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This story is a sequel to Discord's New Business

This is an unofficial side story to KnightMysterio's "Discord's New Business" Series.

Discord's New Business was great! The CMC decided to use it to become adults for the day, aiming to taking in all the wonders of Manhatten and finish it off with a show!

Yet as the day wears on, they began to find a lot of their expectations falling short. The biggest being their first trip to a night club.

Stage Light on the other hand is just a poor earth pony musician dragged there by his sister for a night out.

The CMC had expectations set high. Stage Light had practically none at all.

Two separate ponies meeting for a brief moment, then part ways for what would have normally been forever.

It's in those brief moments, that destinies can interweave, and pave the way to something...


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Caramel isn't the greatest stallion, he knows that.

Being more known for loosing various seeds, there's no way somepony like him can stand up against this threat and save all of Equestria right?


WARNING: This is dumb.

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Hi, my name is Evening Storm, the newly hired English teacher for Canterlot high. While I've heard some weird things about this place, I'm just grateful for a place to work. I've moved from my old town, leaving everything behind due to recent events. All I want to do now is get close to my students so I can better help them prepare for their futures.

I never would have guessed that my helping one certain student would lead to such a transformation in my life. How the heck did I go from a middle aged man to a teenage girl!?

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The Everfree is a dangerous, yet enchanted place. Evening Storm knew this very well. He had never meant to venture so far into it, yet thanks to a misjudgment here he was.

Stopping for what he hoped to be a short rest under a willow tree, he finds himself in a peculiar situation. Staring at events that long seem past, he's faced with one question:

Can he do anything to change this? For her sake, he has to try.

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Evening Storm was just having a normal day when Applejack came to him with a rather odd request.

(Why my OC and Applejack? Uh... Because the Sun Broke!)

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We've seen plenty of Conversion Bureau fics about humans becoming ponies, and adapting to Equestrian ways.

But what do the ponies think when they first arrive here?

Snow Breeze and her Twin Wind Frost, twin Pegasai, are on their way to run one of the first Conversion Bureaus.

But our earth is a very different place from their Equestria. How will they handle the oddities of our realm? How will they react upon seeing the first ponified human?

This is their tale...

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This is a story based on the Conversion Bureau Series 'Yellowstone' as written by the talented Anonsi.

I enjoyed his story and this idea came into my head, and wouldn't let me rest till I wrote it. So I did.

Anonsi has read it and enjoyed it, so it has his permission to exist. :P

And yes, this basically makes this a fanfic, of a fanfic, of a... Fanfic...

Story Description:

"It was suppose to be a simple clean up mission. One small group consisting of Agent Hawk, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack have gone into a Bureau to round up some rouge monsters from Equestria.

However, soon after entering the building they stumble upon a much LARGER mission, along with another team already on the job.

The mission, they'll soon discover, will reveal a secret a certain group of humans would do anything to possess..."

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Hi, I'm Evening Storm. Unicorn Pony in Equestria. The problem? I wasn't always a unicorn... Or well... A pony really.

I don't know how I got here exactly, but about six or so months ago, I woke up in Canterlot as a unicorn Stallion. No clue why, or who has done this to me. Though I have my suspicions...

Not knowing what else to do I wandered around till one of the servants found me and set me up with a room. If it wasn't for Tiger Lily. I doubt I'd be here now...

Too afraid to talk to the Princess's about this. (I have my reasons) I kept mostly to the library's reading all I could about the world around me, as well as whatever spell books I fond lying around. This eventually lead to my Cutie Mark! Seems I have a nack for memorizing spells, and other such magical information!

CASTING magic on the other hand... Seriously, all I wanted was a spell that'd groom my mane. How did it result in me catching on fire!?

Anyway, after a few odd events at the castle, I realized I was wasting an opportunity. Here I am in Equestria, and I'm sitting in a castle all day. TIME TO GO EXPLORING!

Equipped with my self taught knowledge, some basic supplies, and a laptop given to me by Tiger Lily's Mad Scientist friend Paracelsus. I'm off to blog about my travels across the land!

(This is basically going to be a set of archived tumblr posts I'm doing about my OC Pony Traveling Equestria. Some of my followers suggested posting the travel logs here to judge interest and bring in more input, so I'm giving it a shot. PRETTY sure I'm just going to get a lot of "Eww Dumb OC Pony" reactions though. ^^; )

For those who care. The Tumblr:

Chapters (5)

Edward can't make up his mind on what he wants to do. Become a pony? Or remain human?

Worried about a past he can't forget, he finds himself standing outside the Bureau looking in on many a days. Hoping to find the answer he's seeking.

When a pony with a mission suddenly pops into his life. He's forced to confront buried pains, and an uncertain future.

As well as discover just how he ties into all of this...

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