Gah! Good stories like this always leave readers like me wanting more XD

I like this, but at the same time my brain goes: "Okay but the issue is Sunset wants to go back to Equestria but the mirror is broken"

Okay So did Twilight also learn where that sorta quick sand pool thing on that one island leads to in Equestria and block that off too? Because I doubt it'd be that difficult for Sunset to find it again and get in that way. Her and Twilight know there are other ways into Equestria in the world, so I'd think she'd look for one rather than try to fix the mirror.


Kinda surprised they didn't consider writing in the journal. Like a "hey just in case someone ever reads this, we eventually won" type of deal. I dunno maybe noone had a pen on em.

In an earlier draft, I considered having the group think of doing just that. They would have been unable to do so because the journal is already full, as indicated by Sunset's last message being on the final page. Granted, you could also make the argument that they could just write in the margins or something, but at that point it would just feel unnecessarily detailed. I ultimately decided against it because it didn't add a whole lot to the overall narrative, and the group never actually confirmed how or why messages from two different ponies were appearing in the same book in the first place.

Similarly, I originally had a short passage about that in an earlier draft as well, with Sunset mentioning offhand how they closed that portal for safety reasons. I ended up cutting it out because it interrupted the flow of the narrative.

I'll admit, I was waiting for the final line to be about the mirror portal starting to glow or something.

The ending as is feels... unfinished? But not in a bad way? I dunno. I liked it anyway.

Right. Thats totally fair

Why do I get the implication here that Sunbutt Jr. is an Alicorn? Or at least whatever the Earth equivalent happens to be?

EDIT: This sort of "Hanging Plot Elements" story begs a sequel.

Sequel where gen 5 contacts sunset!

I'm not a fan of G5 but i have to admit this was one really good story!

Makes me wonder how a follow-up to this fanfic would look like? Would Sunset find a way to go back to Equestria? Would they find she already did and has just been hiding when she learnt what happened? Would Sunset find the book back and write inside again, just as a last hope and the group would see it and try to answer because they'd figure out how the book works?

I get the reasoning, but yeah my brain just can't help but point it out and how if Sunset really wanted to get back, there should be a mention. It very likely doesn't matter that much, after all I'm like the only one mentioning it, but because of how I look at things, I just can't stop my brain from going: "But logically if she wanted to go back, that'd be the next logical step to take with the mirror broken!"

But I also understand you not wanting to mess up the flow of the story. Honestly the best I can think of to address the plot hole (for lack of a better term for it) would be something like:

I guess it’s too late for that, huh? It’ll probably be a long, long time until you read this anyway. I certainly hope you were serious about fixing the mirror when this is all over. I do want to come back at some point, you know.

Then directly after that going: "Damn it, it makes me wish we never filled in the lake to block the portal on that island. I know it was to stop monsters from coming through, but now it's just another wall I can't get past."

Then the next line could have one additional word possibly to help the flow and go " Look, I don’t know anything about this "Opaline" or those "Unity Crystals,"

Then perhaps at the end:Someway, somehow, I’m going to get that portal open again, dig that lake back up, or find some as of yet undiscovered portal.

Good story. I guess Sunbutt Jr. became an alicorn then.

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