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Hey, about Reader's choices. How long should I wait to update? · 2:07pm August 1st

Basically what the topic says. How many days should I hold off to let you guys vote before moving on?

I mean I have some ideas of where to go with each path, and could take the current top vote and run with it right now, but we're only at 27 votes, and the last four choices got at least above 50. (Probably more the longer I end up letting it sit.)

I don't know what your guy's schedules are, so what do you think is a fair amount of time to wait?

Please let me know in the comments.

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OMG, your profile picture. That poor stallion.

Thanks for the favorite on Cadance's Musings! :twilightsmile:

2135644 Do you mind incest, and EqG humans?

No one's ever really asked before. I'm open to the possibility, but I hesitate to promise anything due to time constraints.

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