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Having received her teaching degree, Sunset Shimmer is back at CHS to help guide along a new generation with the lessons she's had to learn about magic and friendship.

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Well, there's an interesting start. Somehow, I can't help but think that the "mission" isn't as "accomplished" as they might hope.
Looking forward to seeing where this one goes.

Ok, good start, I'll be following to see where it goes.

awesome chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Hmm. I’m intrigued. Very intrigued. I’ll admit; I was kinda bummed out when Sunset explained that there’s no more magic, since magic is an essential part of Sunset’s personality. But this is your story and I won’t not read it because of it.

Excellent start. Into ‘Tracking’ it goes!

Very good and intriguing start, also I've got a funny feeling that the magic isn't fully gone and it will make a return in the near future.

Anyways I'm looking forward to seeing how your story will go, keep up the good work.

wait, let me guess. Hitch/Sprout will become Hall Monitors.

To be fair, the story would probably work best if Sunset is just as surprised as everybody else about the magic coming back. So that could be why the author chose to do it that way.

Excellent job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in this prologue chapter. Really appreciated Sunset recounting what she had been up to since she and the other Rainbooms graduated from Canterlot High (as well as that one rich idiot that got the teaching job at Crystal Prep because of having much better connections than her, despite Sunset being Cadance's sister-in-law's best friend). And, yeah, I have a hunch that the magic WILL be coming back gradually at first at moments that Sunset least expects or wants. But that's for later.

Anyway, certainly looking forward to more of this.

Sunset Shimmer as a teacher? That's a nice change. I wonder if she'll be a guide for Sunny, Hitch, Pipp, Zipp, and Izzy.

Interesting start!
Magic may be gone from this world, but with Sunset teaching at CHS, she'll be able to keep an eye on the portal out front (even if its inactive for 30 moons)
I'm curious to her reasons for preferring CPA over CHS, unless Twilight is teaching there.

I like that theory. This is, after all, meant to cover concurrently with the events of Gen 5, so magic is going back. We’ll just have to wait.

“We’d get incidents even into our college years from time to time,” Sunset began to explain. “But they became less and less frequent. Couple of years ago, we recovered an Equestrian artifact that was messing with the people over in Maretime Bay. We shipped it off through the portal to Princess Twilight for safekeeping, and then these stopped working.” She held up the pendant for emphasis. “It’s just a pretty rock now that I keep with me for sentimental reasons. No magical powers, no ‘ponying up’ since. We figure that was the final bit of wild magic that had crossed the portals Twilight made during the last Friendship Games, and the stones going dormant was their way of telling us: ‘Mission accomplished.’ We believe there’s no more Equestrian magic left in this world, except for what I carry innately, and that is barely enough to light a candle without a way to focus it.”

Well, you jinxed it. Now we're screwed.

Yup. One has to question Sunset’s wisdom, since she just tempted fate in the worst way possible.

Will there be a sequel?, the story is interesting.I would like to see the development

We're only getting started here. There's plenty more to come.

Magic not being around all of a sudden feels kind of foreign. I’m more on the side of Brony Notion on that it continued to spill over, they can just control it more.

Nonetheless, looking forward to seeing what comes next

Comment posted by MatTheBook deleted Sep 28th, 2022

“That’s putting it mildly. You were a total bitch.”

He raised an eyebrow in response. “Are you gonna argue the point?” He turned to the rest of the half empty room and asked: “Anyone here in agreement that Sunset was a total bitch when she first came here?”

Ms. Harshwhinny, the math teacher, gave a “yep” from the couch while not even looking up from the paperwork she was currently going through.

Ms. Cheerilee of all people looked straight at her, smiled brightly and said: “Oh yeah, you were a total bitch, honey,” followed by Mr. Turner, the physics teacher, going “Yeah, I’d agree with that based on empirical evidence,” after shrugging his shoulders.

Sunset simply stared at them in open-mouthed shock.


Sunset simply stared at them in open-mouthed shock.

Ms. Cheerilee, still smiling, picked up a large, soft pillow from the couch and showed it to Sunset. “This is great for screaming your frustrations into. You can be as loud or as obscene as you want, nobody outside is gonna hear you. I do it every lunch break.”


I'll...take second thoughts of becoming a teacher

Again, some really good work on this latest chapter. Took a while but was quite worth the wait. Definitely liked the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up. REALLY appreciated the more experienced teachers giving Sunset those helpful words of advice before her first class (especially the point about taking ribbing from her fellow teachers and trying to minimize the ammunition for the students) as well as the first meeting with the human counterparts to the Mane 5 and Sprout. And, yeah, Sunset, perhaps you should have taken Pipp's smart phone much sooner (though, in a way, the "wondering why the teacher doesn't already have a significant other" could actually qualify as a compliment if it is meant to be an observation on how she is an attractive woman who seems nice). And Izzy was only late because she had a lousy sense of direction without friends keeping her on track. Though I would have thought that at least the human counterparts to Sunny and Zipp would have shown an interest and skill in the subject of World History (given that their pony counterparts were the only two that knew from the start that the three tribes DID used to be friends).

