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Buckle Up · 3:19am May 22nd, 2018

New chapter is entering revision phase. As per my last blog post, please use spoiler tags where appropriate.

Also buckle up. It's going to be a wild ride.

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My dude, how's it going?


For a second I thought this was you since it featured an equestrian/aquellian war between ponies and griphons but it's obviously not you shown as the author. likely a case of minds thinking alike so I thought maybe you guys would like to compare notes and laugh at coincidence.

2278960 Never even heard of it.

Roshina is an original character and not particularly inspired by any character from other media. I will say that the dragon names are Pashto in origin and the dragon clans in universe are very loosely inspired by Pashtun tribes in Afghanistan.

Is captain rochina from Armored Trooper Votoms ? Or is that just a coincidence?


The one and only :).


hii. Lyipheoryia from Canterlot?



You're welcome. Your AC stuff is in my queue to read!

I really appreciate the follow; thanks!

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