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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.



NOTICE: This is an unofficial and highly expanded story adaptation of the "PWaaMLPfim" Youtube Video Series: Phoenix Wright / My Little Pony FIM - Turnabout Storm! The videos came first, NOT this story!!!!

A quiet summer night in Ponyville takes a violent turn when two pegasus ponies enter the Everfree Forest and only one comes out alive, leaving the second accused of murder, on trial for her life. Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright finds himself dragged from his own world, magically summoned to Equestria by Twilight Sparkle to defend Rainbow Dash from charges of killing Ace Swift, a superstar pegasus athlete and champion racer.

Trapped in an unfamiliar world ruled by magical talking ponies, Phoenix must draw on all his wits and experience to solve the crime and uncover the conspiracy behind it... before Rainbow Dash is banished to the sun for a murder she didn't commit.

Parts 1-43 written by RavenRegios, and edited by Firesight. Parts 38, 42, and 44-epilogue written by Firesight with additional input and prereads from TheGoldCrow, AJ_Aficionado, and Leo Archon.

Ownership transferred to Firesight on 1/15/2018.

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I love part 1 on youtube. You are a master. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

ok if this is ealy I am preparing meself for when he breaks celestia eardrums by shouting OBJECTON!!!!!!

My freind, you have managed to combine my two favoraite things IN THE BUCKING UNIVERSE! You are a absolute genius getting this to work!

I don't care for anything else as long as he get's to use the almighty OBJECTION.

One of my favorite video series in text?
THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also found two mistakes.
Please don't kill me.
1. “This thing has a really sick sense of humor.” The said in his thoughts.
You might want to make that he.

2. “Yeah! An identification spell! Anyway, let me prepare a few things, then we can head to the Detention center.
Forgot the quotation mark at the end.

I LOVE THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE!!!!!:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

As a person who's voicing in the actual movie version of this...I approve! :twilightsmile:


115796 nah.. its alright.. I thank you for pointing out on it by all means :twilightsmile:

The video was awesome. The story's turned out to be awesome too. Keep up the good work!

“You acknowledge pain, therefore that definitely means you aren't dreaming.” She explains to him. Phoenix gave her a glare.

thats a myth. I've experinced pain plenty of times in dreams. like the one where I fell/rolled, dwon a flight of stairs.

and no I did'nt wake up on the floor. besides that would have indicated that I fell out of the bed sevral times in my sleep.

I recently found the videos on Youtube (before I saw this) and loved it. :3
You do have a few spelling errors though, and switch from third person to second sometimes. Overall, EPIC. :derpytongue2:

I really do enjoy the videos. In fact after watching the first one, I went and watched LP's for the entire Ace Attorney series, including the Edgeworth game, just so I could be more in the loop. :pinkiecrazy:
The story does need some grammatical fixes. At least one re-read out loud is always recommended and often fixes many problems. There is also some information that is not necessary that could be edited out. For example:
Phoenix boasted oh his slogan as he answers the phone, to his dismay, it was only a vegetable deicer salesman the other line.
“...No...sorry...I-I don't need a vegetable deicer... I’m sure that... ugh...”
Besides that “oh” after boasted, you don’t need to tell us that it’s a vegetable dicer salesmen since Phoenix goes on to say he doesn’t need one. The readers can infer who he’s talking to based on his dialogue. Also it’s actually dicer, not deicer. Deicer means to remove ice off of something like asphalt.
Anyway, little things like that. Always remember “show don’t tell.” You can tell us who is on the other line or the reader can infer and imagine who it is. That's why movies are almost never as good as the books becuase it all comes strictly from one imagined point of view. As always, I say these things to help both author and story, not to be mean. :twilightsmile:
All in all, I like the videos, although the only real problem I have with them is that its supposed to be (I think) four videos long ultimately, and we have enough information from just the first two videos to figure out what happened, how it happened, and I’m 90% certain I know who the real culprit is, though I’m hoping its not. In fact the only things I haven’t figured out are how the feather plays into the case, and what exactly became of the second lightning bolt. Otherwise, I love the videos. More people should make ones like those.:raritystarry:
Wow, this turned into a wall of text… :derpyderp1:

what, I give 5 stars, the vote count goes up 1 and the score goes down to 4.9 :derpyderp2:
Anyway, love the youtube series, and i love this story.