And, yeah, I could easily see Hitch having SEVERAL pets in his house (including a bird named Kenneth and a puppy named Sparky).

Anyway, really looking forward to more of this.

“Sprout Cloverleaf, ma’am,” he replied, and Sunset noticed him reaching behind himself where her chair was. She just caught something gleaming out of the corner of her eye, reflecting the sunlight from outside before it was gone, and the boy hastily returned to his seat while the boy he’d bumped into gave him an odd look.

oh boy

We got a trouble maker

Sunset nodded and continued. “Moonbow, Izzy.” Nobody answered, and Sunset repeated: “Izzy Moonbow?” When still no answer came, she asked: “Has anybody seen Izzy today?”

oh no

where did she go

“You may pick this up after class,” Sunset said coldly and turned. She just managed to see a photo of herself with chalk dust all over her head with the caption “Wonder why she has no boyfriend. XD” and a button that read “Post Published” before the screen went black.


Duchbag much Pipp😑

Finally recognizing the wisdom of her elders, Sunset screamed into the fluffy void. “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!”

Idk which you would choose.

Keep teaching or go back to Equestria and end up in G5.

(And, yeah, I could easily see Hitch having SEVERAL pets in his house (including a bird named Kenneth and a puppy named Sparky)

Oh no. Spike is dead

Why does the class only have 6 students?

Have you seen the declining birthrates across first world countries?:trixieshiftright:

The girl looked up, and when her eyes met Sunset’s, they went as wide as saucers. Stammering a little before getting to her feet, she said: “I’m so sorry, I’m not a wraith!” Then she turned and ran the other way.

Methinks someone or her dad someway, somehow heard about the magic incidents at CHS, making them a little obsessive as their counterparts about the old days of Equestria.

Given that pony Hitch is a Lawful Good rule follower, I could see him being that good student to the point of being a teacher's pet, with Sprout playing the part of the rebel bad boy. (Something Sunset could see eye-to-eye with)

Can I just say how nicely the story is going in my opinion and how interested I am to see if Misty will appear in this story?

Excellent job on this latest chapter. REALLY appreciated Sunset's reflections on how rough her first week was before the chat with Twilight and even more before Flash showed up. And why do I have a hunch that the experiment Human Twilight is working on is going to end up tying into this somehow? Oh, yeah, because that's just the way stories like this tend to go. Still, did appreciate Twilight giving Sunset some separate perspective AND it makes sense that Twilight would become a grad student/research scientist.

Certainly looking forward to more of this.

“… Huh, I’ve never thought about it like that. Still, without a way to devise experiments, it’s gotta be hard to use the Sunsetific Method.”

“The what?” There was a knock at the door, and grabbing her phone, Sunset got up to answer it. “Sparky, did you make me an adjective?”

I wonder if SciTwi "Twilights" like the Princess does, warranting being made into a verb, and in turn Twilight makes this remark

Twilight doing research, what else is new.:trollestia:
Still, curious to know what the other girls are up to.

i really would love to be Flash right about now

Hey there. Thanks again for getting the next chapter up. You definitely did a great job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Definitely liked Sunset reminding Miss Harshwhinny about minding her own business as well as how she was using a "practical play" exercise to make explaining the feudal system entertaining as well as educational. But, enjoy it while you can, Sunset. It's only a matter of time before the magic returns and the school ends up on the radar of extremely unpleasant individuals (well, one extremely unpleasant individual in charge of a rival school and one pleasant, but semi-reluctant individual sent by the first to spy on your class).

But anyway, definitely looking forward to more of this.

Now there's the Sunset we all know and love: smart, cool and practical.
Nothing like making learning fun and engaging to click with your students.

Man, I wish my history classes had been like that. I would have enjoyed them immensely.

The more Sunny stalks Sunset, the more I'm convinced she either knows about the magic stuff or has heard stuff about it.

So I take it Sunset and Sonata are no longer dating

Again, excellent job on this latest chapter. Really appreciate the work going into the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Definitely liked Sunset's dialogue with Adagio and Sonata (including the discussion of what Aria is doing and what led to the Dazzlings changing for the better, And, yeah, Sunny's interest in the dialogue DOES show that she probably has some past knowledge of the past adventures of "Miss Shimmer and her friends".

Certainly looking forward to more of this.

Makes sense though when you factor in the G5 elements of "No magic, gotta reunite everyone"

Wouldn't surprise me if Sunny does know about the past magical mishaps that happened at CHS during Sunset's time and I do wonder what happened at the Maretime Bay incident?

I have a very good hunch that's what gotten Sunny interested in spying on Sunset at the mall and I do wonder if Sunset can still travel to Equestria or not due to all the magic being seeped in from Equestria is gone.

I'm looking forward to finding my questions being answered in the next chapter.

When will you make the magic of equestria return and Sunny and her friends get super powers?

Do I even wanna know how Sombra's horn got on Earth? Dude has gotten obliterated 3 times now and his horn still survives...

I only have my cellphone or I'd link the theme song for Welcome Back Kotter

It was John Travolta's start.


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