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Sky Shocker

Gotta stop procrastinating.

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Hey thanks for the watch and the heads up on Seattle's Angels!

Hmmmmm.... lookie what I found... Should be a useful resource.
Being a Better Writer: Worldbuilding Part 1—The Design By VikingZX

Thank you for adding "The Dusk Guard: Rise" to your faves and for the feature up above! I'm glad you've enjoyed it!

Saw your post on 'Looking for Editors' and read your bio. I think you would really like Wild Sky Yonder if air combat is your thing; it's still my reigning favorite fic for that reason among many.

Hello again!

I recently posted a new chapter for Spark, and I feel it came out a bit rushed (which probably contributed to the story's first downvote). It then occurred to me that I've never actually had an editor before, and I was wondering- would you mind giving the ol' editorial look to the story's chapters before I post them? I'd greatly appreciate it if you're up for it.




Thank you very much for the favorites- I really appreciate them- and I hope you enjoy the site! From my experience here, it's one of the best fic sites out there in terms of layout, ease of use, and quality. Enjoy your time here!



Edit: I had no idea you liked Ace Combat! That's awesome!

Thanks :twilightsheepish: I actually read quite a few good fics before I decided to make an account here, yours being one of them. Ill favourite them once I get the time to do so...

Hey there! Thanks a ton for the favorites on the Skyfall saga and the watch too! I really appreciate all the support. :twilightsmile:

And welcome to FiMFiction! :pinkiehappy:

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