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Cherry Rie

Overly creative and have never finished a pet project in my life. A bad combination for someone who wants to take a crack at Fic writing.


A matter of Time · 11:02am Nov 10th, 2012

Imagine someone reminding you of a super important deadline; one you’ve always known about yet seemed so far away as to be irrelevant in your daily life. Suddenly everything’s on hold, yet every moment is an important grain of time, slipping through an hour glass that you cannot refill or turn over once it’s empty.

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It's my time to leave now, dear Cherry Rie. Oh, I will check back now and then, but my writing days are done, I think.

I wanted to leave this at your digital gravesite: thank you for your kindness, your support, and your brilliance. I miss you.

- Petal Chatoyance, 2016

godnite sweat prinse, u will nevr b forget ;_;

I miss you. You made a difference here, at least for me. I noticed your avatar in the list of my followers, and clicked on it. And here I am.

It's been rough lately; we have to move, and the situation about that is bad. I still get trolled and abused from time to time here, yet I still come here because there simply is no other place for the fiction I love, and do. You always cheered me up, because you were consistently supportive. I really appreciated that.

As far as I know, you are probably dead. Not merely absent, but post mortem. And... that is very strange for me. Hopefully it is strange for you, too, since the alternative is... nothing, nothing at all. On the off chance that you are still alive, here... I hope you are happy. I wish you only the best, always.

I wish the same, if there is... anything more, and you are not here.

I think about you, sometimes, your writing here, how you affected my life.

It's ridiculous, isn't it, writing notes that you will never, ever see. So be it. Sometimes, ridiculous is all we have left, and sometimes... ridiculous is enough.

I wish you joy.

I didn't treat you well enough.

Thank you so much for the Fave of To Change a Heart! It means a bunch to me that you would!:twilightsmile:

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