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I've been a brony for a year and a half, and a pilot for a year, and I plan on using both of those experiences to write my stories. Be awesome, everyone!


Blog Story! (Just in time for Christmas!) · 7:53am Dec 10th, 2014

I'm going to try a little something as we move further into the holiday season- starting tomorrow, I'm going to begin posting small sections of a piece from my headcanon's Pegasus mythology library (now that's a mouthful). This will be revealed as a telling from Nimbus to Whirlwind, two of my characters. Without further ado, let's get into this!

Hearing approaching hoofsteps, Whirlwind slunk down beneath his blankets, drawing them over his head.


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And thus far, I have never been beaten by another pilot using that same plane. Not once. Today was close (I won by about 200 points, give or take), but so far I'd say that's definitely my signature aircraft.


Sweet, that's me alright! :I'd recognize my tricked-out Rafale anywhere! That was a darn hard mission to S-rank on... the railguns are heavily armored for the red-ring version. But that music... worth it.

Question. Did you recently take out a red stonehenge?

Also, is your AC:I name REAF-Nimbus?

If it is, you got a youtube cameo:

Would you mind checking out a short one shot I wrote called "The Line". I would really appreciate it, and constructive criticism is always highly valued! ^-^ Sorry for posting it on your userpage, but my PM's don't seem to be working as of right now. feel free to delete this message after youve read it.

I'd also like to know how you feel about me sending messages/posts like this to many people each day. Would you consider it spam, despite the fact that I only send it to a person once. Furthermore, I leave people who want nothing to do with me alone after the first message, and message back every single person who did reply, and is interested. Would you consider this spam?

(I am currently in a bit of an issue regarding this.)

Well, once that series is underway, I'll be more than happy to read it and provide some feedback. It takes very little arm-twisting for me to read something flight-related, and when you combine flight with MLP, well, that makes said story pretty much irresistible to me. Thanks for checking out my stories, and I hope to continue to entertain!

Also, that is a really cool profile name.

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