117578 agreed, but due to the makers originality, i remained some of the words unchanged... Its only fitting isnt it? :twilightsheepish:

Awesome. The present tense is a bit confusing, however. Particular choice, or force of habit.
Regardless, I defer to my previous statement:
(Is there a "thumbs-up" emoticon somewhere around here...?)

Awesome. The present tense is a bit confusing, however. Particular choice, or force of habit.
Regardless, I defer to my previous statement:
(Is there a "thumbs-up" emoticon somewhere around here...?):moustache:

Which words? I checked the video just in case and they spelled it "Dicer" as well.
I'm not saying to change the story itself or anything of course. The way the videos are portrayed, the dialogue is able to convey a lot of things without physically showing them or telling us what it means is all I was really saying I suppose.

118287 just search turnabout storm in youtube and you'll find it.

this is much better than your other crossover fic that ive read, that being pony tail. anyway, im enjoying the crap outta this, and ive never even played phoenix wright:twilightsmile:

This is an interesting concept, although it has a fairly large plot hole. it takes years of law school to understand law and the legal system well enough to become a lawyer. But now he is in an entirely different world where the legal system and the laws would no doubt be entirely different then anything he has ever worked with--having never been influenced by Western type law as we know it. There's no way he could competently defend a client in Equestria because he would know virtually nothing about the laws in Equestria, or how the legal system works.

118717 thats the funny part, where a slight comedy will occur in the court room... and THEN SOME!!! :rainbowdetermined2:

read this and liked it so i looked up the vid on you tube and am now hooked :twilightsmile:


I really hate you, Trixie. Have I ever told you that?
- Phoenix Wright

I'm so freakin' excited that this has been adapted into a story!


While idea is good, as it was said before you change perspective. And tense without warning. There are many typos and the sentences just don't sound right... Heh, Wright! Anyway, keel up and try to get a Betareader to check it before it's sent. Also
You'RE not Your!

Does this follow the videos mostly? Because im tryung to watch the videos but i find it difficult due to the voice acting yet i cant just mute it because then there wouldnt be the music=a fic would be great, if it follows

119122 - Pretty much from what I've seen. It looks like this was written from the script of the vids, just with some extra detail added in to novelise it.

This is just amazing making my favorite series in text!
I also found some mistakes:
1. “Mr. Write, humans have almost never seen in all of Equestria,”
You might want to put been after never. You also misspelled Wright.
2.“Twilight they’re not let me in!”
You should probably make that "Twilight they're not letting me in!" or "Twilight they won't let me in!"
3.“Its kinda sad I couldn't get down a book with twelve words”
You should probably put he thought after that.

Sweet!! Two of my favorite things in one. Awesome!! :pinkiehappy:

i cant wait for the courtroom scene. thats gonna be awesome

119531 thanks for the error comment... please spot some more so that i can MAKE IT BETTER!! YEAH!!! :rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2: :twilightblush::twilightsmile:

Phoenix is now truly a phoenix... ha
awesome story man!

I'm so glad I decided to read this story, this is funny as hell

Those hair jokes never get old.

I found some mistakes:
1.Not knowing that he is in fact, An animal lover. But twilight has something else in mind about him...
Why you no capital the best ponies name!?!
2He was completely oblivious about certain words about “Law and Order”. That's what Phoenix is thinking anyway...
Was this sentence talking about Phoenix being oblivious or Fluttershy?

That is all I could find so far, but I'll get back to you when I can find more.
Keep this story up!

rainbow dash avoided saying what she was doing by the forest during the night it happened. fluttershy refuses to say what she was doing during the night it happened. i can tell dash and shy were doing something together during that time, but what? GAH! STOP GIVING ME THOSE IMAGES BRAIN!

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