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First off I have a Patreon! Please donate if you can, but you are under no obligation to. This is only because I really need to see if I can get anything set up to maybe go part-time at my job and maybe use the extra time to get more writing done.


Second: I'm sorry but because I had to launch this, I can NOT do free requests. Please don't ask, I just don't have the time.


She's gone · 12:23pm April 26th

She sadly didn't make it through the night. She suffered and we are kicking ourselves for not trying to take her somewhere last night.

I'm so sorry my little cat. Rest now.

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So just a heads up to anyone that comes around. I'm afraid I've decided that I'll have to deny requests. It's become very apparent that a request is just something I have no time to do.

Well I had a joint one with my roommate we called "Otaku Ascended" but basically when pony ended, so did the channel. I have my own private one, but I don't really upload to it often.

Eh go ahead and private message me it. I can't promise anything, but maybe it's something I'd be interested in doing.

Nah, it was going to be something different.

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